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  1. Just to wake this one again. 😝 Has anyone tried "Live Wallpapers"? I know that some can be battery hogs but I've found a few that are quite reasonable with power consumption. There's Chrooma Live Wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamelounge.chrooma_lwp.android&hl=en_GB and Shader Live Wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.serjik.shaderlive&hl=en_GB and Subatomic Live Wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitbunny.subatomiclivewallpaper&hl=en_GB These all seem very kind to battery consumption and other than Shader Live Wallpaper they are very subtle.
  2. I'm guessing it could be some apps that are misbehaving. I'm still getting the "Recent Items" screen popping up when I open the slider and the only way to clear it is to restart. I'm beginning to suspect K-9 Mail is one of the apps responsible for that. Without root there's no way to find out what's still running hidden in the background.
  3. MickH

    Call Volume Too High.

    It hadn't fixed the issue on mine which is why I posted here. Didn't know there was another thread on the same issue, nothing came up in the suggestions when I was typing the topic title. Sorry FlyingAntero
  4. For some reason my call volume is too high. Even though I have it set to zero in settings I can still hear the caller, even when I take the phone away from my ear. Loudspeaker is definitely off. At the setting in the screenshot it's almost unbearable. I'm sure I haven't overlooked anything in settings. Anyone else experienced this and how did you tackle it? Thankees😁
  5. Mine has got quieter over time. At first it was almost jumping out of my hand and making a loud clack when operating the screen. I can pretty much open it silently now.
  6. Seems to be OK now. I just left it polling away while it was on charge (damn thing was draining the battery too.
  7. Is anyone else using K-9 Mail? I've been having issues most of the morning where it's just polling and polling, seems to be polling every mail box. Each mailbox is reporting "Unknown Host Exception or SSLException: Write Error. It seems to be hogging bandwidth too as the WiFi on my PC is mega sluggish. I don't think it's my ISP because as soon as I shut the Pro1 off the WiFi goes back to normal. K-9 is just taking an eternity to poll emails for some reason. I've got it linked to my GMX Mail account (the only one I use).
  8. This looks a little like WaveUp, but as it's geared towards the Pro1 I guess it's a little more refined for our use. The thing I noticed about using WaveUp is if you get your fingers too close to the proximity sensor the phone buzzes to warn you that it's about to lock the screen in X number of seconds if you don't move them, unless you add the app you're using to an ignore list. Out of interest, where is the magnetic sensor on the Pro1? On the Sony Xperia X it's in the bottom left corner of the screen, so I've just stuck a neodymium magnet to the inside of the case and it works great.
  9. Restarted and all's well in F(x)tec Pro1 land.😁
  10. I was talking to a tutor at the college where I work, he lectures communications. He says he's seen it happen sometimes and believes it's something to do with band switching, but he's still looking at the phenomena, as he put it.
  11. Thanks tdm. I'll bite on a big stick and give it a try after a few minutes more.😛
  12. Just got the update but I seem to be stuck on the "Installing Update" screen. It says the install is 100% but there's nothing much happening now. Should I just restart, see what happens?
  13. I chose this route years ago when I was paying £9.99 a month for insurance on my N95. My bank brought it up in a convo one day and the adviser almost fainted when I told her. I think I'm paying just £3 extra now which covers all the tech in my home.
  14. The nearest glass protector I have found is the Huawei P20 Pro. I purchased a kit which included the protector, adhesive, a jig for fitting the protector and a UV light for setting the adhesive and helping the protector to form to the screen shape. Only issue is the Pro1 is too thick to sit in the jig, so as yet it remains unused. I think the problem with the Pro1 is the curved edges.
  15. I'm pretty certain it's a network issue, as I've had the same issue with other phones and providers in the past. This could be useful for diagnosing and locating which tower could be the culprit there's a wealth of info that may be useful. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.staircase3.opensignal&hl=en_GB
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