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  1. I think it depends on personal preference. Since the early 2000's I always wanted phones to move towards a min laptop and I also love the idea of having a device in your pocket that becomes a PC when you plug it it to whatever hardware is available where you are at that time. The same as more functionality can be attained by plugging an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, GPU or other hardware to a laptop. So the concept of having a computing core that can extend its functionality in any area depending of what you attach to it is straight up what I am looking for in portable d
  2. I assume it does so because that USB-C port on the monitor is actually to connect it to the PC so that the monitor USB3 ports would work. It's pretty nifty doo, if I switch input on the monitor to USB-C, I get video from the phone on the monitor, anything I put in the monitor's USB3 ports is seen by the phone (memory sticks, keyboards, mice, etc.) and the phone charges at the same time. The monitor is a Dell P2419HC (not sponsored 🙂)
  3. I would like to prolong battery life and stop the phone from thermal throttling when charging. I didn't manage to find a setting in options and getting a different charger isn't really an option, as the phone is mainly charging from one of my PC monitor's USB-C ports.
  4. Yeah... I'm always tempted to install Lineage, but I made the mistake to stay on stock for a while and now I have everything set-up just how I like it and it took a lot of work... 52 games that took some acrobatics to get on there, a lot of ADB UI customisation, many other apps and settings... it's going to be a pain to start from scratch. My main issues with stock are: Awful microphone quality when you're on loudspeaker Bug where phone gets stuck on silent until I restart Partly the dodgy screen sensor for calls, but I got the reflex to lock the screen after answer
  5. I always wondered, does the TOHKBD also tilt the screen besides just sliding?
  6. Regarding controllers, I found some of ETA Prime's videos:
  7. I empathise. Not much better here in Romania either. At least I turned my apartment into a gym about a year ago when I sensed covid approaching and also beefed up my PC. I've never been so fit and never worked so much as I have in the last year (I'm a web designer and also learned video streaming and editing the last months for work). So, just making the best of it, I guess. :))) Glad I could recommend something of interest, regarding the controller.
  8. There are some that do have triggers. ETA Prime has some reviews on youtube for them. Also, the Razer gamepad has a centered USB C jack from what I remember, so it wouldn't work with the Pro1. Good idea about the game streaming services. I actually want to try and stream from my PC to the phone, see how my GTX 1080 looks on the Pro1. Cyberpunk 2077 on a Pro1 would be... well... pretty cyberpunk. 😄 @3zetYou should try Doom3 on the phone, works like charm and you can set mouse sensitivity in game options, that basically translates to right analogue stick sensitivity in this case W
  9. So, I got the PC version of Doom 3 to run perfectly on my Pro1 with some APK and game files from a Russian website. Not posting links as I don't know if I'm allowed, but if anyone is interested, just search for doom 3 android, it's worth it. 😄 Game has audio, I just forgot to capture it. Keyboard, controller and even onscreen controls work fine.
  10. Isn't that... what they did? :))) My Pro1 feels like a N950 only way better and, personally, I think black is the only way to go for electrical devices. 😄 I don't want my phone to catch everyone's eye... that's how s**t gets stolen. :))) (joking) I get what you're saying, but besides component availability, as stated above, there would also be patents and legal issues in the mix.
  11. I know. I have 3 complete E7-00 phones, all working, and 2 E7 boxes full of broken phones I used to repair the one I daily drove. In the end it got to the point that I did a PCB swap in 20min and my daily driver was actually made out of parts from 5 different devices. :))
  12. OQO Model 01 looks cool! Never heard of it up to now. Full Win XP with tons of I/O! If anyone wants my modded widgets and one modded theme for Symbian Belle, let me know and I'll upload an archive somewhere and post the link here. Nothing illegal in doing that, I think, since Belle has been defunct for many years. And others... 🙂
  13. Cool, looks like a mini mechanical keyboard. Happy to see any manufacturer that comes up with interesting designs. Any phone that doesn't have the lazy candy bar form factor is a win for me. I would like to see flagships with physical keyboards, like maybe the upcoming Asus Rog phone could be a flip and tilt like the Pro1 but have a tiny mechanical keyboard. A man can dream... :)))
  14. The N950 was the holy grail for me too. Still didn't manage to get my hands on one. I have an N900, an Ngage QD, a 6600, an E6, a BlackBerry Priv and an Asus SL101 tablet in my "collection", all working. I regret not getting an Xperia Play when I came across it at the flea market a couple of years ago. I eventually turned the E6 into a retro-futuristic "PC". https://builds.gg/builds/lina-12641
  15. Got a similar reaction. As if older people would be the more tech savvy ones that would need a keyboard. :))
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