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  1. Accidental touches aren't that annoying to me. I just hold the phone a bit different while keyboard is closed, not difficult since it's thick, and while open, my fingers wouldn't be on the edges anyway. I don't use edge null since status and navigation bars are hidden system wide and I toggle the by swiping on the screen edges.
  2. Try and get a ProX instead. Either see if any promotional Indiegogo links are available or wait a few months and check in the buy and sell thread on this site.
  3. As long as they include some desktop mode like Samsung DEX when connected to a display and option for black settings and notifications UI, they can take their time as far as I'm concerned. Those are more or less the only reasons I'm waiting for an update. 😄 (Plus camera/loudspeaker microphone fix and green screen tint between 20% and 80% brightness fix, if they aren't hardware issues)
  4. Well, if the ProX comes with Android 10, I se no reason why us Pro1 owners shouldn't get an update at the same time, since it's basically the same phone. (2 more gigs of RAM shouldn't make that much of a difference OS wise)
  5. Ergonomics are good too with the tilted screen. The controller is the Ipega 9083s, found it for about 30$. They also have some app for mapping controls for games with no controller support, but I didn't get into that yet. I added some padding to where the phone sits and it's a perfect fit. Felt adhesive pads you usually put beneath chair legs to not scratch the floor did the trick. Sound seems way louder too. Maybe it bounces around beneath the controller and the phone.
  6. I've been using a decorative plate stand for about 10 years now. :))) The photo is right side up on my phone, I don't know why the forum keeps flipping it on upload. Usually it sits on its pouch on the desk since opened it's already at an angle.
  7. I have a Microsoft sculpt keyboard at the second office and honestly I mostly use it 'cause it looks cool, very ergonomic once you get used to it, but I wouldn't want to type on something like that with only my thumbs. :)) It's already a pain for me that on the Pro1 I haven't got shift and fn lock and I have to track if I should press right or left shift and fn keys depending on what key I want them applied to, further segmenting the right and left hemispheres of the keyboard would almost be a deal-breaker for me, but that's just my personal prefference. What I would really lik
  8. Well, then you'd just have a Priv with a landscape screen while open. What I also like about the Pro1 as opposed to the Priv and the Wing is that it doesn't need a stand. 😄
  9. Regarding wanting a larger screen, the size of the Pro1 screen suits me fine. Optimally, in future iterations they could increase screen size without increasing phone size by having a bezelless screen with an in-screen invisible camera (we would gain about over 1cm horizontally and 4mm vertically) and upping the resolution to 2K ultra-wide. The keyboard has just the right size in my opinion. The Cosmo phone is cool but a bit too large in my point of view.
  10. I was about to suggest getting a PSP emulator like PPSSPP and running the PSP iso to have that function but it seems GTA SA wasn't made for the PSP. Maybe look for an android PS2 emulator, if something like that exists. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas. I never played pokemon unfortunately so I can't say what to try, but as what I said above, PPSSPP is a great emulator, so maybe see if there was a PSP version of your game and try it in PPSSPP.
  11. Forgotten Memories: Silent Hill like, premium game with awesome graphics, a ton of graphic settings and partial keyboard support. Dead Effect 2: Full keyboard support with binding settings for each key (I set WASD for movement and arrows for camera look). It's freemium with microtransactions but a moded version can be installed since it's a single player game with no ban, apparently.
  12. That hope is the main reason why I keep refreshing the update section on my phone. :))) (That and dark UI like settings and notifications.)
  13. I'd prefer dual boot so that either active OS can benefit of all the phone's resources. In your example, Sailfish is still running while you're in Linux and would consume some percentage of CPU power and RAM. I'm not really into hardcore coding, compiling, etc... but I'd like to get the most out of either OS. Regarding the keyboard, if it has mechanical switches for each key and no membrane, that would indeed be a feat to take note of.
  14. First of all this is great news. Competition in the sliding keyboard smartphone market means things are picking up and we can expect to have full keyboard sliders to choose from in the mainstream in the future. What I don't like about astro's slider: Subjectively the design doesn't look good to me: the keyboard looks like the keys have been thrown on there without any symmetry or bezels and the screen placement when open looks ugly. It sort of looks... functional yet cheap and there's a separation between the keyboard part and the screen, like 2 parts stuck together, not a whole dev
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