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  1. This is possible already now by publishing an ad-supported and a paid version of an app. My guess is that greed or gold fever makes (many) app developers use the ad model for payment. I also presume that ad networks support greed by promising unrealistically high revenues. Some apps might achieve these revenue numbers, but most probably don't. I came to this conclusion after encountering countless games that exploit an addiction to gambling and countless apps that are mere copies of other apps. This is furthered by Google not allowing us to filter for apps without ads and in-app purchases. The Play Store only distinguishes between paid and "free" apps. This is how the system works and it is integral to the market. Any improvement for users/customers might destroy the whole business.
  2. Apart from this kind of looking suspicious, it does at least deactivates dm-verity and forced encryption. Since the boot image is patched to deactivate dm-verity and data encryption, I guess you won't be able to install OTAs any more.
  3. Official OTAs won't install when the checksum of the system partition does not match the expected value. Even remounting /system as rw, without further modifications, will change its checksum. Magisk prevents this by linking files to /system during boot without altering the system partition itself. This should also benefit LineageOS, because Magisk modules and settings survive /system updates.
  4. You forgot to warn people: This is a tutorial to prevent OTAs from installing!
  5. I don't think it is reputation the manufacturers are concerned about. They care about money before anything else. Yes, reputation can affect sales (ever so slightly), but that is a secondary effect. A primary effect is customer support. And, it is sooooo easy to refuse support for a rooted device. Yes, there are half-wits who have no clue what they are doing and who break their devices ... but these will find a way to root and screw up anyways. On the other side, if the manufacturers and Google would not constantly screw up and give their users more choices/freedom, there would be fewer reasons to root. Android is crippled by greed. Google and phone manufacturers cripple the user experience because it is cheaper not to consider our wishes. After all, "we stupid bunch of idi***" buy their phones anyway. On Lineage, I don't need GravityBox. On stock, GravityBox improves the UI a lot. Google cripples SD-card access more and more with each new version of Android. I do not believe their claim to protect our privacy. I believe they want to sell their phones without SD-card slot and get higher margins from overpriced internal memory. Simple as that. One of the biggest drawbacks of rooting and modifying your system is the update problem due to a modified system partition. Google has a choice in this matter. They could package updates on a file basis for binaries and parse text files (as they did in earlier Android versions?). But they decided to go for partition images ... and took things further by refusing to update when the checksum of the system partition is wrong. Mix in the ability to destroy your encrypted data partition in the blink of an eye, and you have perfection. Another thing that Android does really badly is user control over apps. Even the most simple fart-app is regarded as the most important app by their developer. Hence, most apps start on boot and listen to events like USB-power or WiFi availability to auto-start themselves. Yes, one could say this is the app's fault. But I blame Android for giving apps all these crazy possibilities that no one would accept on a desktop OS. Only root with certain apps can help us users. Again, Google cares only about money from app sales and advertising, and caters to app developers instead of end-users. Talking about advertisement and user control... Google and manufacturers don't like root because they can lose out on precious user data. Some people argue that advertisement is a way to finance app development. I disagree. Advertisements and the collection of user data are the only way to keep a saturated market going. If all apps would be either advertisement free or paid, most apps would cease to exist. No one needs 1000 fart apps. This is the reason why Google does not give us the choice to filter for apps without advertisements in their Play Store. The only choices are paid or free (most often with ads or in-app purchases). In essence, root is not a security issue but a loss of revenue. It is not just apps with root detection. Android itself was made to make root either impossible (by the manufacturer's choice) or as inconvenient as possible.
  6. Hm, it may not be the sensitivity of the proximity sensor after all. I noticed that I usually see my screen set to max. brightness by my ears touching the screen after a longer conversation. Apparently, the proximity sensor gets ignored ten minutes into a phone call. I can cover the sensor all I want, the screen would not switch off. I usually use Signal to make calls, but I think the phone app has the same problem...
  7. An alternative could be to implement fixes with Magisk. This is on my to-do list ... which is on pause for the moment 😞
  8. Very important piece of information, thanks! I would also like to thank everyone else here for being sympathetic, despite my harsh words. Although the Pro1 (software) can be frustrating to use at times, I do not regret having bought one, and I am glad that F(x)tec made such a fine piece of hardware. I guess this is part of the problem for me: Had the hardware been crappy, I could have written off the Pro1 and simply forget about it 😄
  9. Haha, I do that too. Unfortunately this triggers another bug: The proximity sensor is not sensitive enough (probably just a too low threshold value in some config file). During a call, the screen switches on "randomly", and my ear or cheek change the brightness to max or launch apps ...
  10. This is even more of a reason to fix these huge annoyances that need so little work to be done. Software is, in my opinion, the number one reason not to buy a Pro1. This is in stark contrast to the hardware. F(x)tek made some really good choices there, with plenty of RAM and internal memory...
  11. I am talking about really easy fixes, like the in-call audio volume, that are actually fixed in LineageOS already. You guys/gals from F(x)tec get bugfixes presented on a golden plate. And yet, nothing happens! The Pro1 could be made so much better with so little effort and just a tiny OTA! Sorry, I just called family and friends, and the crazy high in-call volume made my ears bleed ... "Hey, could you please call me back? I bought this cool phone for just 800€ ... and ... I can only use it for calls when people call me. Otherwise, the audio is too high. And yes, this is embarrassing!" 😞 (And no, installing LineageOS is not an option right now)
  12. Are you familiar with the Xposed framework? Xposed is not available for Android Pie or later. But with Riru Core installed, you can run EdXposed, which in turn can run (some) Xposed modules. Before Google broke SafetyNet for Magisk, it was actually Xposed that triggered SafetyNet. In a way, (Ed)Xposed is not the solution but the problem However, there is ... was? ... a complicated way to pass SafetyNet with Riru Core and EdXposed: https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-4-xl/how-to/xposed-discussion-thread-t3992607 Having read some of the above XDA thread, I am glad that I don't need to pass SafetyNet for any of my apps Also: Riru Core v21.0 is working too, without screwing up the boot process ...
  13. Alright, I just updated to Riru Core v20.1 and Magisk v21.4 without any problems. I had the impression that the reboot after the Magisk update took longer than usual and I was actually afraid the Pro1 got stuck in the boot process again. Thankfully it was just a little hiccup :-)
  14. No, that's too easy a solution to work ... oh ... but it _did_ do the trick! Thanks! 😄
  15. Tanks, this was good to read 🙂 The slant arrow(s) doesn't do anything on my phone. I just get a lower case "l" or "p". I also have sticky keys and a dead key on my wish list of "things never to see the light of day". Whether the Pro1 can be bricked or not is a matter of definition. To me, a phone is bricked, when one needs to re-flash its partitions using a computer. Actually, I have never encountered a phone that cannot be un-bricked (a word that shouldn't exist if bricking was as irreversible as the word "brick" implies). Over the years, I have grown tired of restoring my data after a brick. With Google shielding Android more and more from the evil of h4x0rs ... power users and sd-cards, I tend to get an allergic reaction from touching devices that may be "unstable" 😉
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