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  1. It's a mystery to me how this has not been fixed a long time ago. I have my notification and phone volumes on the lowest setting and it is still too loud. Also, still struggling with speaker mode using the lower loudspeaker ... which is right next to the microphone and causes echo and feedback when the phone is lying flat on any surface. Btw., how does the LOS update process handle changes on /system? Can /system be mounted rw and files changed, or will this cause an update to fail? Afaik, the updates are not incremental ... but checksum errors or other mechanisms might fail ...
  2. A short update on my missing apps: Restoring the apks with oandbackup made them function again, meaning that the restored apps had access to the data that was still there. While this is making things much better for me, I ask myself why these restored apps have the permission to access their old data. Apparently, the re-installed apks (with oandbackup) got their old UID assigned and SELinux seems to be happy too. Really weird ... Edit: I love the dangerous life ... so, I updated my LOS17.1 to the newest nightly just now, and I only "lost" one app (the F-droid store).
  3. LOS 17 is working well so far. Should we report bugs here or on https://gitlab.com? Just as with LOS 16 and the original fxtec Android, the in call volume is messed up. Right now, the volume can only be adjusted from "loud" to "extremely loud".
  4. The SD card is still recognised, and there are no apps installed on it. All my apps were installed to \data. The deleted apps were also not consistently using the SD card either. Some apps only stored data in \data\data, some used \sdcard\Android\data, some had obbs on the SD card. Found something: The data folders all were from the same date. Now I have to find out if I restored these apps from backups made with "oandbackup" or "AppWererabbit". One question still remains: Why were the apps (their folders in \data\app) deleted (and their data in \data\data retained).
  5. Thanks for your quick reply tdm ๐Ÿ™‚ I did an OTA update. Unfortunately there is no pattern. Some apps were installed from the SD card, some from F-droid, and some from the Play store. Looks like I have something to do for the weekend ... I am a hoarder and have ... had about 600 apps (mostly games I never play) installed. Now I am down to 350 ๐Ÿ˜ž There are still 21 GB free on the internal memory. That excludes Android doing weird stuff due to a lack of free space. Well, I seem to be the only one to have missed apps. Then it's not LineageOS or even Pro1 related ...
  6. @tdm Do you know if LineageOS creates a log file when updating? I updated to 10.0-20201026 (OTA), and now a lot of my apps are missing. The corresponding directories in \data\app are gone, even though the app data in \data\data is still there.
  7. Is there a way to define a key on the hardware keyboard as a dead key? I would so much like to type รค, รฅ, and the like by typing e.g. "dead key + a = รค" or "dead key + p =รฅ". I couldn't figure out how to do this with Keyboard Mapper.
  8. May I ask why you don't want Magisk on your phone? In my opinion, Magisk is as important a "tool" as the Xposed framework. Being able to modify /system without actually touching the system partition is ... magic ๐Ÿ™‚ Magisk also brought Xposed to Pie and Oreo with Riru. OK, it gets fishy and suspicious here ... despite that, I would not touch a phone I could not run Magisk and Xposed modules on ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Yes, the signal is low i my apartment, which increases the transmission power of the modem. I never had modem interference as loud as on the Pro1 though.
  10. Definitively! I am one of those rare people who can't get enough options and settings to screw with Anyway, we have advanced settings and developer options already in AOSP and LOS, and LOS offers more settings than AOSP. I don't think LOS would agree to add even more settings
  11. Distortions is probably the wrong word. Better words are crackling noise or interference. I never asked the person on the other end of the call about the call quality, since I only make "ordinary" phone calls to/with people i don't know . The interference can be so disturbing that I barely understand the other person, but since they never complained, I guess they don't hear it. I know this kind of interference from audio amplifiers and am sure this is what happens in the Pro1. It is only audible on the Pro1 loudspeaker. Lowering the volume is not possible unfortunately because the ca
  12. Well, one argument I get to hear way too often is "Too many options/settings confuse most users!". It might be as simple as that. In addition, even settings that exist and work on LOS or AOSP might not be easily accessible because it would be too much work to add them to the settings UI (for just a few power users). Having said that, I don't know why the AICP does not add all these settings to LOS and maybe hide them in an "advanced" tab. Apparently, AICP also contains additional software, not just easy access to settings through the UI.
  13. AICP has an impressive list of features: https://github.com/AICP/vendor_aicp/blob/q10.0/docs/features.md It looks like they implemented features from GravityBox and other customisation apps and Xposed modules. @tdm Will AICP be maintained like LOS, or is there a chance development for AICP will stop sometime in the future? I don't have a clue about how much work is involved in maintaining two or three Android varieties instead of just one.
  14. Yes, the handsfree mode could be fixed in software by using the other (upper) speaker. When I have my Pro1 lying on a surface, or when my finger is close to the bottom of the phone, where the loudspeaker and microphone are, then people hear an echo. I am afraid that the distortions when doing a "normal" phone call (not a Wi-Fi call) cannot be fixed. These distortions seem to be the modem signals getting picked up by the audio amplifier for the upper loudspeaker.
  15. Yes, she confirmed that she had Android 9 on her phone when she bought it. I am very interested in 17.1, but rather wait for a few days/weeks for a stable release. Without TWRP, experiments seem dangerous ๐Ÿ˜ Wow, it is incredible to see how well you care for our beloved Pro1. Thank you (and Nolen)! ๐Ÿ˜Š
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