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  1. Thanks for the really good explanation. Seems like the easiest "dirty" solution is to use the .kcm from finnqwerty, edit what I want, and replace the Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm. After rooting with magisk, skall I remount the system partition, or is it linked somewhere else? Don't remember how it works.
  2. thanks, I found the default .kcm yesterday, but didn't manage to edit it, either the filsystem is mounted ro, or I forgot to open as root. where do finqwerty store thoose .kcm? and how does it tell system where to find it? would be nice to point it to somewhere in /storage/ to easily edit it. is the layout loaded at boot, or when launching the keyboard? what's the functions of KeyLayoutFile: /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kl vs. KeyCharacterMapFile: /system/usr/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm? Lot's of ques
  3. using swedish qwerty was thinking of using external keyboard helper pro instead, but was a lot of remapping to do. is it possible to just put a keymap .kcm file somewhere? and use it?
  4. ok, thanks! is it possible, without compile it yourself, to edit the keymaps in finqwerty? and, I have noticed that quite often Caps lock is active when I open the keyboard, anyone else seen this?
  5. as I understand it esc works as "back", and it does in many cases, but not in chrome. why is that? chrome is one of the apps there this function would be most useable (at least for me)
  6. Phone already rooted, did that the first day I got it. (This Monday) I use it (in addition to the normal functions) as an ssh terminal, VPN connects to the office, backup the phone via rsync. I like new features, but prioritize stability and usability. The general experience I have from custom ROMs is that they are a bit unstable, and stuff like the camera and so seldom work any good. But I'm this case it seems like maybe lineage is more stable than stock sw? Running Lineage on my Galaxy note 4,mainly because I wanted to upgrade it to Android 8 did
  7. Hi Tried to search on the forum, but didn't find anything. What is the real benefit with flashing a custom rom on the Fx1?
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