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  1. Wow thanks for the many insightful replies. The keyboard still responds. And much to the dismay of my colleagues, even my alarm clock went off this morning, with the phone only consisting of the base board and the battery. So it is clearly still mostly functional judging by that. While i am at it, does anyone know what type of buttons i would need for replacing volume up / down and power? I accidentally broke them all. They still work, but barely. Somehow when reassembling the phone i got them scraped off while closing the case.
  2. oh thats a great idea, but first i need to replace the missing usb c connector on the board. I had tried DX07B024JJ2R1500 but their second pad row inwards did not fit the pcb, as it was made to be mounted on cutout pcbs, rather than on top. Could someone please tell me which port i need to source in order to replace it? Oh and would one of these hdmi adapters need to support anything specific in order to be compatible?
  3. Hi, i accidentally swapped the two connectors going into the display unit and powered on the phone. So the display connector was on the front camera connector and vice versa. I did this because i was troubleshooting the display not working, which was mostly a contact issue from dirt in the fpc connectors. It was late and i was getting increasingly stupid 😄 Well now i can't get a picture or any response on the screen anymore and i was wondering if this swappage might have broken something. Before i order a new display i was hoping you guys could tell me if you think that either t
  4. I just removed the usb c connector and put some small wires from GND/VBAT to the outside through the USB connector hole. Luckily at work we have all the necessary tools. At some point i guess ill solder a new usb c port. For now i'm absolutely statisfied charging it on my bench PSU. Constant current until 4.2 volts and then constant voltage, right? Again im very happy that this phone is so serviceable.
  5. Hi, i got a drop of water in my usb c port, so now it wont charge anymore. Can someone please tell me 1. Which wireless charger will work with the pro 1? 2. What is the process to replace the USB C port? Which parts do i need to order where? 3. How else could i emergency charge my pro 1? Manually directly at the battery? Any other hacks?
  6. The margin fixed it - wow this is so much better! I put some self adhesive 20mm epdm foam on the back of the device. The primary intention was that it stands upright for filming but it actually handles a lot better too. Good thing i don't plan on putting it in jeans pockets.
  7. Hi there. I've had my prawn for some months now and after kind of fixing the horrible reception quality i really got to love the little device. Before that i alwas stuck with the motorola milestone/droid brand. However apart from dropping it like 3 times a day i really realy really struggle to come to terms with the curved screen. I just cannot avoid touching it wrong and unleashing all sorts of unintentional functions while trying to handle the phone, trying to press a side button, or just trying to type a message on the lovely keyboard. Am i the only one? Are the
  8. Hi there, yesterday i stupidly applied the latest official Lineage Nightly Update via the integrated OTA updater (skipping the two nightlies before that), now the system won't boot and after a long boot loop returns to the recovery which tells me to reset userdata. I pulled an image of the userdata via adb on ubuntu but of course it is encrypted. Does anyone have any recommendations how i could pull some data like my apks and such from the userdata image?
  9. Yep, see that corner in the right circle? That's where i ripped it with my bigass "wurstfingers" as us germans would say xD By the way, for opening the case without a scratch, one of those shaving blades that have a grip on one side and a blade on the other, also used for scratching stuff from automotive glass panels, works very well.
  10. oh yeah i should have mentioned it, you shouldnt sand those gold connectors down that much, just rough them up a tiny bit and nudge them to go outwards - the aluminium contact plates on the case side however should probably be sanded and roughed up a little
  11. I'll see what i can do, unfortunately i can't use the phone to take photos of itself while disassembled. But i had been planning on opening it up again to put a thermal conducting strip on the back of the battery, seeing how it warms up quite a bit during fast charging. I don't have any screenshot of the signal quality but beforehand you would almost never get any reception inside, walking by a radio/scanner you would not hear it transmitting. If i had any reception at all inside it was right at the window and then only like 1 bar of 4G, never anything else. Wifi connection was frequently
  12. milp

    Spare Parts

    Hi there, is it possible to order things like fingerprint sensors, screens or screw-sets for the pro1 should the need arise?
  13. I have already tried numerous new sims from other providers, they all worked even worse. However there are good news, i just disassembled the device and made sure all the contact-pads for the aluminum case (which seems to be the antenna itself, gorgeous engineering!) have better contact and all the coax cables are in place - now the 4g reception is a lot quicker and i finally can take calls from my desk again. I now have a similar amount of reception at my desk that i used to have with my old droid 4 🙂 So yeah if anyone else has those problems, you can disassemble
  14. That's exactly my situation right now, however to me there is no alternative - i didn't see any qwerty device that even comes close to this as a followup to the old milestone/droid line that motorola used to make.
  15. Would my warranty be void if i opened it up to take a look considering im working in the field? Does anyone know if the impedance of the antenna system is meant to be 50 Ohms? I tried limiting the bands, and so far only LTE seems to work. In the meantime ill give my provider another call, i called them yesterday to complain about my shoddy old sim, but i think they did not do anything yet as i have not received a confirmation of my report.
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