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ITT: Feature Requests

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Coming from the N900 I would love a Sticky Keys function and a function to make Shift actually usable to enter special characters on the number keys, the yellow arrow button is somewhat unergonomic.

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I personally want to remap the right diagarrow to /? and then use shift for everything, no need for that arrow modifier then.  I'd want to map the left diagarrow as AltGr so I can use use us int'l, so for example I can type San José correctly... 

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For those that know what they are doing on Android the key mapping should be straight forward




We already got FinQWERTY handling the nordic layout for both the shifted QWERTY and the unshifted QWERTZ, see http://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/pro1.html

I have been in contact with the guy behind FinQWERTY Anssi Hannula, to find out if there was an easy way to upload these in a clean way on a non-rooted device. But he already fullfiled the important layout wishes for Danish while I was testing on the Pre Production unit.

But I would love a way where we could easily share different layouts, or subsets of layouts.


If I understand the Sticky thing right, it is a matter of setting the keyboard type to "FULL" or "ALPHA".



ALPHA: A keyboard with all the letters, and maybe some numbers.

An alphabetic keyboard supports text entry directly but may have a condensed layout with a small form factor. In contrast to a FULL keyboard, some symbols may only be accessible using special on-screen character pickers. In addition, to improve typing speed and accuracy, the framework provides special affordances for alphabetic keyboards such as auto-capitalization and toggled / locked SHIFT and ALT keys.




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