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New EU regulation for smartphones requires 5 years of updates and 7 years of spare parts deliveries

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It would be nice if there was a small business exception, requiring perhaps clear, up-front prominently displayed information that they are taking the exception and what the customer CAN expect at both product page and in cart before purchasing.  Could define small business in  language that would largely prevent large corporations from using it as a loop-hole.  You are right.  If it is all or nothing, will kill some innovation.

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I'm all for this.

Though there will be unintended consequences, I think there really did need to be a firm hand protecting consumers from fly-by-night operations dumping hardware and software without looking back.

5 years is maybe a bit much though. I think 3 is ok.

Especially for software, it's a crucial thing to keep up to date with regards to apps and security.

Hardware is more of a concern, but it's also understandable and a bummer when you're waiting a long time to fix a broken phone, or need to replace it very early in its life due to lack of available parts.

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