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Infinite (?) boot loop

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On 2/10/2023 at 9:43 AM, Hook said:

Is this what you already tried? 


Ugh, my mistake.  Sorry.  I lost track of the fact that you were dealing with the original Pro1, not the Pro1x.  They are not the same.  That's why its handy to have your model listed under your avatar (see thread pinned to top of forum).

So sorry for my senior moment... 😞

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Soo. Thanks to a forum member (MANY thanks..) I know what's up - it's a faulty display board. As soon as one connects it to the phone, it reboots itself indefinitely. Luckily I have two spares so we'll have it replaced (he's very short on time and I've waited for ages, soo.. what the hell) and all *should* be fine.

Not exactly happy about FxTec's support though; they just stopped talking to me at all. I know I'm no longer covered by warranty but I am pretty sure they should've asked me to send the device back to them and find the source of trouble themselves.

But heck. I sincerely hope there won't be much more problems after this 😄

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