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Hi there, newbie here. Just wondering if there is any feedback from users of the existing product on battery life and particularly if any 'experts' have an opinion of the likely battery performance of the new model due in November. The specified battery seems a little light by today's standard. Or does the de-cluttered linux OS take away much of the background battery consumption?

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Battery life is pretty good on Pro1 and should get even better on Pro1X.

You can easily go through a day of normal use with a full charge. Two if you are being careful.

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Both on stock Android, LineageOS 18.1 and AICP Q, the Pro1 got a stamina around 10 days connected but idle. So much a matter of what you want to run on it, and how much screen-on time your usage pattern requires. It also matters if your normal usage is mainly outdoor in the sun or indoor, as brightness affects the power usage.

There are other threads on Pro1 stamina in here.

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