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  1. I'd hoped that these parts were available a few months ago; I had a chat with someone from support and he mentioned at least the screen was in stock. In the end, I opted to go for the Indiegogo deal which bought me both a screen and a battery (and two screenprotectors) for only an extra $5,- (yes, you may call me cheap) but alas, I still am stuck with a non-functional phone. Does anyone here have an indication on when FX is planning to send these parts?
  2. Say, do we already know more about when replacement parts ordered through IGG will be sent? I'm looking at a phone I can't use because the screen just won't work anymore and I'm dying to get back to clickety-clacking...
  3. I'd love a complete replacement. There's a few scratches in the screen... Where can I get such a wonderful thing?
  4. OK so this has been going on since yesterday but my touchscreen is going haywire. Ghost touches galore, making the phone almost unusable. Anyone else had this problem? Sporting an original Pro1...
  5. Alright, so, I want to jump the bandwagon soon, and I was wondering if there's a document somewhere that shows me what I should be looking out for and what to do to actually get LOS running? I'm deathly afraid of bricking my Pro¹ up to the point that my head is warning me not to ever let it run out of juice because I vaguely remember something about not being able to charge while the phone is off?
  6. Hmm... That Z¹ looks cute. For €199 it doesn't seem like a bad phone to have as a backup...
  7. The reason I'd go for the N950 styling is because it feels premium and has a recognisable look from a distance. Next to that, the screen of the Pro1 is a point of debate because of the curve which makes operating the top row a bit of a pain. That being said, there was the Neo900 project which was... a copy of the N900. I'm not so sure where Nokia is now in relation to its old designs now that their design department is basically defunct.
  8. I'm honestly wondering why we can't get F(x) to just take the N950 styling and make us a new phone out of that. Combined with that silver case it will be an eye catcher, like, ALWAYS, even if closed.
  9. Oof. This is not so great news. Those are some hefty performance drops. Which, honestly, is weird seeing as the SoC is actually newer. I really hope FXtec can overcome this hurdle, get the people who still don't have their 1 their devices and go into full design mode for the Pro2. The 1X feels more and more as a mistake...
  10. I was just having a reddit convo and noticed that the onscreen keyboard popped up when I selected the reply field. At first I thought it might've been because I swapped from touch to keyboard, but everytime I tried typing in a new screen it pops up as well; it disappeared after I switched between tabs. This comes on top of an annoying "copy paste search" bar bug that has persisted accross updates: it just comes up for no reason at all, nothing is selected and when you do push "copy", it doesn't copy anything. This bug is not present on other platforms, so it might have something to do with the
  11. Me too! Me too! I already have a Pro1 but of course that means I NEED a 1X for... testing purposes! I'll be walking around with BOTH PHONES OPEN so that people can see how awesome the blue casing is and how nice the screen rattles and the really nice keyboard! ... the keyboard really is nice though. Using reddit and other forums never has been as easy on the go!
  12. Exactly the same phone, but more storage for some models? Yeah... No. I would at least expect a tad better processor. This one runs OK but this CPU is now at the end of its legs. It is now three years old, and older when the phone actually ships. That Christmas perk? Sorry, I'm as much an F(x)tec fan as the next person in line but I don't trust a release in such a short timespan. Plus: that blue is... no thanks.
  13. Yeah, ten minutes is a really short time. I'm not entirely sure what they're getting at here, but a ten minute time frame is way too short for people who have normal jobs 'n stuff.
  14. Wait, so to enter, I need to input three entries!? Thanks, but no thanks. I'll wait until tomorrow...
  15. Hey, that's funny. I noticed the "bump" in the lower left of the screen as well. It didn't bother me but I'm sure it's something that hasn't been around since the start. Not really sure if I want to send the phone back for it though, and I'm not nearly as handy enough to replace it myself...
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