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Which wireless charger? / How to emergency-charge?

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i got a drop of water in my usb c port, so now it wont charge anymore.


Can someone please tell me


1. Which wireless charger will work with the pro 1?


2. What is the process to replace the USB C port? Which parts do i need to order where?


3. How else could i emergency charge my pro 1? Manually directly at the battery? Any other hacks?

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Hello, i have writen small tutorial here 

....or you can order whole bottom board directly from fxtec...but it will be long waiting for it.

Directly charging battery is not good idea...you can littlebit charge it with laboratory power supply , but is needed to watch whole charging process.

Fx dont have qi charging.

Water inside connector is problem, but it is not whole problem - you must open phone and clean all an resolder all visually coroded parts.

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I just removed the usb c connector and put some small wires from GND/VBAT to the outside through the USB connector hole. Luckily at work we have all the necessary tools.

At some point i guess ill solder a new usb c port. For now i'm absolutely statisfied charging it on my bench PSU. Constant current until 4.2 volts and then constant voltage, right?

Again im very happy that this phone is so serviceable.

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