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  1. @bryan could your random shutoffs be related to this? Not actually a dead battery, but a problem returning from sleep? Doze? I don't quite understand it but it's something to try.
  2. @EskeRahnwhich app is KeyEvent, exactly? There are a few in the play store that are named like that: "KeyEvent Display" (aws.apps.keyeventdisplay) "Key Event" (com.key_event.mobile) "keyEvents" (com.keybps.keyevents) A direct link would be great. Thanks!
  3. Appreciate the info on speaker issues. I don't think our sound output issue is the same issue: It only happens on calls, and the sound output cuts out completely when we're speaking. Also it happens with a wired headset as well. So my guess is that it has more to do with call audio processing than with the hardware or low-level audio drivers. Is anyone having problems with the internal microphone like I described? Thanks!
  4. We're experiencing this too! For what it's worth, Firefox is not affected. Does anyone know why this happens? We don't particularly want to disable the fingerprint sensor.
  5. Oh well. Hopefully staff will be less busy at some point in the future! 🙂
  6. Two Pro1-X issues, possibly related. First, the built-in microphone gain is extremely low. it makes my spouse completely inaudible during calls and only barely audible using a sound recording app. When we attach a wired headset, the microphone gain is fine. Second, and this one is really weird, when we're making a call using the build-in mic and earpiece, we can hear the other party just fine _until_ we try to say anything, at which point the incoming sound cuts out completely for anywhere from a fraction of a second to multiple seconds. I assume this is some kind of feedback avoidan
  7. @EskeRahn @KingOfTerrible thanks for the info! They ended up switching to T-Mobile because it was the fastest way to get things working. @EskeRahn do you have permission to create a forum specific to the Pro1-X? It might make it a bit easier if Pro1-X owners could filter out non-X posts.
  8. Thanks! I think my spouse is going to switch to T-Mobile so we'll see how that goes. (We're in a rural area so coverage could be an issue.)
  9. Interesting, Consumer Cellular's IMEI checker say it should be compatible, so we're going to call them. Also T-Mobile's IMEI checker says it's compatible, so that's good to know.
  10. SMS works, mobile data works, but we can't make or receive calls. The error is "Server unreachable". We're on Consumer Cellular, a US AT&T MVNO that doesn't restrict devices past what AT&T does. AT&T doesn't have the Pro1 X on its support list. VoLTE is switched on in settings. We copied the APN info from my phone (which works for calls/sms/data on the same carrier) because the Pro1 X didn't provision automatically. So, has anyone gotten this phone to make calls on AT&T or any AT&T MVNO? Or any US carrier?
  11. Thank you! This worked for my spouse just now.
  12. @Hook We do get the wizard on first boot. First it prompts to connect to WiFi, which we do. Then it says something like "collecting info" with a big spinner, and eventually instead of the google login prompt ("enter your email") it says something like "there was a problem communicating with google's servers" with an option to "try a different network" or "skip for now". If we choose "skip for now" we get to the home screen and can mess around with chrome. After that, trying to add a google account through settings > accounts, log into play store, log into gmail, etc. all show the same
  13. Hi all, my spouse received their Pro1X today (stock ROM). The build quality seems excellent, and they're super pumped about the keyboard and excited to make it their primary device. However, they immediately ran into an issue: they can't log into their Google account, either during first-boot or afterwards. Wi-Fi connects and we can load web sites in Chrome, but the Google login flow gives them the old "there was a problem communicating with google's servers" error. We tried a few different ways of adding the account, did a factory reset, and even Google's "DisplayUnlockCaptcha" tool. Any
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