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A little info on the moderation in here

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Hi, everyone, I have posted this info in various threads, but think I better have to give it a separate thread.


Back in early July.the forum got hit by massive amounts of spam, so they tightened the system so all posts need moderation.


This was supposed to be a temporary fix, until a better solution was found - and well we are all still waiting...


Apart from delays in being published it also has some other side effects...


For one thing it is hard for a moderator to FIND what needs moderation in the first place! (more on that later)


But once a thread is opened, and the pending comments found and approved, what happens (or rather not happens) is that it does not change the “Last updated” of the thread as it ought to, and this is the stamp the forum uses for sorting the threads.

I found out a trick that IF I after approval(s) in a thread make a comment, wait a little, Bin that new comment, wait a little, Delete that comment, wait a little. Then (And only then) the “Last updated” get corrected and the (perhaps ancient) thread moves 'upwards'.

If there are a lot of pending threads, or I’m busy e.g. with stuff being paid for…, I do not always do these extra steps. Especially if it is a comment not adding to things. e.g. an “I agree” type post. And it is already a post with reasonably recent activity.

So in theses cases it is a matter of lacking promotion, rather than demotion that is going on…



Approvals changes the posted stamp to the time of the approval, not the time the post was actually posted… also messing things up.



The sorting of threads is also why I can not directly see what threads got comments needing moderation, as it only appears as an added string to the title of the thread in the overview, at any of the many pages….

[attachment file=37536]


To handle the last part I a few days ago gave up waiting for a new forum and made a program(!) browsing through the pages of the overview for this text repeatedly, and notifying me for threads that needs attention. Now how silly is that!!!!


[attachment file=37537]

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This is a wordpress-based forum software, correct? Do you need a developer to fix this for you? If so, I’d be willing to put in a few hours to help out.


Just curious, did you get any reaction to your offer?

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