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  1. Imagine being able to play the original Deus Ex on the Pro1.. holy shit.
  2. Duuuude, something like SA-MP would be amazing on the Pro1. Not that it'll ever happen because Kalcor is a fucking asshole and a terrible developer to boot. @topic: I briefly tried Pokemon Explorers of Darkness under RetroArch, let's just say the experience was awful. Tips?
  3. Already tried it on my P50, it works fine.
  4. Oh shit I totally forgot the Pro1 has USB-C. I found a USB-C hub in the trash, good reminder that I should try it with my Pro1.
  5. Almost a year later and it seems the audio crackle issue is still a thing, I tried running Pokemon Explorers of Darkness under RetroArch on my Pro1, it's slow and has audio issues. Wat do?
  6. So it's a Pro1 with preinstalled LOS and 256GB storage/8GB RAM. Interesting but not interesting for someone who already owns a Pro1.
  7. Android is not optimized for landscape devices whatsoever unlike something like Maemo which is designed from the ground up for landscape use. Have been using a N900 for almost 10 years now and the Pro1 doesn't come close. Maybe if it ran Maemo-Leste and had Nokia tier build quality I would have reconsidered my opinion.
  8. So it's been almost a year since I received my Pro1, here are my thoughts: Unless you _absolutely_ want a keyboard phone, do not buy the Pro1. Why not? So-so build quality (my display was f'd from the start but now it's getting worse, the edges on the right side of the display are starting to become black) Play in the slider hinge Software is atrociously bad and quite unstable at times, even with LineageOS Being unable to film anything properly with the camera because the mic is borderline useless No Maemo /s The staggered keyboard layout is dumb IMHO
  9. Hit another bug: It split my goddamn recording in five even though I explicitly disabled it in settings!
  10. Sigh. If I can't get the mic to work properly i'm just going back to my N900's camera. I did manage to film in 4k this time around though, it was a setting uncovered by enabling Camera2 API.
  11. So I tried OpenCamera under LineageOS: Seems better but not perfect.
  12. Still not great, but miles ahead of the stock Android camera. And I forgot to set it to 4k, LoL EDIT: Strange, I can't film in 4k with LineageOS.
  13. Ya know what's strange? N900 as music player, Pro1 for phone and the PXC 550 as headset connected to both over BT works, almost seamlessly too!
  14. Sound being borderline unhearable. I installed LineageOS and very briefly tried the camera: WOW WTF, it's miles ahead of the factory camera!
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