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  1. If nobody buys it in the next 2-3 weeks I might be interested but I can't promise anything at the moment.
  2. This is my problem as well. I want to use the Pro1 for work and banking and a lot of apps required for those will not work without SafetyNet. And seeing @tdm's fantastic work on LineageOS, fixing all the issues that bothered me in the stock ROM, I'm leaning towards using LineageOS more and more but only if SafetyNet can work somehow.
  3. Great idea! I'd like to try one before buying it in a few months.
  4. Maybe a similar official fix could be included in an update by F(x)tec?
  5. I think it may be also useful to know the normal keyboard typing speeds for each person as well to have a more complete picture about the speed difference between normal and phone keyboard typing. When I had to type a lot my max was around 100 WPM on a normal keyboard, nowadays I'm happy if I reach 85 WPM. I don't think I'll be able to do ten fingers typing on the Pro1, my fingers are not that tiny but we'll see in a few months.
  6. If someone is willing to send me a phone, I'll try 😄
  7. I think he is describing the same movement you described in this picture:
  8. Probably nothing to worry about but there are people who doesn't have this problem so it seems that it's possible to assemble the phone in a way that it doesn't wobble when closed. It might not worth the effort for F(x)tec to make sure every phone is free of this problem but it sure makes the phone feel higher quality when there is no play when closed.
  9. AnnieC

    Spare Parts

    I think Gorilla Glass 3, which the Pro1 is using is more scratch is resistant, the focus on withstanding drops came in a later version of Gorilla Glass.
  10. But to be on topic a little, I'm still not sure if I would want a case for the Pro1. Of course I would like to protect it because it will be the most expensive phone I ever had but I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice the ability to quickly open it whenever I want or spoil the looks of the device with a bulky case.
  11. I will order them with the phone just because they look cool 🙂
  12. I honestly don't know how many pairs of shoes I have, what I do know is that I need to buy a new shoe cabinet 😄
  13. Don't forget bags! And 53 pairs of shoes is not that much anyway 🙂
  14. Yes, it requires a lot more thought in the design, especially if you want to keep it easily serviceable too. And keeping water tightness after a repair might be an issue as well. Probably the parts that are required to achieve full water tightness are also more expensive and you have to be a lot more precise during assembly as well. Not to mention the testing. If you advertise something as waterproof you need to test if it really is, and that would be a few extra steps in an already complex manufacturing process. I'm guessing F(x)tec still have a lot on their plates with solving the issues of the current design and manufacturing process but maybe they could design the next version with this in mind.
  15. True. Technically, even phones like the Pro1 could be made waterproof but it would probably increase the costs a lot.
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