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  1. I thought my N900 with Mugen battery was a bit heavy and measured it: 206.7 grams, and my N950 weighs 164.5 grams. Google search said Pro1 weighs 244.6 grams. It is heavy.
  2. Foxconn says cautiously resuming China output, warns coronavirus will hit revenue "KGI estimates Foxconn’s factories in China will be operating at 30% to 40% of normal production levels by the end of February"
  3. Thanks. When Foxconn factories restart at Shenzhen it will be in the news. This news is about Zhengzhou: Apple supplier Foxconn restarts key China plant with 10% of workforce, source says "The company, however, has not yet been allowed to restart production in Shenzhen, a southern manufacturing hub, the source said."
  4. Coronaviruses can remain on surfaces for up to 9 days, study finds "An analysis revealed that the viruses normally survive on surfaces between four and five days, but can remain infectious for up to nine days."
  5. Would anybody know where the F(x)Tec factory is located?
  6. This is not the factory Fxtec uses, but kinda related. Foxconn Extends Delay, Won't Restart iPhone Production Until Late February "full resumption for production at the company's factories might not arrive until late February or early March."
  7. I wonder if there is a temperature sensor in the battery and if the charging current could be limited by software?
  8. My QWERTZ order #42XXX is from Nov 15. No mail from Fxtec. I guess they have ran out of QWERTZ units?
  9. I have ordered QWERTZ model and will need to cover 5 keys to achieve Finnish layout: Y, Z, ẞ, Ü, and +. I could try black laptop key stickers for Finnish layout and then trim them to fit Pro1 keys.
  10. I ordered QWERTZ because it is very close to a Finnish layout. 5 keys differ ẞ -> +, Ü -> Å, + -> ', and Y<->Z. And no shifting.
  11. My order # is 42XXX from Nov 15. I modified my order a bit last week and they said: "The shipping time should be unaffected which is still by the end of this month." If I use my order number as the total number of orders, 70% of it is about 29500. So the order numbers up to this should be covered. Probably more since I don't think I am the last customer.
  12. "This batch is 6x bigger than the previous batches combined." "It will, however, still include 70% of all pre-orders" So 70% * (1 + 1/6) = 82% of all pre-orders covered and 18% still missing?
  13. My paid order from Nov 15 is number 42xxx. I supposed my order is just a plain order and not a pre-order. Is the 5..10% production figure (1/20..1/10) per week related to the pre-order and not total orders? If it were relative to the total orders production would be 2000..4000 units a week or 2.5 .. 5 minutes per device.
  14. To me this sounds like a potential design flaw placing the screen too close to the keyboard. Does it happen only with thumb but not with the other fingers? Does it depend on finger thickness?
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