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Shipping/release day

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Hello, I would like to ask for a slight explanation if possible.

1. On webpage when buying there is mentioned shipping July 2022 but the page consider it till now, August, as pre-order, is it a pre-order even now or it's full release?

2. On this forum I saw some people are waiting from 2020, is it such difficult thing to have the phone delivered? 

3. On webpage there is mentioned delivery 10-12 weeks, is this information currently correct or is the waiting time much longer than this? 

Honestly I am completely lost with this shipping and, or pre-order stuff.


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1. They started shipping at the end of July, I got mine August 10th. It's still a pre-order, since they haven't manufactured enough devices for general availability yet.

2. They had to redesign the whole phone due to an alleged bad deal with a chip supplier. It put a significant delay on the phone hardware (and by extension software)

3. If you order one now, I think 10-12 weeks is probably accurate for when you might get one. Please take warning from other threads in this forum regarding hardware and software issues before deciding to actually purchase one, though.

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Do not expect to get your order quickly, I think even the 10-12 weeks estimate above my post is very optimistic. There are still people waiting on Pro1 orders from before the IGG campaign, according to some.


It's a really neat device and I'm having fun with it, but I wouldn't expect anything rapidly from this small of a manufacturer, they just aren't big enough to not get the brunt of every industrial/shipping/logistics issue worldwide.

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17 minutes ago, HrabalA said:

Truth and well noted, yet it's this or Astro Slide for me but Pro definitely looks better and overall has better feeling so I gotta jump into unknown and start tinkering with issues.

Cosmo might have similar problems getting their devices from China to the rest of the world. This is certainly not a problem limited to FxTec and Pro1X for the time being. I know from dialogue with FxTec that the Pro1X I perked for is in Batch 1, and is long delivered from FxTec and they can see that it has been 'processed', but yet it hangs in the shipping so I have not even got a shipping info mail yet.... I guess Expansys/Fxtec awaits enough parcel for Denmark to actually send it? 🤬

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