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Just my old E7 chillin' next to the Pro1

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Am I the only one who came here directly from an N900?

I learned about the Pro1 on the maemo.org forum, where it was discussed as the spiritual successor of the N900 (and N950 for those who were lucky enough to have one of those).

I (like others) used the N900 well beyond its time, as it was the only true Unix(-like) phone for years. I invested quite some time into setting up my Pro1 in a way that it can compete with the N900 in terms of usefulness as a Unix workstation. And while I have come quite far in that project, it is clear that I still do not have control of the system on a level similar to the N900 ... Maybe I should have gone for SailfishOS instead of a Lineage/Linux-Chroot setup after all ...

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On 2/17/2021 at 10:07 AM, Longcat said:

Here's my small collection of sliders; Nokia N900 on the left, and Xperia Play on the right. I haven't found a cheap E7 yet to score once again. I've always dreamed of the Nokia N950 though. The developer-only phone with - what seemed to be - a decent camera (back when I thought that was entirely dependent on the number of megapixels, and the ability to autofocus). I'm just glad the F(x)tec Pro1 exists to fill the gap in this era.




I have a brand-new E7 that I gave to a friend of mine who is an engineer for Verizon a few years ago. He was interested in trying to get Android running on it since the Nokia bootloaders had been unlocked, etc... I don't think he ever did anything with it though, and if you are still looking for an E7 to purchase for your collection, let me know and I'll give him a call to see if he still has it (probably sure he still does) and I'll have him send it back to me.

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