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  1. Haha, pretty much. It's amazing how excited people get about having a latest thing that 1% different from the previous latest thing, and often has functionality removed. iCult members are strange to me.....
  2. Having been using nothing but keyboard phones since I've used a smartphone, it won't change my usage at all. My current phone is a Droid 4, before that a Droid 3, before that a Droid 1, before that a Treo 700p, before that a Treo 650p, before that a flip phone lol. I basically use the Droid like a pocket laptop. I use K9 mail, Brave browser in Desktop Mode, and VLC player, and little else. I do not have the GApps installed at all, and hope that they can be removed from the Pro1, either with a custom ROM or just root access. I don't use "apps" for much; I use the desktop web sites. Essentially, I use it like a laptop except when making phone calls. I use landscape for everything, nearly 100% of the time, except phone calls. That is very demanding on a 7-year-old phone with 1GB RAM running Android 7.1.2 (LineageOS) and as a result it's a little slow. Essentially this will get me a faster processor, more RAM, and a slightly bigger screen, but it's not going to change my usage at all. This is exactly my goal, and the Pro1 is the only device I could take as an upgrade that accomplishes that. I tried a Priv briefly before I discovered Pro1, but hated doing everything in portrait. The Pro1 is exactly what I needed. Thanks for making it happen guys!
  3. Haha, that weird mental image came to me too. :O Something akin to people camping in the Wal-mart parking lot all night and then trampling each other in the morning (one to death, actually) to get the doorbuster deals. Wal-martians........
  4. As have I. I always store my devices with screen facing inward. Whether I have them on my belt or in my pocket, it seems like I always find something on which to bash the screen. Since I started storing screen facing inward, zero issues. :)
  5. Your analogy is seriously flawed. The restaurant hasn't opened yet. No one has received any food beyond a few samples, but those samples are like nothing else available elsewhere, and as a result people have placed preorders for their dinners when the restaurant opens as a means of ensuring that it does open. People are understandably annoyed that the restaurant is not yet open, when the plan was to have it open months ago, but setbacks happen. The restaurant will open, and people will get what they've been promised. In the meantime, no one is starving to death. Expressing annoyance with vitriol and meanness just demotivates people. If this project is to have a long life, we need to be supportive. This is a special project, and needs to be given a little special grace and understanding so that the fine people at F(x)tec have the motivation to keep doing it long after their financial obligations are fulfilled. Only this way can we hope to have a long production run of the Pro1 and a successor.
  6. They are people too, and have feelings, and can be disheartened like anyone else. Encouragement makes the world better. If you're reading this, Mr. Chen, just know that most of us are grateful that you are doing this at all, and understand that setbacks happen, and eagerly but patiently await the final glory of a new portrait keyboard slider. :)
  7. I'm sure F(x)tec will come through soon too. I had forgotten about the Cosmo, but I had previously dismissed it because it's just too big to be practical as a phone IMO. In my world it's more of a UMPC. Also, have you looked at the unsubsidized price of an iPhone lately? :O Come on, Pro1 baby! :)
  8. Thank you for voicing your concerns politely, unlike some others. Where I think this line of reasoning goes wrong is that essentially you're asking them to take time and effort away from actually getting product out the door to give information that won't change anything in the end other than make a few people feel satisfied while everyone waits yet a little longer. Having worked in many a small operation, I know how crunch time goes; everyone does everything. I wouldn't be surprised if Adrian was doing assembly or moving boxes or driving a lorry (truck.) What information we have sounds like some people are within a week of holding awesome in their hands. Why not leave it at that for now and see what happens?
  9. It feels like certain people are rioting in the forum. Venting frustrations politely is one thing, but villainizing and threatening people who are doing you a profound service for not doing it fast enough or giving enough details about the process is disgusting to me. I only disparaged an attitude I'm seeing, and not anyone in particular. Awesomeness is coming, people! Be excited and stop taking verbal potshots at the people making it happen. (In general; not saying you were, GR)
  10. So I may have been a little grumpy last night. Technically, I didn't call anyone a toddler; I merely observed that some of you sounded like screaming toddlers, a sentiment which was more-or-less seconded. I did address children at one point, but if you consider yourself not to be one, that shouldn't be upsetting, now, should it? :) I think my point stands. These people are trying to make a device we've all been wishing someone would make for years, and all some people here can do is criticise them for not making it fast enough. OK, they've had problems and missed dates. It feels like they took on this project not realizing how difficult it would be, and they're worn out, overwhelmed, and desperately trying to bring this ship into port in a storm of difficulties. Some of you are so obsessed with minutiae like dates that you're willing to sabotage their effort, at least in morale. We are the whole reason they're doing this, and they are doing what no one else would or could. All I wish is that people would stop taking verbal potshots at them and let them awesome. Threats of legal action, cancellations, and chargebacks do nothing to help them make awesome; likewise calling them liars and scammers just demoralizes them, and further zaps their emotional energy, so instead of pouring it into awesome, they have to deal with threats and insults here just to protect their reputation. It is my firm belief that the demanding, unsupportive attitude of the community will ensure that this is a one-off device. I hope I'm mistaken, but who wants to put in the kind of work that they have only to be villainized? Hopefully once people get devices the tone will change, and they'll decide it's worth doing again. If they do, my advice is this: keep making the Pro1 until the Pro2 or whatever is almost ready, and don't give people any dates on it. That way there's something the impatient can buy right now, and no one can call you a liar if something takes longer than expected.
  11. Wow. Just wow. I have not lost any faith in F(x)tec as a result of this thread, but I have lost a lot of faith in humanity. Some of you sound like screaming toddlers whose parents didn't get them a cookie fast enough. Some others of you sound like very reasonable people trying to calm down the hyperventilating children, and I commend you, but I question whether you are the majority. I hope so. Wake up, children! This little company is attempting to fill a market segment that the mainstream phone companies have completely abandoned with a skeleton crew and very limited resources. Governments worldwide keep putting up roadblocks, manufacturing capacity is stretched thin already by the giant makers, sometimes things just don't go as planned, and ON TOP OF ALL THAT, they have to deal with a bunch of children screaming. NO WONDER the PR people don't post here all that often; some of the stuff here is painful and demoralizing. Some of you deserve to have your orders cancelled just for being jerks and you can go to the end of the queue, but fortunately for you, F(x)tec seems to be staffed by very gracious people who are just trying to do the best they can to deliver a product we'll all love and punishing keyboard barbarians doesn't seem to be on their radar. Myself, I had some financial issues arise and wasn't able to fulfill my preorder, so I'm at the back of the line paying more. Am I upset by this? Not at all. An iPhone is still far more expensive than the Pro1, and is far less useful in my opinion. The only reason the general public doesn't know this is carrier subsidies. I am sincerely grateful that this company is bringing another landscape keyboard phone to market, with nearly every detail I could have wished, even a real headphone jack, and certainly am willing to wait my turn and pay my dues to get the phone I have been waiting for someone to make for 7 years. I'm still using a Droid 4, for crying out loud! Nothing released since has caught my fancy.....until the Pro1. I haven't been so excited in many years as I was when I learned that the Pro1 was becoming a thing. My wife thought I was bananas. :) Seriously people, just chill and await the awesomeness. Whether it comes next week, or the next, or barely in time for Christmas, it will be awesome. Focus on the awesome, not on the wait.
  12. I second the motion for an official version of the OS without the GApps -- no store, no play services, no other Groogle crapware. I am slightly distrustful of the Android OS itself because it is a Groogle product, but without the GApps, it's actually pretty nice. I'm currently running Lineage 14 (Android 7.1) on a Droid 4 with no GApps and I love it. I install the few programs I like from APK files and life is good. I update them from APK files when I feel the need. I would adore an official ROM for Pro1 which is free of the crapware out of the box like my favorite unofficial ROMs. Many Buffalo routers have 2 distinct ROMs available; a "user-friendly" and an "advanced." The user friendly is their own weird thing, and the advanced is DD-WRT with a little Buffalo branding. Why not do the same thing? Offer a standard (with GApps) and an advanced (without GApps) version of the ROM. Obviously it should ship with the standard, but the availability of the advanced version for people like myself who would prefer it would be amazing.
  13. Even on devices which offer the suggestions with the physical keyboard open, I essentially never use them. I find it clunky to leave the physical keyboard to tap a suggestion, and frankly I type fast enough that I don't get a significant speed improvement from it. I just never found their presence disruptive enough to try to remove them.
  14. I have had devices defaulting both ways and have never delved into the settings to try to find out for certain, but I am pretty sure that vanilla android gives you a choice on this.
  15. StartPage actually does find it from pro1 although it's not the top result. So does Google, at least for me.
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