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  1. Will changes to 18.1 automatically integrate into the 17.1 code? I still have to figure out how to use Gerrit and apply patches and all that ... if I ever find the time to do so ...
  2. SD-cards are still working in Android 11. The difference is that apps are forced to use Scoped Storage exclusively. From November 2021, targeting Android 10 to circumvent the Scoped Storage API will be forbidden. This means that direct file access is impossible. Every file access has to be routed through Scoped Storage. The point is to prevent apps from accessing data on the SD-card they are not supposed to access. And it is supposed to reduce clutter. So, instead of using an appropriate file system for SD-cards (like F2FS or ext4 without journaling), Google introduced a high level "file
  3. Sure, its their choice. And I fully understand that Lineage is not in the position to lead Android development and force Google to adapt. Still, I feel like this is the end of the road for me. (Edit: And I am very thankful for the work everyone has done with LineageOS! Lineage is clearly the better Android, and they rescued countless devices from an early obsolescence.) (Warning: Old-man-rant approaching!) Google's choice to develop Android the way they did made sense, back in the olden days. But they quickly gained marked shares, followed by absolute power. Despite that, they contin
  4. Google and Lineage are going the wrong way, making things too "secure" and "fool proof". Root and SD-cards are a good example of the things the future won't hold. I feel that power-users have to bend over backwards to use their devices the way they want. So that's what I did. I bent over backwards ... and gave birth to an old-timer 🤰👴 😁
  5. Beloved community, here it is: Another up-to-date outdated ROM to satisfy your custom ROM fetish. LineageOS 17.1 JeBB "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man!" is (so far) an unmodified build that will be updated in irregular intervals. Future builds may contain additional fixes, or I may attempt to fix things with a Magisk module ... "may" is the important word here 😉 This build can be installed from scratch like any LineageOS build (LineageOS Wiki). Dirty-flashing from the last official LineageOS 17.1 is possible, but the official signature keys have to be exchanged
  6. Sounds like there may be something blocking the microphone opening, like adhesive tape to hold the microphone or loudspeaker in place? I am afraid we have to live with a smartphone that fails in ... being a phone. Anything sound related is "not satisfactory". I am also afraid nothing, like audio circuit configuration files, will be fixed by fxtec themselves :-(
  7. I did, and I appreciate(d) your instructions :-). Although I don't quite get why fxtec doesn't provide a signed driver ... Anyways, I only got fastboot to detect my phone. Any other command besides "fastboot devices" failed on Windows and Ubuntu, and all USB ports (four ports provided by four different controllers on my mainboard). Flashing boot.img (to boot, boot_a or boot_b) failed either because fastboot claimed the boot partition was too small, or because the phone stopped responding or rebooted. ADB worked without any problems.
  8. My custom 17.1 installed just fine (from the official LOS17.1 recovery) ... to my own surprise. Flashing my boot.img failed because I can't get fastboot to cooperate on my PC (Windows 10 and Ubuntu).
  9. I removed the camera protector with a thin steel prying tool like this one: There's no need to disassemble the phone. It did not quite fix my problem, but it got better. Now that the sun is out, I am unsure whether removing the adhesive tape made it better, or whether it was moving the camera a little with a tooth pick. I attached a picture that I resized slightly. The focus was on the birch tree. The background is still out of focus. But it is better than it was before, when anything further away than 50 cm would be blurry. I tried the manual focus in Open Camera. T
  10. I think I managed to fix mine ... or make it less crappy ... 🙂 When I removed the protective cover, I noticed that the double sided adhesive tape overlapped with the camera cut-out. We are talking 0.5 mm here, but it might have been enough to restrict the lens from moving. On the picture, I already moved the lower part out of the way. I ended up removing the adhesive completely ...
  11. In case you have root, you can take a look at /sys/class/power_supply/... For my Moto Z Play, I made an Automate Flow (script) to read and write to certain files (e.g. in /sys/class/power_supply/usb/) to control charging speed, stop charging at 85%, and even prevent apps like the Play Store to detect that the phone was charging. I did not have the time yet to make a script for the Pro1, so I can't tell which subdirectory in /sys/class/power_supply/ controls charging... /sys is a virtual file system connected to the kernel. You can open files under /sys (as text files) to get informat
  12. I intend to stick with LOS 17.1. Building wasn't difficult, but I am afraid to install my build and mess up due to signature issues. I hate not having TWRP :-( Anyways, I plan to try my luck within a few weeks. If the update from the official LOS 17.1 to my own build works out alright, I will publish this new build here and on XDA.
  13. It also matters which USB port you use. I guess that some USB controllers ICs are more finicky than others. My current mainboard has 19 USB ports provided by three different controllers, and I had to try different ports for various phones/tablets to work with fastboot. Apparently, USB is not as universal as the name implies :-)
  14. The author of "Folder Music Player (Pro)" was/is struggling with the storage access framework of Android 11 as well. Apparently, it offers "horrible file access performance". As I said before, Google is going the Apple way ... slowly but surely :-(
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