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  1. I'm still in doubt if I should install LOS. I mean, Android hasn't given me an troubles apart from the WiFi reboot thing. What is the main advantage of switching to LOS?
  2. Alright, so I just had my first random reboot. For me, this has never been an issue until today, when I connected to GF's new wireless router. I remarked that I found the signal strength a bit lacking for a device that's not even 10 meters away, but she said she had good connection since starting it up. OK, let's try it out! I connected, entered an URL in an open window and... bam, random reboot. Whut. OK, reboot, reopen Chrome, browse to the FX forum, search for this thr... bam, another reboot. OK, so definitely sure now this is due to the wifi acting up. Reboot, switch off wifi and back to cellular... and smooth sailing again. That was weird... does my phone keep track of system crashes somewhere in a log like Windows does?
  3. Hmmm... I held down a+s and after that started going with my finger over the keyboard. It worked, even though I got a string of s's first. But that might be because my finger wasn't pressing it down correctly, registering a new press every so often. Works like a charm though. I do understand where your anxiety comes from though, as I had some keyboard problems myself in the beginning as well. But even the missing spacebar presses were fixed by that OTA. What a wonder of modern technology...
  4. In that case it's faster to just download a cli I guess...
  5. Is there a way to find out without downloading extra apps? I'm quite confident it's been going for at least a week or 4. Honestly, after the OTA was pushed, I can't quite remember if I rebooted it or not...
  6. It's so strange that the experience people have with the phone vary so wildly. Is there so much difference in build quality that the software suffers from it? In all honesty, dragging the N900 into the discussion again is... not fair. Maemo itself was built as an OS specifically for internet tablets, not smartphones. I quite vividly remember that the quick-start of the N900 had the possibility of calling at the very last page, almost as an afterthought. That being said, Android supports hardware keyboards out of the box. They even have a page dedicated to it!
  7. Can you elaborate on that? My suspicion is that this screen was chosen because it's an off-the-shelf model that the factory could easily produce, and thus cheaper. But if we'd go for a phone a bit smaller (5") like the LG q6, how would that make the price higher?
  8. I concur: especially for a startup, this phone is very, very good. I know the long production time has people irked but in all honesty: it's worth it. There's small bugs and little things that can be done better, sure. But I find this phone very pleasant to work with. Just... ditch the curved screen next round...
  9. Odd, I've downloaded and executed the app just fine. I'm running stock Android and the last OTA I got was the one that fixed the keyboard, nothing else.
  10. The video proves that this mechanism will require a lot of muscle memory. And I'm not entirely sure how they're planing on connecting the screen in a durable way to the rest of the chassis. For me this is a no go, it all looks quite flimsy, plus the aforementioned weird way of pushing the screen out, up, back down and back over the chassis doesn't inspire faith. This device is way too big for me. I'm already struggling with the Pro1 at certain moments, this will not do. It's a complete different target audience for sure...
  11. Yeah, the update feels like it has tremendously improved keyboard useability. I thought I'd be stuck with non-responsive keys because it would've seemed a hardware issue but this is golden. No issues here!
  12. I most certainly do! Let's make it so!
  13. So what happens is either of two things: 1) You mirror the screen of your phone onto a TV screen; 2) You tell an app with Castability to go and load something onto the screen. The first drains your battery. The second doesn't, because after it gives the command, that's it. Your phone now works like a remote control, nothing else. But for all this to work, your TV needs to either have a built-in Chromecast (most smart TVs nowadays do) or a Chromecast dongle, which you put in a free HDMI port. In both cases, you need to have a wifi network set up and running. After plugging in the dongle, it will run a setup on-screen for you to follow. You will need Google Home though. Does this help?
  14. The rattle in my case is noticable when just typing, it kind of bugs me but I'm going to live with it for this iteration. A Pro² should have that fixed though...
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