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Selling my Pro1 (from Czech republic) SOLD

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my Pro 1 is for sale. The reason is camera, is not so good as I need and bought Galaxy Note 10. I love that phone, but camera is important for me. The phone was used since January 2020. On screen was screen protector, so display is in great condition. On back I have "screen" protector too. On aliminium edges are some scratches because i wear my Pro 1 in pocket. On back are some small scratches from removing the sticker, which was there.

I can send to taker photos of phone. The phone is in Czech republic and I can send it to EU countries. Phone comes with original box, charger, cable and screen protector.


Price is 340 € + postage.

Kind regards





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On 8/24/2020 at 2:43 AM, CornholioGSM said:

...i mean that it is now world cheapest fx on market 🙂
BTW about camera i dont have too much problem with quality...

Of course is camera not good as  on samsung, but is not too bad with app like CameraMX or Footej.

*...ahoj z cech do cech 🙂


Yes, and also it works pretty well using GCam mods.
So, for me it is perfectly good and I feel it has high quality and also good focus can be acheieved.

Edit: I also agree this price was extremely good for this phone. 🙂

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