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I've been reading bout project Treble and Generic System Images.Here’s a list of Android devices updated with Project Treble support

well this image says it all. Basically this would solve any driver/blobs/vendor implementation issues.

I found this device list and this list and the pro1 is listed there as supported. Interesting...
Treble forum is found here
Official builds - wouldn't touch those
AOSP builds 
Lineage builds from 16-18.1  and the discussion link

If you have an GSI image and not working volte/vowifi the suggested fix is this

So anyone who doesn't mind wiping his pro1 up for a try? (I really need a second pro1).
I would go with the latest 18.1 lineage build.

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Treble does really make a lot of things much easier @EskeRahn, it doesn't allow magic though. I've ran an Android 10 GSI from here on my Pro1 for a while and it worked well with the exception of not knowing when the keyboard is open or not, but I didn't check whether VoLTE works and VoWiFi isn't even something I can get as far as I know.

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10 hours ago, netman said:

I've ran an Android 10 GSI from here on my Pro1

Interesting 😁
According to their page that should not be supported, the flag they mention here is set to false



In the output, look in the section [vendor] for namespace.default.isolated.

If the value for that attribute is true, then the device fully supports Vendor Native Development Kit (VNDK) and can use any GSI operating system (OS) version newer than the on device OS version. Choose the latest GSI OS version available.

If the value for the attribute is false, then the device isn't fully VNDK-compliant, and the device can use only the GSI for the same on-device OS version. For example, an Android 9 (API version 28) device that isn't VNDK-compliant can load only an Android 9 GSI image.


Have you tried if it works with 11 too?
So would be really interesting if they could make a ROM that put ALL the slider/hw-kbd stuff down in the "original vendor implementation" layer, that would make it even more open to alternative distributions and future Android updates.

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