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  1. A few weeks ago I took my Pro1 out of frontline service, as I decided that Android 9 was now too risky to rely on for most of the tasks I was carrying out, despite using Two Factor Authentication. It's a shame FxTec dropped support so quickly.
  2. Hi you lot πŸ–οΈ Long time no see (been mega mega busy with a house move and other stuff). But just to say, I have now retired my Pro1 from frontline service.😒 The main reasons being: 1. Android 9 2. Lack of updates from FxTec - Bugfixes, security patches etc. 3. And the fact that I use my mobile devices for a lot of online transactions, banking, Amazon etc etc etc. No.3 Is the main concern as no more security updates are coming from Google for Android 9 makes it unadvisable to use it for online financial and private use. I may root it, when I pluck up the courage, and
  3. It's been a few weeks since my original post but the battery seems to be behaving itself much better lately. It's charging to 100% better and holding charge more now. There's been a few network issues around my location recently, loss of signal, poor reception and for the first time in like years my Pro1 has suddenly gone and restarted randomly whilst out on the road at 3 locations. Strange thing is my Sailfish Xperia 10 II has done the same in exactly the same locations. 2 different manufacturers, 2 different operating systems, both at the one time. I'm pretty sure we can say it's a netw
  4. Not sure. I haven't found any in app purchases. The app doesn't have internet permissions, so it wouldn't be able to download anything. Nothing on the developers website either https://krosbits.in/musicolet/. Could be for donations to the developers.
  5. My mouse pointer keeps hovering over the "Pre-Order" button on the website 🀨 I could just click it but I've got priorities like moving house before taking the plunge.
  6. Just a heads up about a nice little music player and and earbuds that I recently found. The music player can be found in the Play Store or in Aurora Store and goes by the name of "Musicolet". The features of this player are endless and it's completely free with NO ADS and completely offline. 2 of the features I particularly like are the in app tag editor and the choice of equalizer bands (from 3 band right up to 31 bands), both of which I've never seen in a completely free player. No.2 is in the shape of a pair of ear buds that came yesterday. Soundcore Life A2 NC True Wireless htt
  7. Quick update on this issue. I have 4 cables of various manufacture and only 1 of these will charge the Pro1 correctly. The strange thing is 2 of these cables are official FxTec Pro1 cables 1 of which I am using now from the 2A output of a TPLink 10400 mAh power bank and the Pro1 is charging all fine and dandy. 🀨 I'm totally miffed by this. This is the power bank I'm using at present and it's charging like a rocket.
  8. I'm not running LineageOS, but I think I've cracked it, which leads me to believe that it was caused by wear and tear on the charger cable. As I mentioned previously the cable I was using wasn't clicking into the port. Over the last day and a half I've been using another cable, which does click into the port and the battery has actually charged while the handset is in use even when watching streaming TV and HD videos. In conclusion I'm wondering if the worn 'C' connector wasn't making contact correctly and maybe causing arcing rather than a reliable connection.
  9. I'm beginning to think it's the battery actually. It's been on charge now for 4 hours and is showing 71% and 14 hours until fully charged 😧 Damn thing's going backwards.
  10. Bingo! Exactly how it works for me. The USB connector used to to "click" when it was pushed into the socket. It no longer does that now. Looks like I'll have to contact Fxtec and join the queue for a new socket.
  11. Recently my Pro1 has been giving me grief with charging shenanigans. Sometimes it won't charge or charges so slowly it can take up to 4 or 5 hours to charge as little as 5%. When it's plugged into the charger and being used it will discharge at a rate of around 5-10% an hour and when it goes into standby after use it either won't start charging again or it will take literally ages to charge back to full capacity. I've run it right down to empty to see if a full charge from 0% would make any difference. I have plugged in a tester and taken a photo of the readings. Have a look and see what
  12. Data cables should be standard. Where you begin to get issues is if you just grab any old USB cable. Some are just wired to provide power to whatever gadget they came with. I've got one or two such cables. One came with a UV light strip, the phone charges from the cable but as far as plugging it in to a PC it's as the proverbial dodo, the PC won't pick it up at all. Yet use the cable that came with my Sony XA1 and it's fine. As Schattengestalt says, the length of the cable and quality can make a difference. Cheap ten-a-penny cables are made from cheap materials and can suffer data le
  13. Some of the animation's for the N900 were good. However things were the other way with that device as it was landscape only. I had the Flux Capacitor from the BTTF Delorean. You could also have video wallpapers just by using a little trick with VLC.
  14. While poking around with ZArchiver app I found the FX boot logo animation. πŸ€” Each frame is a .PNG image. Thinking back to the N900 days, would it be possible to replace the animation with one of our own? It probably won't work with a video file, but if we create animations in .PNG format it may work. Anyone brave enough to try?πŸ˜›
  15. I'm not sure if I've been informed correctly, but I was told that manufacturers have a 2 year roadmap for updates. I and many others may remember having a hell of a fight with Vodafone to get updates for various phones because they told us the phones had expired their life expectancy 😳 I used my N900 for over 7 years before I got a Jolla phone. Although now, Jolla have now ceased support for the Jolla 1 beyond V3 of Sailfish OS.
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