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Guide on resetting the Pro1

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If you (for whatever reason) got some severe issues, here a small guide.

1) The simplest one is to do a factory reset (Settings, System, Advanced. Reset option, Erase all data ), Make sure to save anything you need first!!

2) You might be in need of providing it with a clean new firmware image

You can restore to a well known state, see e.g. this

The first of these start at a rather old point, that will need a couple of OTAs afterwards.

A newer starting point can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zKfvmGoxj1M3fNEPuxUcXrzmTJ9Q3juK/view?usp=sharing this should also leave the bootloader locked.

Note that you only really need the bootloader to be locked if you want to use some very picky software like Google Pay, and some bank apps. if you want to flash to e.g. LineageOS or Sailfish you do NOT want a locked bootloader (you would have to unlock it again).

To check if the device is currently locked:
Turn device off, wait a bit, press and hold Power and Vol-down for 2-3s the logo and then boot loader should appear, and it should say "Device state - Locked" in the last red line. (Use Vol-down until it says START and press the Power to boot again)



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