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  1. It also matters which USB port you use. I guess that some USB controllers ICs are more finicky than others. My current mainboard has 19 USB ports provided by three different controllers, and I had to try different ports for various phones/tablets to work with fastboot. Apparently, USB is not as universal as the name implies :-)
  2. The author of "Folder Music Player (Pro)" was/is struggling with the storage access framework of Android 11 as well. Apparently, it offers "horrible file access performance". As I said before, Google is going the Apple way ... slowly but surely :-(
  3. It doesn't stop at "potentially disruptive", Google makes Android safer and more secure with every new version. Unfortunately they also make Android more restrictive for power-users and they gradually "encourage" users to stay away from SD-cards. At the same time, Android 11 doesn't look or feel much different from Android 4. At least not when you are used to tweaking the OS with GravityBox and custom launchers. I f-ing hate that everything is being developed in a haste. There is no time to settle on anything stable and work out the kinks. There has to be a brand new product on the marked
  4. Regular audio for sure. I haven't had the chance to try call audio yet. It's still broken in 20210329, only for me apparently, which makes me think that my phone is borked. The only big thing I did the last few days was disassembling and reassembling the phone. Is there an "external" antenna in the case, to which the Bluetooth chip connects? Or is said antenna on the mainboard? The headphones connect to the phone, and I was able to re-pair them. They are actually shown as "active" when I chose the audio stream. One other thing I notices is that I also cannot control the volume of int
  5. Anyone else with bluetooth trouble on 20210322? My headphones connect alright, but the audio is routed to the phone speaker.
  6. Changing the checksum of the system partition only breaks OTAs when they actually patch the partition itself, and not individual files within the partition. I tried to find out how LineageOS updates work, but I did not manage to get any useful information. I remember original Motorola OTAs failing to install on Moto Z phones that had a modified system partition. When it comes to safety, there is no difference between me remounting /system, or an app doing so. If FinQWERTY does its job without root, then it is safe to use and won't/can't modify /system. Nope. You make it sou
  7. Don't you have to remount \system rw for that? I thought that would break the (OTA) update process because even just remounting \system will change the partitions checksum.
  8. Do people complain about an echo? That's the feedback I get when I use the speaker and my Pro1 is lying on a flat surface. A simple fix would be to use the upper speaker, instead of the lower speaker, which sits next to the microphone. Instead, I feel reminded of how Apple treats their customers: You are holding it wrong! 😉
  9. I am missing an app that provides keyboard customisation (re-defining keys/characters), predictions, possibly a bar with special characters for quick multilanguage use, a dead key to quickly type foreign characters or letters with accents, sticky modifier keys or the possibility to configure whether modifiers keys should be sticky or not, ... There are apps like FinQWERTY that provide some of the missing functionality. But they are (very) difficult to use and I would have to combine several apps to get what I want. F(x)tec asked if we wanted a hardware keyboard, we threw money at them, an
  10. Without knowing how much or little F(x)tec actually supports the community, I personally do not see any active support. In the LineageOS thread, bugs were reported by users and the maintainer of the LineageOS port found out themselves what is broken and how to fix it. The number of serious bugs present in LineageOS suggest that there is no active support of the community by F(x)tec at all. The LineageOS port, aka the community, struggles with the same bugs as the official Pro1 Android. I did pay a lot of money for a device that I knew had a bumpy road ahead. But seeing that F(x)tec doesn'
  11. This is getting seriously off-topic now. Please, this thread is about disappointment and anger! 😁
  12. I get your point. Unfortunately, hopelessness has the opposite effect on me. I can't just live with it, and my blood pressure only increases ... until, in this case, I switch to another phone. The thing that bothers me most is that I feel that we communicate all of the Pro1's issues. Sure, we only do so here in the forum. But ... is it too much to ask for anyone from F(x)tec or any of their contractors to take a peek at the forum every now and then ... and help us? They get bug reports delivered on a silver plate. Yet, they do nothing. Ooooh, time to think about that blood pressure of min
  13. That may be, but as a customer, I couldn't care less. Sorry for those harsh words, they are not directed at you. It has been a year now, and I hate my Pro1. The only reason I still use it is that "moving" to another phone is a time consuming and cumbersome process. I felt betrayed by Motorola, when they screwed up their mods and dropped the whole thing. I feel even more betrayed by F(x)tec, because I expected them to be closer to the community and care more about us customers. F(x)tec makes me feel naive and stupid for having trusted them. I am glad to hear that you are having a positive
  14. After almost a year with my Pro1, all I am left with is utter disappointment and a reluctance to use this "phone". Yes, I am actually thinking about going back to my Moto Z Play. The hardware is alright, and the keyboard is fine. However, the software is lacking, non-existent or buggy at best. F(x)tec has done nothing to address any of the known software issues. Instead, they released a "new" piece of hardware, the Po1-X. If anyone from F(x)tec is reading this: Get your sh*t together and fix the software before anything else! Living abroad and communicating in three different
  15. Hm, has anything happened to the way the fingerprint sensor is controlled? I remember the issue with the sensor not responding whith the screen off having been fixed a while ago. Now (LOS 17.1-20210201) the sensor seems to be unresponsive again. More often than not, I have to push the power button to switch on the screen (wake up the phone), in order for the fingerprint sensor to register my finger. This is happening with the phone resting on a table most of the time. There's no accidentally triggering the sensor in my trousers pockets. I only touch the phone and the sensor to actually unlock
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