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  1. So what happens is either of two things: 1) You mirror the screen of your phone onto a TV screen; 2) You tell an app with Castability to go and load something onto the screen. The first drains your battery. The second doesn't, because after it gives the command, that's it. Your phone now works like a remote control, nothing else. But for all this to work, your TV needs to either have a built-in Chromecast (most smart TVs nowadays do) or a Chromecast dongle, which you put in a free HDMI port. In both cases, you need to have a wifi network set up and running. After plugging in the dongle, it will run a setup on-screen for you to follow. You will need Google Home though. Does this help?
  2. The rattle in my case is noticable when just typing, it kind of bugs me but I'm going to live with it for this iteration. A ProΒ² should have that fixed though...
  3. Yes, and it makes finding an answer almost undoable. The forum hierarchy, as said, desperately needs an overhaul!
  4. I got An OTA yesterday that supposedly would fix the unresponsive keyboard issue, but als, no dice. I clacked open a few minutes ago but again, the only key to respond is the Fx key πŸ˜•
  5. The whole OMG ITS A SCAM thing is getting old. Sure, I understand people don't like how this is being handled but this is ridiculous...
  6. Ffs, I'm typing this using the on screen keyboard because I'm having the same keyboard-disconnect woes that others have reported as well, and only now see that I missed some of the pesky auto-correct changes that it made...
  7. So, right now we're seeing an influx of a lot of forum post that are the same. Ik think it's about time the forum gets split up into its respective subjects instead of presenting it as one big single website. So, for example, a SUPPORT forum where people van post questions, which is separate from a TECHNICAL SUPPORT forum. It makers it all a little bit easier to see where's what and would probably stop the wild growth of more of the same kind of posts. @Erik, @Waxberry, @EskeRahn? Let's make the forum niet only a nice place, but also an easy one to find the info one needs!
  8. I'm getting the strong impression that at least some keys need to be pressed rather hard to get registered; the top offenders being the spacebar and the e. Anyone else with similar issues? The spacebar issue is something I remember from the N900 as well because of the way the spacebar is laid out over several key positions underneath, but it's a pity the problem returened here. Also: the side of the screen without the support beam behind it (right side landscape) tends to wobble while typing, creating a sound by ticking against the main body. Not a dealbreaker, but it's kind of annoying as it is also noticable when using the touchscreen at that position.
  9. The phone is scheduled for monday 18:00. Oh, wait, I already have it. ❀
  10. So... Yay for me, I got my phone! I was just wondering if and how I can let the keyboard stay lit? Mods, feel free to merge this with something else but I'm not sure where. Can we make a Support thread?
  11. The Beast was The Best. But I too would love a Lock upon closing. I'll check if Tasker can suit my goals.
  12. I'm not cheering too soon, but... I got a present today, without extra costs. If I don't get any invoices, I'll let y'all know 😊
  13. I've been in contact with both FX and Fedex, FX gave me a form to forward, Fedex was OK with a "oh, right, so you're not a company and only a person delivering it to an address which happens to be a company?" confirmation. If they're going to start with "here's an invoice because we want money" I have the DDP on-hand...
  14. Seriously? Let me check! [EDIT] omg you're right! Delivery monday 27th!.. at 18:00? Crap. Gotta make sure I'm in then, I'm delivering it to the shop and that closes at 18:00...
  15. So... I just got an Order Complete mail, but haven't received a tracking number. Sad face is sad. I'm guessing it'll show up soon, it's just driving me nuts that I see all these fellow countrymen having their tracking and I don't πŸ˜…
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