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  1. Data cables should be standard. Where you begin to get issues is if you just grab any old USB cable. Some are just wired to provide power to whatever gadget they came with. I've got one or two such cables. One came with a UV light strip, the phone charges from the cable but as far as plugging it in to a PC it's as the proverbial dodo, the PC won't pick it up at all. Yet use the cable that came with my Sony XA1 and it's fine. As Schattengestalt says, the length of the cable and quality can make a difference. Cheap ten-a-penny cables are made from cheap materials and can suffer data le
  2. Some of the animation's for the N900 were good. However things were the other way with that device as it was landscape only. I had the Flux Capacitor from the BTTF Delorean. You could also have video wallpapers just by using a little trick with VLC.
  3. While poking around with ZArchiver app I found the FX boot logo animation. ðŸĪ” Each frame is a .PNG image. Thinking back to the N900 days, would it be possible to replace the animation with one of our own? It probably won't work with a video file, but if we create animations in .PNG format it may work. Anyone brave enough to try?😛
  4. I'm not sure if I've been informed correctly, but I was told that manufacturers have a 2 year roadmap for updates. I and many others may remember having a hell of a fight with Vodafone to get updates for various phones because they told us the phones had expired their life expectancy ðŸ˜ģ I used my N900 for over 7 years before I got a Jolla phone. Although now, Jolla have now ceased support for the Jolla 1 beyond V3 of Sailfish OS.
  5. I was watching an advertisement on TV last night. It was for car windscreen repairs and I suddenly had this crazy idea about the possibility of doing the same thing for small cracks in phone screens. ðŸĪŠðŸ’Ą
  6. Whut? ðŸ˜ģ Er...no. But has anyone else noticed how the damage never shows up on screenshots? 😉
  7. Just to wake up an old thread (some call it "necroposting" 😛 ) Here's a little sidebar/launcher I found while browsing the store in Aurora store. It's called "Ivy". It's free with no ads and they just ask for a donation. And what's more is the customisation options are almost endless. Takes a little getting used to but once you grasp it it works great in both portrait and landscape. 😁
  8. Thanks for this one. It's a bit closer to home. However I've now applied a matt screen protector and the crack is invisible. It's not affecting the screen use in any way, but I may get a spare, just in case.
  9. Thanks for the links guys. Worth following up. 👍
  10. There's various launchers that are available for Android that will let you customise every aspect of your O/S, but I don't think there's one that fully supports the Pro1 without some weird thing happening to the home screen etc when you turn the phone to landscape. Nova Launcher is probably the most popular theming app/launcher on the Play Store.
  11. Are you connected through a VPN at all? I'm using Blokada v5 and was having similar issues, which meant I had to disable Blokada to check for updates. After some poking about I found out that Blokada was blocking the Adups service, once I whitelisted this in Blokada I can now check for updates without switching off the VPN.
  12. I'm baa-aaack. (After a stay in hospital (AGAIN.))ðŸĨĩ So I've finally gone and cracked my screen ðŸ˜Ē. Despite the phone being in a case when I dropped it the darn thing bounced out of the case when it hit the floor and the top left corner hit the concrete. The crack is a small star crack that just covers the none viewable black border. I've put some clear nail varnish over it for now (to stop any splinters breaking out) and I've got 2 screen protectors on order that should help stop it from getting bigger. I've looked on Ali Express but the screens are no longer available (bummer ðŸ˜Ē)
  13. Problem solved. Got it now. 😉
  14. I'd give this browser another go if I could download it. I'm tapping the green download button but the screen just flickers and the download doesn't start. ðŸĪ”
  15. As the title asks, can we use external cameras via the USBOTG of the Pro1? I have a fibre-optic camera that I'd like to try, but the USBOTG must be UVC compatible.
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