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Well, after suffering the random touches screen failure and having no pressing need for it, I set mine aside for awhile. However, I'm trying to use Patriot Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO, and most of the T-Mobile towers in this area are on bands 12, 66, and 71, none of which the PRIV I was using support, so it's back on a well-supported AT&T MVNO for the moment, albeit data only because AT&T blocks VoLTE etc. on non AT&T branded devices. That's OK for the moment because all I do with it is VOIP and Web. The Pro1 supports band 12, which is available on all T-mo towers in this area, so I grabbed it again.

I'm going to have to replace the screen at some point. Sometimes it's usable, sometimes not. I'm going to see if careful thorough cleaning in isopropyl alcohol will stop the madness first. I think the info for that is all here already.

More urgently though, I need to enter an APN for the Web to work, and it says it can't for the current user. I am using LOS 16, probably an earlier WIP version at that, so I know I should upgrade it and plan to do so, but I do wonder if it is a bug I'm likely to encounter again. I'm still hoping for LOS 17.1 to avoid the charging bug.

Anyone care to tell me anything to make my life easier? 🙂

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So I put the latest 17.1 on it, thanks to @claude0001 and @daniel.schaaaf which is super awesome, and now the APN list has an irrelevant entry and no warning, but it doesn't seem to actually save the new one I entered when I tap save. I'll play with it more. Any suggestions? Would it make a difference if I'm in an area with no signal? I can try in town tomorrow.

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