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  1. My thoughts also. I cancelled my Qwertz order a week ago since it was starting to look like I would be receiving Pro1 and Pro1-X too close each other if at all. I need one phone with scandinavian keyboard if possible.
  2. Today a year has passed since I ordered my Pro1 (Qwertz).
  3. I did the same. But fool me twice, shame on me. I still haven't even got the first phone after 350 days of waiting.
  4. Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 23:30:01 +1100 From: FX Technology Limited <[email protected]> Subject: Order updates Hello! As a pre-order customer, we want you to let you guys know first that we are about to announce a new partnership for something special and to also reassure you that your existing Pro1 orders are top of our list. They are still in progress and queued for shipment in the coming months. We recently shipped a batch of Pro1’s and the next is scheduled for the end of October. Like other tech businesses, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our business operatio
  5. N900 keyboard has a key mat with caps and switches beneath. Source: Nokia N900 Teardown. If Pro1 is anything like that, a subcontractor X provided Fxtec US and German layout mats and cannot currently provide the German layout mat.
  6. > did all the 2019 order where shipped At least one Pro1 ordered on Nov 7 has now been delivered (it's on the Got-Your-Pro1 -thread). I ordered mine a week later on Nov 15 and haven't got the phone, tracking id nor the assimilation mail yet.
  7. Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2020 20:34:55 +1000 From: FX Technology Limited <[email protected]> Subject: Pro1 manufacturing update Hello! We hope you are well and keeping safe. The last few months have been a bit of a challenge for us all but we are pushing through! Thank you so much for your continued patience and support, we really do appreciate it. Whilst we have experienced some minor delays to the manufacturing and shipping of Pro1’s, the factory has been working as best they can to keep up with demand. We will have another batch of Pro1’s ready to ship early Septemb
  8. Would anybody know when did F(x)tec stop taking pre-orders? I suspect the answer is not unanimous. EDIT: Not unanimous sounds double negative but it isn't. Collins dictionary says the word comes from Latin ūnanimus and from 'ūnus' (one) and 'animus' (mind).
  9. The F(x)tec order page says "Shipping worldwide in 10-12 weeks". Has there ever been any other shipping estimate there?
  10. When did you order and pay your phone?
  11. Did Fxtec delay the delivery to Japan in order to be more fair towards pre-orders? Links Inernational via Google Translator. Welte.jp says: [Important Note]: This product is a pre-ordered product before completion by an overseas venture company. Delivery, delivery and quality are not guaranteed or guaranteed. There is a risk of significant delays, poor quality, non-delivery and non-refunds. Cancellation fee of 40% will be charged. Should the manufacturer go bankrupt, no compensation or refund will be given. k-tai.watch updated article and the previous article..
  12. I presume they don't want to send a new update until the next batch is out and allocated.
  13. Was the price of 786 and then some a Freudian slip from an Intel fanboy?
  14. When did pre-orders became just orders? Was it when the deliveries started? Fxtec main site still has a button for creating a pre-order.
  15. When did you order your Pro1 and pay for it?
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