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  1. Pleaso do the same for Fedex/TNT #122470407879 (order #8332). "Clearance delay - Import" since Jan 28th although I gave them all the documents they've asked and more. I even paid them a visit to their headquarter and I'm about to escalate the situation to country and european institutions. The EU legislation on imports it's the same and it's just plain outrageous that Fedex/TNT apply some rules in the western countries and others in the eastern ones.
  2. That may not be the case in Eastern Europe, even if we're talking about an EU country. In my case, TNT (Fedex) works with a private person/company regarding the custom services and they've pushed for some fees. Should I mention that the person/company have a gmail address?:D And this is kinda official, the email being sent from TNT address with the "friend" in cc, asking to contact them directly. I'm also talking with Fxtec over the mail and I asked them to talk with Expansys in order to apply some contractual/legal pressure to Fedex regarding this matter.
  3. I've forwarded you the email received from TNT (Fedex). It's not in English, but it's self explanatory, as above.
  4. I have the same problem (EU) and even more, because in my case was supposed to be an EU B2B transaction, reverse charge VAT. In my case TNT (Fedex) wants also some custom services fees.
  5. IGG backers will be after this batch or after the regular orders and resellers?
  6. Yes, AGAIN. So much for backing, staying with them and not asking for a refund, like others did. I asked them when they did it the first time and they wrote me that there was a mistake. Interesting repetitive mistake. More like they don't give a s.it about their word or backers.
  7. QED. This is for some unconditional fans around here or some species without principles.
  8. I'll not quote your full reply. Like I've said, this "Store-Gate" could have been avoided or "softened" with a simple pre-facts statement. Without this simple official statement explaining at least why they could not keep their word and promises, and I'm not talking about the "usual" delays, this is the result. We've found out the stores by ourself, like a nice waiting bonus. Does this seems ok for you, biased or not? For me, it was a limit, principle related. As you know, not even now we don't have an official statement form fxtec regarding this "Gate". There is a fine line between poor communication and disrespect for paying customers. As for Chen, kudos to him for the refunds, and it's not the first time that I say this, even if I didn't ask for my money back, like other species did. It's one of the reasons I waited, and maybe others too, without making any comments till now, but the "Store-Gate" was something in a different category, added to the mistake(?) of sending units to non-IGG backers.
  9. I know that you understand perfectly why I'm ranting and you also know that I didn't write any post regarding the delays in octomber/november. The facts appear one by store. A situation which could be easily avoided with some pre-facts info from fxtech, not with some post-fact (un)official info from Erik. As a side note: I don't know when you've paid and I know that you received also the final version, not only the test one. Even if you, or someone like you, didn't "qualify" to receive the final version, I don't mind at all that you got it. By you or someone like you, I mean testers or "explorers" (screen protector, cases, programs etc) who helps fxtec or us. On the other hand, you tend to be biased on this topic 😉
  10. You're right and I'll raise you with the variable enduser/reseller. Maybe then we will know what's the actual order in which the phones are being sent and to whom.
  11. Very simple. Altough it should matter, it's only to eliminate a "new" variable, such as "you paid fast, but your IGG number was high". Maybe I should add "IGG paid and NOT refunded", because for some people seems to be the same in their logic. And some other people in this thread, post exactly as you've said about anyone else.
  12. :) I was talking about the phones in ps555 guesstimate. I'm among the first (#26, order id#40) and and no sign of the phone, in any form.
  13. This percentage is sure, as sure as it can be any info from fxtec in official emails. Including resellers, maybe.
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