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  1. I did not perceive that anyone was called stupid here. @Rob. S. is right that keeping up the fantasy that all IGG backers could get a refund is not leading us anywhere. Fxtec have stated that they paid the SoCs already in December. The same will be true for other components of the Pro1-X. I.e., the money from the backers has already gone up the chain of suppliers and Fxtec could not repay all backers even if they wanted so. Increasing pressure on Fxtec through massive refunding claims would simply lead to them needing to file bankruptcy -- with the result of everyone here getting nei
  2. @3zet is right that the spectrum of possible choices in the poll omits one important option: many people (like myself) have jobs that require extensive use of computing without IT being their primary subject. Such people generally have good knowledge of IT and are fully capable of many administrative tasks without those things being formally part of their paid work.
  3. If you want to be sure, you should be able to re-flash the same update via sideload. Take care to re-flash also Gapps (or alike) after that in case you use those.
  4. @flx is not totally wrong, actually. It is true that crowdfunding pools like IndieGogo provide a kind of smoke-screen protecting small companies from customer rights they would otherwise need to fulfil. That is indeed something that should be discussed politically. The question is: would small start-up companies be able to get a foothold without that kind of protection? After all, they try to compete in a market dominated by players with virtually unlimited funds. So, if crowdfunding in the present form were to be abolished, public interest would probably dictate to find other mechan
  5. I agree. But the Pro1-X backers *chose* to invest in a crowdfunding campaign instead of ordering a phone through the normal Fxtec web shop. Doing so they -- according to IGG rules -- provided money to Fxtec and, to a certain degree at least, freed them from the obligation to finally deliver the product. That is investing in a "common goal". That also direct FxTec orders are cancelled and transferred to Pro1-X's now is a different story. However IGG investors knew (or should have known) they took additional risks from the start.
  6. I really believe that this kind of discussion is fruitless. If we agree on the common goal of keeping keyboard phones alive, there is no choice but to back the (few) companies like Fxtec. However, there being no choice sadly does not mean there is a guarantee of success: not every transfer of money is a purchase whose object can be claimed. Think of it like this: If I donate money to WWF to help them save the Amur leopard, and then the cat goes extinct nonetheless, would I get refunded? No, of course, I wouldn't. And I still donate every year.
  7. From indiegogo.com: "By contributing to a Campaign, Contributors are supporting an idea, project, or cause they care about and want to help make happen. Like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, Contributors accept the risk that the Campaign may experience changes, delays, and unforeseen challenges, or that a Campaign, and its Perks, might not come to fruition." That seems pretty clear and honest to me. What are you complaining about?
  8. Again, being no lawyer, I doubt this. Backers have a well-defined contract with IGG, see here. IGG is a US company, so its contracts with customers are bound to US law only. IGG may choose to cooperate with international partners on a project, including partners from the EU or Britain (Fxtec). However that does not mean that backers have any direct contract with that partner. I think the picture that Fxtec is "selling" the Pro1-X through IGG is wrong. They gather money though IGG in the hope that it will be sufficient to actually build the phone and then (and only then) deliver
  9. I am no lawyer (and am happy about that). However, what you write is the opposite of what IGG promises to their partners. They explicitly state that backer's money does not need to be refunded in case of a project failure. Also, despite of being a proud European myself, I do not see how (or why) EU law should be applicable to a California company.
  10. As you read from others, you will not get any official reponse on this forum. IGG rules (as far as I understand them) allow Fxtec to either choose to refund backers or keep the money nontheless in the case their project (the Pro1-X) fails. Now, they seem pretty serious about not letting the project fail, but modifiy the Pro1-X such that it can still be delivered. So (again, as far as I understand those things) the "project" (the Pro1-X) is still alive and well, and refunding (all) backers is not even in question. As I have previously stated, I believe the Pro1-X will be the best
  11. The downside is that you have to make a set of identical session profiles in advance. I mostly connect to the same server and I know that I very rarely need more than 3 connections simultaneously -- so it is a viable solution for now, but it is not perfect. Ideally, the app would automatically spawn one more identical session if you activate the same profile a second time (say by tapping your home screen shortcut twice). However ConnectBot cannot do that -- in contrast to JuiceSSH as I understand. <nostalgia> On the N900 one could just spawn an unlimited number of terminals v
  12. Turns out I just underestimated ConnectBot! It can indeed open multiple sessions at once, and even makes switching between them really simple: one just needs to swipe the screen to left or right to jump between open terminal windows. Awsome but (seemingly) undocumented feature. I now made three shortcuts to my server, so I can comfortably open up to three different terminal sessions to it. JuiceSSH seems nice, but unfortunately it is not FOSS, so I do not want to use it. I am a little picky about that. Thanks anyway!
  13. I should probably have said that I do have a GNU/Linux running in a Chroot that allows me to start a full X11-desktop if I really need it. However for simple CLI-work, I want to have a lightweight Android app around that allows me to spawn an SSH session via a shortcut on my homescreen with a single tap (I use PSK authentication). Up to now I thought termux was too heavy for that purpose and that it would simply duplicate features my Chroot provides anyway. Maybe I should give it a try after all, thanks for the suggestion.
  14. As probably many do, I regularly use my Pro1 for logging into remote Un*x machines via SSH. I use ConnectBot for that purpose and am in principle quite happy with it. Sometimes, however, I would like to open several SSH sessions to the same remote host in parallel. Of course I know that I can create detached sessions on the remote host with the 'screen' command. However, that is not what I want. Ideally, I would like the app to spawn several terminal instances side-by-side, so I can switch between them from the home screen. Essentially, I want the equivalent of multiple SSH sessions runni
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