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  1. Many of the software improvements made for the P1X will be applicable to the P1 as well, and presumably be implemented on both platforms as they're developed. I think the P1X is an exciting new product that addresses many of the complaints about the P1, and will give those who were disappointed with the P1 a real chance of having a device that makes them happy. Also, ever onward and upward. Grow or die is how it works. I'm glad to see what looks like growth after a very rough year thanks to CONTROL-19.
  2. I agree with 1.5 of Craig's suggestions. :P I think only the right slant arrow should be right alt; the left one should stay available for accented characters in an INTL layout. Fx should be used for \| instead of SYM, which is used occasionally, and yes, by me. Also, the right CTRL and ALT should be swapped; they'd be backwards compared to a PC keyboard as proposed. MORE EDIT: Now I read @matf's comment and agree with him so a big bah humbug to me LOL
  3. Awwww, thanks for the mention. I actually just got back here because I finally got mine! I'm using it right this very moment. :) I do live in the US, and in spite of the hot mess, I'm still glad I do. I will be glad when the election is over. Also I agree fully with the restrictions unfairly impacting f(x)tec's ability to keep their promises. Have a good night, and I'm glad Hello likes your klack. :)
  4. I don't have to reboot to recovery to sideload? That's interesting. If I don't it goes in the inactive slot, but if I do it goes to the active one, or both? I'm cornfused.
  5. Thank you for the clarification. Sideloading the firmware is settings and data non-destructive I assume.
  6. So I'm now using the klack with LOS to post this. I have not activated it yet since I can't make any major changes to my routine yet and Verizonk is a butthole. I've pretty much decided to use my D4 until it Zonk kills it because I hate change and am still learning klack ergonomics. I have found some things about the hardware that I wish were different, but nothing that I can't accommodate. This is not the place to discuss that. I have not found any deficiencies in the software, although so far I'm only using it as a UMPC. I do wonder if the updater works, or is just an unused feature at
  7. In what country is your business located? Were you the guy who rescued a device that someone bricked and returned?
  8. I do not use a spam filter for the very simple reason that there is no spam filter that doesn't occasionally block valid messages. I get blocked by GoofMail all the time, in spite of never having sent spam ever. On the plus side I'm using my klack to post this! Still getting used to the ergonomics but loving the experience overall.
  9. I should note that I never got a tracking number at all. It just arrived.
  10. I just received mine today and after using LOS on my Droid 4 for many years, I was shocked, dismayed, and disgusted to find that Google was in every corner of my new device! I came here to find the solution, and haven't been disappointed. LOS on P1 coming soon to a desk near me. :)
  11. I GOT IT!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! My birthday present to myself from last year arrived before my birthday this year! :P
  12. You may regret that, depending on how literally some people interpret it......LOL
  13. I was going to drop the subject, but here we go again....one thing that I find completely and utterly disgusting is that in all of the news discussion, and all of the chatter everywhere, I had heard exactly NOTHING about wellness or nutrition, and how it can help people be better prepared to fight pathogens, until @Stucadoor2 mentioned it. NOBODY has said to take vitamins, C or otherwise. NOBODY has said to eat fresh vegetables and quality meats, both of which help the immune system. NOBODY has said to lay off alcohol or sugar, even though those are immunosuppressive. Nobody has suggested exer
  14. But if you buy @Anssi Hannula some beer, I'll bet it will suddenly work correctly on LOS too. :)
  15. I believe you are correct now that I think about it a bit more. My dad had a Sprint phone back in the mid 90s, and their digital service didn't quite reach to our house, and the handset would roam to an analog tower, which I now remember was not a Sprint one. I used to lock the phone in analog when out with mom and not in town.....that was a big phone bill. The Dad was not amused. :P
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