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Call ring volume and notifications muted

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I have a Pro1 on stock firmware with the latest updates.

Phone ring and notifications are muted. I checked everywhere and all volumes are at max in settings and "Do not disturb" is off. So, basically it's stuck on do not disturb while the UI indicates it's not.

Media volume and volume while talking in calls behave normally.

Anyone have a solution for this issue?

I'm sorry if this is a repost but I didn't manage to find a similar thread.


P.S.: I have the phone for about 6 weeks and this only happened about a week ago. I managed to make it work by just fiddling with do not disturb on and off and the volumes once but now that doesn't work anymore.

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So I have a problem like this where after maybe 2 days, some unknown keypresses or whatever are making those sounds very low / none at all, yet the slider settings look fine.  I just reboot the phone.  I don't know the cause but have thought it may be caused by me lowering the volume as some point, hitting DND by mistake, or one of the apps I have on my phone like the situations app.

Reboot has always fixed it for me so I didn't spend more time investigating it.  Let me know if reboot when you experience this helps.

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I have the same problem and I couldn't find a pattern. Reboot always fixes this.

To me, it happens very often and I've missed important calls because of this. I think it may be related to alarm snoozing (pressing all the damn buttons to make it silent and give me THOSE 5 more minutes :D), but I'm not sure.

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