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  1. I tried brotect once on my N900, it's garbage, my touchscreen stopped working correctly after applying.
  2. Siemens FTW! I still have a few Mseries phones laying around in a box. I also have a SXG75 that still works.
  3. I also would love to be able to remap the Fx key like Shortcutd on the N900: short press to go back to the launcher, long press to goto the app list.
  4. Ended up being my Galaxy Watch disliking the PXC 550 being paired, after I disconnected it I could pair. New problem: AMD Link doesn't give me any sound, nor does the PXC 550 with playing Youtube/this.
  5. Double tap activates the camera instead of unlocking the device.
  6. As some of you might know, i'm a die-hard Nokia N900 user, and going from that to the Pro1 has been a culture shock. Android instead of Maemo, a radically different keyboard layout, the much faster sd835 CPU and so on. But, there are things I miss, like: Being able to unlock the device without using the lockscreen, like pressing the power button twice Not being able to unlock the device by touching the display after it autolocks No proper Notes app like osso-notes on the N900 No sticky modifier keys like sticky Left Shift Worst part of it all: NO ROCKBOX /s
  7. Coming from the N900 I would love a Sticky Keys function and a function to make Shift actually usable to enter special characters on the number keys, the yellow arrow button is somewhat unergonomic.
  8. Pro1 came in the mail, man what a device! Really need to get used to it. Guess i'll keep using my N900 for writing stuff though. EDIT: Why would I keep using my N900 for writing stuff? osso-notes is perfect, plus I don't want Google to know about the weird (and wonderful) shit I write.
  9. hey does anyone know if Rockbox for Android is still a thing?
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