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  1. Did anyone try to install windows on ARM on their Pro1? I'm thinking of doing so since it would be the perfect pocket laptop, but am unclear on the whole procedure. 🙂 I also only found proofs of concept on Lumia phones.
  2. Rud

    Screen gap

    Actually, anyone know where I can get a replacement digitizer? My phone fell and I have a crack on it now. 🙃
  3. So, my screen developed a gap in the last two months. I assume it was held by some double adhesive tape there since the gap is on the side opposite to the hinge, hence no screws there. Anyone had this issue before? Advice on how to fix? 🙂
  4. Rud

    Duplicated keys

    Same issue here. double "e", sometime no "d" or "a" and now and then the keyboard lags (words displaying on screen 3 to 4 words behind what I'm typing). I had the lag issue on my Nokia E7 a couple of months before switching to a BB Priv, so after about 3 years of use. Really a shame since typing turned from fun to annoying. Both issues described above not happening constantly, so this makes me think they are both software issues. I monitored CPU usage for a bit, but as of now, I couldn't pinpoint an app that bottlenecks the CPU.
  5. I just found out that Huntdown was released for Android. It's an awesome 80's inspired cyberpunk pixel art shooter/platformer. (There's even a Snake Pliskin easter egg 😄 ) Played it on PC until now. Works perfectly with the Pro1's keyboard. Premium game, no microtransactions.
  6. If you don't have a specific monitor you want to plug it into, you can get a monitor that does video and charging via USB and also has an integrated USB hub. Confirmed and working on my dell p2419hc, I just plug the USB C cable in my Pro1 and I have video on the monitor, the phone is charging and all of the monitor's 4 full USB ports are seen by the phone, so just connect a keyboard and mouse to the monitor and you have a docking station with no dock and the need to only connect one cable to the phone. The only downside since we don't have a dex like solution for the Pro 1 is that (u
  7. Sorry for insisting, but would anyone know the answer to my question? I'd get on Lineage ASAP if it's a "yes".
  8. Does the latest version of lineage have a Dex like function when connected to a monitor (I mean separate desktop mode) and can you make the settings and notifications dark too? Those would be the only reasons I would like to try it for.
  9. I think it depends on personal preference. Since the early 2000's I always wanted phones to move towards a min laptop and I also love the idea of having a device in your pocket that becomes a PC when you plug it it to whatever hardware is available where you are at that time. The same as more functionality can be attained by plugging an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, GPU or other hardware to a laptop. So the concept of having a computing core that can extend its functionality in any area depending of what you attach to it is straight up what I am looking for in portable d
  10. I assume it does so because that USB-C port on the monitor is actually to connect it to the PC so that the monitor USB3 ports would work. It's pretty nifty doo, if I switch input on the monitor to USB-C, I get video from the phone on the monitor, anything I put in the monitor's USB3 ports is seen by the phone (memory sticks, keyboards, mice, etc.) and the phone charges at the same time. The monitor is a Dell P2419HC (not sponsored 🙂)
  11. I would like to prolong battery life and stop the phone from thermal throttling when charging. I didn't manage to find a setting in options and getting a different charger isn't really an option, as the phone is mainly charging from one of my PC monitor's USB-C ports.
  12. Yeah... I'm always tempted to install Lineage, but I made the mistake to stay on stock for a while and now I have everything set-up just how I like it and it took a lot of work... 52 games that took some acrobatics to get on there, a lot of ADB UI customisation, many other apps and settings... it's going to be a pain to start from scratch. My main issues with stock are: Awful microphone quality when you're on loudspeaker Bug where phone gets stuck on silent until I restart Partly the dodgy screen sensor for calls, but I got the reflex to lock the screen after answer
  13. I always wondered, does the TOHKBD also tilt the screen besides just sliding?
  14. Regarding controllers, I found some of ETA Prime's videos:
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