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I need the imei number

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Hi, I am considering buying your phone since it is now the only one avaiable with a physical keyboard. This will be to replace a Blackberry Keyone which is no longer working well and as of January 2022 Blackberry will no longer be supporting phone service in Canada wher I live. I   want to confirm that Bell, the Canadian network provider that I use, can support your phone. In checking with them they have asked me for the imei number. Could you please provide this?


Also, assuming that Bell can support your phone, and I order it now, if my current phone dies before the new phone is delivered in August, can I cancel the order as I need  a phone for work on a daily basis and thus I would not be able to wait for delivery and would need to immediatly buy an alternative phone. 







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You shouldn't need to provide it. Canadian carriers have done away with CDMA so it's not like they need to whitelist your ESN,

If they do ask via an online check, just enter 1111111111119 .

I've jumped between carriers (Fido, Bell, Telus) and never really needed to provide it, just stick your SIM in.

Also, I use mine on Telus, which shares a network with Bell. You'll be fine.

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