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  1. BTW, which is the best way to contact fxtec?
  2. thanks, going to stock and back solved the issue
  3. a week ago I replaced my screen with one of unknown origin. Everything seemed to work just fine until I realized that it can't detect taps on the edges anymore. activating show pointer location indicates that I can slide all way out, just not tap. saw something about this on the forum, but can't find it now, is it possible to solve?
  4. Hi re-flashed the phone two days ago, and now the HDMI works. So now when I writing this post i have my phone connected to my Dell WD19 docking station. I see the phone screen on all three monitors, mouse and keyboard is working . (sorry for the really messy desk, I am a hardware developer )
  5. would it be possible to activate some of thoose settings by default in the ROM?
  6. that's the isssue, there are no bushings. Maybe should start fabricating some, will be much more simple compared to making new screws. couldn't agree more, and as a micro mechanics engineer and watchmaker it really bothers me
  7. It seems to be quite big tolerances for the hinge screws, looked at mine 2 days ago. 1 of the screws where 1.65mm in diameter, the other one 1.78mm Will do an attempt to make new screws to se if that helps.
  8. I'm in on the same track, I want to have a Swedish keyboard, optimized for Linux CLI my first idea was to disassemble the keyboard and move around the keys a bit. and maybe do a silicone mold for make some new keys in suitable resin. then print the "key caps" with a laser printer on a water transfer film.
  9. is the slow response time an issue on stock sw as well?? and the really bad autofocus behaviour?
  10. Any experience in this? And did anyone confirm that elephone U protector works?
  11. Another thing that kind of annoys me quite much is the response time of the power button, feels like I need to press it a bit too long to wake the phone up. Also when removing the phone from the ear takes really long time until the display activates again
  12. Yes, it worked great, both with a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter and my Dell WD19 USB-C/Thunderbolt docking station, here I get both the 3 monitors and the USB-devices like mouse and keyboard. Now the monitor gets activated, detects a source, but both the monitor and the phone display stays black until I remove the USB cable again.
  13. Hmm... Have I missed one to install one update?
  14. Whith the latest OTA upgrade I have a bug with HDMI out. When I connect the USB-C cable to my device it goes tottaly black if I unlock it. I can se the lock-screen, but when I entered my pin-code all is black until I remove the cable.
  15. Guess you are refering to which bluetooth devices I use? Kia Optima 2019, Peltor XPI Alert, plantronics something, JBL bluetooth speaker.
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