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  1. The GPS works about as well as it does in Android/Lineage and I find Pure Maps to be a reasonable navigation app as long as you pitch in on OpenStreetMaps. The camera, however, doesn't work out of the box. After installing `pinhole` the camera works but is NOT full-featured. The experience outside of the camera (and broken convergence) is smoother than on my Librem 5, but it's certainly not fully polished.
  2. I was experiencing the 100% battery issue, but never had any sudden power-offs, and I'm using the phone nearly all day at this point. The full-for-too-long issue seems to have vanished since I've flashed the current beta ROM, but I am not certain it would address your primary fault.
  3. Also, I can pretty consistently get it to happen after using the camera button while the phone is locked.
  4. I'm not getting it as often as some, but I'm being prompted once every two days or so, using Lawnchair v2. I'm also using gestured-based navigation, if it matters.
  5. I wrote a quick and dirty guide on re-flashing the stock ROM for macOS and Linux. It got a little buried in another thread so I thought I'd post it here for posterity. flashing_pro1-x.pdf
  6. I made a quick and dirty guide for Linux & macOS. If something is egregiously wrong, please let me know. It includes instructions on backing up and restore persist as well as all user data. Many commands lifted from @mosen 's posts and from the Windows guide. flashing_pro1-x.pdf
  7. I've made this error every single time I re-flash the phone. Normally I realize it just as soon as I'm happy with my config. Wiping userdata will fix it and you can start all over.
  8. That's fair. You can get generic build instructions from the EDL GitHub page, then simply enter the equivalent commands into the terminal. I've had success in both macOS and Arch using this method.
  9. Why not just use EDL in Linux? The same commands work well.
  10. @mosen Oddly, this did fix the sensors, but not attestation. I feel quite certain it was working when I backed up the image, but unfortunately I dont have time to try re-flashing again this afternoon.
  11. I've used the same instructions half a dozen times without issue. Perhaps it's an issue with the downloaded files?
  12. @liquidvxCould you give the terminal output of the flash script? On macOS I couldn't even get the script to run but I ran the fastboot commands within it without a hitch.
  13. I have a QWERTY Pro-1x and the keyboard works flawlessly. I would try a full re-flash of the stock firmware, since it seems so unlikely that you received two broken devices.
  14. @claude0001 I have a Pro-1x. The future of Linux on this phone is looking exciting.
  15. I didn't spend a ton of time in Droidian, as I'm actaully quite enjoying using the Android ROM as a daily driver so far, but I did flash it and give it a go. I like that it has a real version of Firefox in which I can install & use extensions. The maps app isn't the worst map app I've ever used. There's a native Telegram app that actually works and may be usable in landscape mode with just a little tiny bit of UI tweaking. Location services worked great. Did not seem to suck down much more battery than the stock ROM. The actual Gnome interface is pretty bad in landscape mode, which is
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