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RED LED light wont stop blinking

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Does anybody know how to turn the red led light off? ever since yesterday June 8 2021 it started blinking and it hasn't turned off. It does has over 50% battery. No notifications, missed calls, or alarms pending nothing at all. Yesterday morning i did notice that  nothing would happen when i went to click anything on the screen that i had to restart the phone and went back to normal, but red led light still blinking. I don't charge my phone overnight at all either so i don't know whats going on.

Yes i know it turns on red while charging and green while coming close to full charge. 

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Never seen that. My guess would be that it is some app that does it....
Say some app that fails to do whatever it tries to and is signalling for you to fix it. e.g. a mail app failing to communicate with the mail-server

When you say restart, is it just a Press power select Restart, or is it a hold power down for some 10 secs? The later does a deeper boot. (and is simple and non-destructive so try that first)

If that does not fix it I would try to stop apps (Settings, Apps, See all apps, find and click app, click Force Stop) on any newly installed or newly updated app, to see see if that fixes it, and if not continue to stop apps you installed.

...and the obvious last resort is to try a factory reset.

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