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Pro1x dies at any battery percentage

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I finally got my Pro1x and was loving it, even though the wifi and cellular signal is struggling.  I was totally on board to push through the issues, but then the phone unexpectedly turned into a paperweight.  I put it on the supplied charger and it started a cycle of booting to the splash screen, dying, booting to the splash screen, dying...    There was no way to interrupt the cycle because the phone powers on as soon as it's plugged in.   I left it for a while, it charged, and was usable again.  

I'm assuming the software isn't accurately reading the actual battery percentage because it shows 100% for a very long time, even with use.   I've watched it die while showing  34% and it has died shortly after I saw everything from 21% - 100%.   The phone stays off, no lights, no response, until it's plugged in.  Then it will boot and show 1 or 2% charged. 

Has anyone else had similar trouble or have any ideas?  This is with Android 11 (even though I ordered LineageOS...but I was happy it came).

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I was experiencing the 100% battery issue, but never had any sudden power-offs, and I'm using the phone nearly all day at this point. The full-for-too-long issue seems to have vanished since I've flashed the current beta ROM, but I am not certain it would address your primary fault.

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