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How to access the Pro1 Recovery Mode

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I've seen it reported that the Pro1 doesn't come with its own recovery.  There is a standard recovery included with the phone's firmware.  I think there may have been some confusion due to the way you need to access recovery mode.

To access recovery mode, you have to either:
A)  Hold down the volume up when you boot the phone (before the logo screen comes up)
B)  Use "adb reboot recovery" from a connected computer
C)  Boot into the bootloader (by holding down the volume down when you boot the phone (before the logo screen comes up) OR by running "adb reboot bootloader", AND THEN cycle through the options with the volume buttons until you get to "Recovery mode" and press the power button.
Any of A, B or C will get you to a screen that reads "No command" and has an image of an android on its back, with a red triangle with an exclamation point above it.
It will look like this:
Image result for android no command screen
When you get to that screen, THEN:
Press and hold the power button and press and release the volume up button.  This will put the phone in Recovery Mode.
It doesn't look like you can do much from it, other than some graphics/locale tests, wipe data/factory reset, do an ADB sideload (unclear how the phone would handle that) or flash a zip file from the SD card.  This is just the standard android recovery, so it doesn't have the advanced features of something like TWRP.




Use at your own risk, but that's how you get into it.



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I had to do a factory reset on Pro1X. To get to the "No command" screen from switched off state, I press and hold the volume up button and then press the power button for about 3 seconds. Too short and it won't wake up at all. Too long and it will boot normally. I try to release the power button just before or just about the same time as "Powered by Android" message appears. It is tricky and requires many attempts.


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