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  1. I'll really need to get used to that, but makes sense. (From PC to phones all my triggers for second layers have only been on the left).
  2. Any way to get sticky shift? By sticky shift I mean, on physical keyboard, press shift>take finger off shift>press a letter and you get the capital version of that letter and if you continue typing the other letters are lowercase (instead of having to press shift and that letter at the same time). Sticky fn would also be great. I didn't find a solution on the forum and this would greatly improve speed and comfort since the keyboard is wide and you have to perform acrobatics for uppercase A,Q,Z or any letters on the left side (also, I am used to this function from my Priv 🙂 ).
  3. Here's a screenshot of the games I have installed (only the ones I detailed above properly support the keyboard), but I thought I'd share this if anyone is looking for some cyberpunk or pixel art game recommendations. Most of them are premium, so no pay to win, in-app purchases or ads.
  4. You're right. Behaviour is identical on mine. Sorry, I tested 3 and Vice City in game but for SA I saw keys worked in menu and also key binding options were available so I didn't test in game and supposed they work (don't have that much time). Also, key binding options are gone in game menu after first run.
  5. What I tested and works with keyboard: Asphalt 8: steer with arrows, space for nitro, s key for handbrake/drift GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas: same key bindings as on PC, cheat codes work too (those also work on my Priv) What I will test soon: Implosion: Never Loose Hope: should work as it does with my Priv keyboard
  6. It was Nova launcher causing the issues, updated it and all's fine. Thnx for all the help and sorry for the goose chase!
  7. Strange, for me it only hid the buttons and left an empty black bar (this issue only happens on homescreen and app drawer, the rest of the time the navbar is completely hidden). For number 2, I use pie controls instead of the pill.
  8. Thnx for the recommendation, but it doesn't work. Just hides the buttons, not the bar. It's the fifth app I tried that only hides the buttons. I granted WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS for all of them. Maybe I should just flash Lineage OS and hope it works there, but I would like to avoid all that trouble. 🙂
  9. The issue I am facing is that I can't manage to fully hide the navigation bar, only the buttons hide but the black bar is still on screen to the right in landscape and at the bottom in portrait on the homescreen and in the app drawer. The desired result is to have the wallpaper and UI fill the whole screen, both for aesthetic purposes and to prevent AMOLED screen burn in. I managed to fully hide the bar on my BlackBerry Priv and use pie controls to navigate and on Samsung phones with android 9 the navigation bar can be hidden from settings and gestures used in its place, thus I assume thi
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