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  1. A tad BIGGER? I think the Pro1 is borderline too big. Wow.... I'd like a Pro1xc (c for compact, smaller like the Droid 4 lol)
  2. Thank you for the update. Their communication could be better, but it's good to know that they did get back to you eventually and offer a solution for you. They are obviously short-staffed and overwhelmed with their responsibilities, but it sure looks like they're trying their hardest to make things happen.
  3. I tried that; several tries over a couple of days netted no response. 😞
  4. I suspect that the reason it is completely unresponsive is the damage to the battery cable. Some devices will run without the battery connected, using power exclusively from the cord. This may not be one of them. It may need a bigger hit of power than the cord can supply to get things active initially. It may be possible with careful scraping and soldering to repair that ribbon cable at least enough to confirm that the device does operate when the battery is reconnected. It may leave the ribbon too thick to close the device though. The USB board is likely not the cause of the issue, and the dr
  5. I'm using LOS 17.1 now, and used LOS 16 before, never used stock on this device (saw the Scroogle stuff and noped right into LOS flash before even completing the setup wizard lol) and I have never had this problem. My USB port is healthy, and I'm careful to keep it that way. It helps that the battery life is good enough that I never have to charge it anywhere other than on my desk.
  6. There was discussion back in the early days of sending you a shipping container full of them. :)
  7. I looked on eBay, on a whim, to see if there were any cheap Cosmo Communicators out there.....I liked the idea of a pocket PC, and may come to the point where I can afford to have two nice devices. To my surprise, there were tons of them used, and everyone wanted $750-1100 for them. The manufacturer is selling them new for around $750, and is offering the Kana/QWERTY version for just over $500 right now. This tells me that this is a product that many people tried and regretted, especially since there is exactly ONE Pro1 I could find on eBay, asking nearly $1100. I see Cosmo's main drawback as
  8. I am toying with ordering one of these. Hmm. I still have my Pro1 and have no real objection other than I need to change my screen because the digitizer goes bananas sometimes. I like the improvements in the X, but doubt it will make any real improvement in my life. What to do.....
  9. Strangely, the seemingly irrelevant APN works. When I went somewhere less off-grid, everything came to life. Now to get the screen fixed and all will be well. :)
  10. Two years later....BUMP! I guess this didn't happen, but if @Hyrum is still around, there are a lot of people who now own these things, and X variants heading out soon. Show of hands....who's still interested?
  11. I guess I'll know soon enough lol. I think stock had a built-in path for the update that LOS may not. Hopefully I don't break the old one getting it out in case I have to reinstall it briefly. Heat should be my friend in that regard I think.
  12. THAT is a genius idea. It also allows me to see how good their customer service may be if there's an issue, though I will have to make which came from which to do it properly. EDIT: And I just did exactly that. I ordered 2 each from the 2 vendors offering the screen not as blems and will begin the discovery of the needed information. Thanks everyone for the supportiveness and great ideas!
  13. You sure about that? The instructions seem to call for some root ADB instructions, though being mostly in Chinese I can't be 100% sure. Perhaps it works anyway if that section is skipped, or the ADB part provides root access without actually rooting the device.....though I didn't think this was possible.
  14. Yes, this seller is selling blems. Some might be OK with that, as long as they know what they're getting. I probably would for my own use, but since I'm considering resale I would prefer to at least not seek blems, knowing that some happen anyway :O Thanks for all the great ideas and support, and most importantly for the flash file! That's super awesome. Is there any reason I shouldn't try it with my old display just to verify functionality before changing the screen? I don't see what it would hurt.
  15. So I found this for 30 shekels...... https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32956500815.html I hope it's not fake for so few shekels. At that price I could have a bunch of spares, or order a bunch and sell pre-flashed units for less than the ones fxtec sells and still double my money. I feel like there would be a market for this considering this thread exists :) I could even let people trade in their unflashed ones for flashed ones at a reduced price. Am I an evil capitalist, a genius, or some of both? :O After reading the reviews it sounds like there are enough quality issues that I'l h
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