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  1. I have a blob question. What is AICP's stand on using other blobs like those found on codeaurora?
  2. well there is no problem with rooting just don't modify system partitions 😉
  3. Well you should be able to dd or smthing the system image... i wanted to do something like that but i gave up. TDM is working on a backup solution...can't wait TWRP can't decode the data partition so it is pointless. TBH don't be afraid if you #### up you boot partitions... flash a new image over and it is fixed. Btw if you have used magisk to root your phone... magisk creates a boot image backup that you can use to restore it using "fastboot flash boot_a boot.img" or flash the whole image over it 😉 and don't forget you have a an b partitions 😉 to switch use fastboot --set-active
  4. Well imo this is the best version up to date... the last LOS 16 version was imo the best one but it lacked the speed and certain android 10-11 features LOS 17.1 official is kinda not really beeing worked on much... LOS 18.1 this is the way. Can't really se why you would stay on LOS17.1 as 18.1 has everything + more and bugfixes are faster here. fastboot erase cache that would work i think. The Bluetooth HD-media issue... did that ever work on LOS? And kinda isn't my version. I just build it for me and share it here if someone wants to try it. All the changes and
  5. tnx bgcngm for fixing vowifi so here is a fresh build i made lineage-18.1-20210105-UNOFFICIAL-pro1.zip. upgrade works, tested with latest nikgapps. here is the bgcngm's lastest build lineage-18.1-20210105-UNOFFICIAL-pro1.zip better use this one 😉 do report issues if you find them, side note: a bit strange behaviour known issue... volte or vowifi... not both together but if you don't have one it switches, the bug description below. But still got working volte and vowifi, firstime since android 9
  6. don't think that volte and wifi work on stock... well they didn't when I was using it like 1-2 months ago. type *#*#4636#*#* in the dailer and check ims status.
  7. try updated ones NikGapps-omni-arm64-11-20210104.zip Gapps had some issues with android 11, just flash them over the existing ones and clear cache after installed. have not tried onmni as am using full ones tho..
  8. Ok... magisk affects only the bootloader. So if you flash a new bootloader or firmware (in the firware the bootloader is included) you get magisk/root free phone. All you date is stored on the data partition. So basically if you flash a newer firmware on you phone you loose magisk and keep the data (well if the firmware has upgrade paths).
  9. I have been trying to dump whole phone partitions to an image that i could restore using fastboot but have not yet found a good one yet 😉 So this would be awesome 😉
  10. well this should be it.. quite a few people are using GSI builds on xda.
  11. volte is fixed in lineage 17 and 18.1. vowifi is not working tho... kinda funny as they usually work in pairs. It has been suggested that it is an blob issue and LOS is also a bit strict on blobs, they use only those that come with phones and not other ones that work... Not many devs have the pro1 so could be a while. I think they managed to get vowifi working on oneplus 5 which is also a msm8998 device. btw i too dislike the fact that some great features are in LOS gerrit but are not commited... more settings the better that is why AICP is great. concerning the switch to android r..
  12. I've been reading bout project Treble and Generic System Images. well this image says it all. Basically this would solve any driver/blobs/vendor implementation issues. I found this device list and this list and the pro1 is listed there as supported. Interesting... Treble forum is found here Official builds - wouldn't touch those AOSP builds Lineage builds from 16-18.1 and the discussion link If you have an GSI image and not working volte/vowifi the suggested fix is this So anyone who doesn't mind wiping his pro1 up for a try? (I really need a second pro1). I would
  13. Made a new build. Upgrade from LOS 18.1-20201210 works, nikgapps work, magisk 21.1 works. lineage-18.1-20201221-UNOFFICIAL-pro1.zip volte works, vowifi sadly not...
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