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  1. "While we do offer display replacements, unfortunately, our Pro1 displays are currently out of stock and we expect them to be back in November this year." Their response, November 4th 2021, when they initially refused to repair it under 2 yr warranty. After they've admitted that it's still under warranty, no more november displays. It's MAY 2022 and the display is probably one of the most prone to failure part and, as I've mentioned it, the same as for Pro1X. Production has started so they have ALL the parts, right?
  2. I'm waiting for a screen since october/november. It's the same part for the X. Not even a response to my last re-re-reminder email.
  3. Not even a month... :)) Just wait... and wait... and wait I'm waiting for a warranty display since october/november 2021. Not even a response to my last reminder email.
  4. I'm waiting since October for a replacement screen. I'm very curious about their next "excuse". Maybe ukraine war.
  5. Still waiting for fxtec to send me the replacement screen that was promissed in october and was supposed to be sent late november. Now, on top of chipset crisis, covid crisis, truckers crisis, ET crisis... we have the russia-ukrainian crisis to be used as an escuse by the hard core fans. I still don't get it how any of this crisis apply to the matter or to the fact that fxtec didn't even bother to reply to my January 27th email when I've asked for an update.
  6. Also with looooong shipping time. I opted to change the screen myself, in order to avoid the delays (2x shipping, repair time etc). Last communication from Fxtec was that they'll receive the spare screens in November and they'll send one to me. "Just" +2 months from their own "deadline"/promise and my phone is barely usable. Yeah, yeah, I know... chipset crisis, fuel crisis, ukrainian crisis, covid crisis, djokovic crisis, canada truckers... never fxtec fault, god forbid.
  7. I have the very same problem. Randomly, the phone is on mute, even if all the volumes are maxed, DND is off, and I didn't touch the phone. If I reset the phone (10 secs power button), it's ok, but just until it happen again. It's been some months since I'm experiencing this problem. You don't know when and if it'll ring. My "test" is the charging cable. If it doesn't make the charging sound, it's on "mute"
  8. I did: "might". You also used italics. I'm not upset, just trying to make a point and hoping that maybe they'll change the wrongs for which there are no valid excuses. I own several small companies, but one of them is the main backbone. One of my main employees left, you can say without notice, although in reality it was about keeping her word as agreed. In the past + one month I was practically doing also her job while teaching new staff and doing my part. There are some costs, less personal life and related, but if there is interest from management, it's doable. We're ta
  9. "Might"? 😄 So... again... we're not talking about some strange custom part or all of the parts. The display is the same part for Pro1 and Pro1X. You're telling me that after 2 years of real life data of the defect rate for the display, the demand for buying it at 149gbp, as offered, you cannot estimate and have a buffer stock? Really? As you see, I'm not talking about a perfect world, but a real one based on facts, when you can learn from mistakes, not repeat them as if it didn't matter. Same "perfect world" argument/advice for the customer who passed the 200 day
  10. Really? When exactly? You seem to "forget" that ALL the parts for the X were "secured"/bought in FULL more than a year ago and the only reported problem was with the cpu. The components crisis, mainly chips, is something more recent, around 6-9 months. And, besides the X case mentioned above, as a producer/seller/repairing company, they should have a buffer stock for the most common replacement parts like the display, which they're also selling. We're not talking about some weird/custom part needed in some very rare cases.
  11. C'mon... it's not like the phone was released just yesterday or they're using some other display for the X. It is the kind of part which it should be always in stock and provisioned. Also, they're selling it as a spare from the begining. No valid excuses fot not having it in stock.
  12. They've finally acknowledged my warranty as (still) valid and promised to send a display (don't know if a bare one or a complete one) as soon as they'll receive the parts from China, the end of november. I'll keep you posted.
  13. So... one little update. I've contacted FxTec regarding the display and this is the response they gave me: "While we do offer display replacements, unfortunately, our Pro1 displays are currently out of stock and we expect them to be back in November this year. You can either order a display from us for £149 GBP, or you can order a third-party display with quicker shipping at https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001300088859.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4b6b295d5hlQAY&algo_pvid=adde8213-b7ad-4115-927b-2c3dbecfba66&algo_expid=adde8213-b7ad-4115-927b-2c3dbecfba66-8&btsid=2100bdd
  14. Another one bites the dust. Ghost touches, bottom half of the screen, most of the time unusable. I can't find a pattern, because it seems that it "starts" by it's own. I didn't contact yet FxTec support, but I will. Based on the response time, I preffered first to buy a screen from aliexpress. Anyway, I'll ask FxTec to send me a screen so I'll replace it myself, to avoid the back and forth delays ans costs. If it'll arrive after the one I've bought, it'll be a spare. Because the phone has a mind of it's own when clicking trough the apps and menus, it managed to disable my speak
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