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  1. Meanwhile i'm here with my Pro1, boxed up again and waiting for Maemo-Leste to be ported to it.
  2. I regularly use my N900 to record vids of my appliances or laptops, but since that phone it's camera is garbage compared to the Pro1 i'm thinking of buying a stand for my Pro1. Problem is: which one? I know nothing about phone recording stands.
  3. help why did I make a pic of this: Taken with Pro1 in 2 degrees above freezing temperatures.
  4. Can confirm Rabo Bankieren app working fine on Pro1.
  5. ^this is the reason I put my Pro1 back in it's box and only use it whenever i'm on the go: Android is fuarrrking garbage compared to Maemo, ergonomics, apps and bugs wise. Speaking of the screen, I still need to nag Chen into sending me a replacement display because of a stuck green pixel on my Pro1.
  6. Thanks, that cluster replacement is fuarrrking trash, glad I got the three buttons back now.
  7. I tried brotect once on my N900, it's garbage, my touchscreen stopped working correctly after applying.
  8. Siemens FTW! I still have a few Mseries phones laying around in a box. I also have a SXG75 that still works.
  9. I also would love to be able to remap the Fx key like Shortcutd on the N900: short press to go back to the launcher, long press to goto the app list.
  10. Ended up being my Galaxy Watch disliking the PXC 550 being paired, after I disconnected it I could pair. New problem: AMD Link doesn't give me any sound, nor does the PXC 550 with playing Youtube/this.
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