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  1. Problem solved. Got it now. 😉
  2. I'd give this browser another go if I could download it. I'm tapping the green download button but the screen just flickers and the download doesn't start. 🤔
  3. As the title asks, can we use external cameras via the USBOTG of the Pro1? I have a fibre-optic camera that I'd like to try, but the USBOTG must be UVC compatible.
  4. As EskehRahn says the TOHKB is held in place by magnets. TOHKB Kickstarter
  5. I've still got my old Nokia N9 that I still use from time to time and my Jolla with TOHKBD. I keep looking at E7s on eBay but I never actually get to buy one. I'll have to have another look next payday.
  6. 'Ello. It's me again 😁 As per the title, is anyone else having issues updating Android System Webview? I'm using Aurora Store to install apps (using V3 and v4 together.) V3 keeps telling me there's an update for Webview but it won't install it at all. Webview is actually locked as disabled and can't be enabled at all. I know Google have phased out Webview in favour of Chrome, so why am I getting updates in Aurora Store V3, but not getting updates for it through Aurora Store v4?
  7. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Happy to be back in Pro1 land again 😁 Just setting it up and installing all the apps I had on the last one.
  8. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    That's more than likely what happened to my Pro1, although I didn't actually see mine fade out as I had put it into my pocket.
  9. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Update on my own shenanigans: Got an email today telling me that my Pro1 can't be repaired so they have despatched a replacement. Should arrive in a couple of days.
  10. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    So far I've sent 3 emails and contacted them on Twitter, but no reply. I tried calling a phone number that was included in one of the emails they sent me prior to sending the device back, but had to leave a message on the Giff-Gaff voicemail.🤔
  11. I haven't attempted anything yet, my Pro1 died in November and it's at F(X)Tec for repair. I can't contact them by any means for an update.
  12. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    Haven't had any updates as yet, but given the Christmas break and the fact we're now in total lock down again, there's probably not a great deal going on there at the moment. I haven't given up though. They've probably tried to contact me but had no luck because my network provider have #%&$€¥ things up and I've been unable to make and receive voice calls for over a month. So that's a potential 2 outfits that could be facing my wrath in 2021.
  13. MickH

    Pro1 Just died.

    According to the Royal Mail tracking info they now have my Pro1 at FxTec, so just awaiting feedback on what the issue is. 🙂
  14. Another Pro1 Bumper Case idea that's doing the rounds. This one is a 3D printer file. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4618945
  15. I have got an OtterBox for my N900, but don't use it as I find it moves about a hell of a lot when the phone is being used. But as for opening the screen on the Pro1 I became quite proficient at opening it with one hand by just lifting the top of the screen slightly by inserting my finger nails into the gap and gently pushing the bottom of the screen with my thumb. This method worked with both left or right hand.
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