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  1. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    So far I've sent 3 emails and contacted them on Twitter, but no reply. I tried calling a phone number that was included in one of the emails they sent me prior to sending the device back, but had to leave a message on the Giff-Gaff voicemail.🤔
  2. I haven't attempted anything yet, my Pro1 died in November and it's at F(X)Tec for repair. I can't contact them by any means for an update.
  3. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Haven't had any updates as yet, but given the Christmas break and the fact we're now in total lock down again, there's probably not a great deal going on there at the moment. I haven't given up though. They've probably tried to contact me but had no luck because my network provider have #%&$€¥ things up and I've been unable to make and receive voice calls for over a month. So that's a potential 2 outfits that could be facing my wrath in 2021.
  4. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    According to the Royal Mail tracking info they now have my Pro1 at FxTec, so just awaiting feedback on what the issue is. 🙂
  5. Another Pro1 Bumper Case idea that's doing the rounds. This one is a 3D printer file. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4618945
  6. I have got an OtterBox for my N900, but don't use it as I find it moves about a hell of a lot when the phone is being used. But as for opening the screen on the Pro1 I became quite proficient at opening it with one hand by just lifting the top of the screen slightly by inserting my finger nails into the gap and gently pushing the bottom of the screen with my thumb. This method worked with both left or right hand.
  7. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    It's on its way. Sent it today, but not likely to hear any feedback until New Year. When I do hear back from them I'll update you all.
  8. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Quick update on the shenanigans. Got an email requesting I return the phone for possible repair/replacement. Hopefully get it sorted soon. 😊
  9. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    I'm almost certain it's not the port. I'm not altogether convinced it's a hardware issue at all, but I could be wrong. I'll probably ask the guys at FxTec to explain what the problem is once they get hold of it. Might give some pointers on what to look out for.
  10. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Received a request from FxTec requesting further info today, so hopefully things are now moving in the right direction.🤞 Thanks for all the help so far everyone.👍
  11. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Sorry if it's getting a bit long winded guys. But I have tried to flash again via the rear USB ports on my PC and I'm now getting this. I might cannibalize the Dell PC for keyboard and mouse to get the newer PC up and running to try that, as it'll be USB 3.
  12. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    I'm not on Linux. Winedoze 10 on both desktops and tablet, then Win 7 on 1 laptop and ZorinOS on another laptop. I've tried with the Zorin laptop, which basically is another Ubuntu like distro, but there's so much messing about terminal that it was a bit over the top for my old brain. Hopefully I'll maybe hear something from FxTec some time next week. Just out of interest though, my Pro 1 has a very low serial No. Would this probably have something to do with some hardware issues that would have been fixed in later models.
  13. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    @claude0001 I can believe you about the USB. I always had issues connecting phones to Windows based PCs
  14. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    You know, I'm damn sure I saw the notification Led flash blue last night, but I could have been mistaken. The phone is on charge, on my display cabinet, with the keyboard open and I'm sure I saw it from the corner of my eye. I sat and watched it like a hawk for 30 minutes and missed half the TV programme I was watching. 😒
  15. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    I'm actually using an antiquated Dell XPS430/121 from 1997. I'm going to get my more recent PC up and running and have a go with that.
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