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Pros and Cons of Ordering a Spare Battery?

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I have a Planet Computer Gemini and Cosmo that are languishing in a desk drawer due to the unavailability of third-party replacement batteries.

Though I bought my Pro1x from expansys.hk, I see that fxtec is selling spare batteries on IGG.

What are the opinions of forum veterans about spares? It seems that a spare could lose its potency if stored until the present battery warrants replacing. So buying a fresher battery later might be key. OTH, there may not be spares in the future. On the third hand, expansys.hk (and perhaps aliexpress) may stock them since expansys.hkk at least seems to have the Pro1x for constant sale. And if fxtec does solve its phone bugs and distribution issues, they could have an upward tick in sales as well. More phones, more need for replacement batteries.

The IGG battery price is not prohibitive (though I haven't looked at the s/h) but I was wondering what others thought.   

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I've ordered one some time ago (still waiting for it, though, as accessories are said to be delivered only after all the device pre-orders have been fulfilled) – because Fxtec seems to be the only source for the battery. No-one so far could find that specific type of battery anywhere else. Maybe it's even a custom shape that's not used in any other device. And even if the spare battery might deteriorate a little bit while being stored, a slightly deteriorated battery is still better than no working battery 😉 

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Thanks for the heads-up about devices first, accessories second. And it would make sense that fxtec's batteries are the only game in town. Did you at least get a receipt/response from fxtec that your order had been successfully placed?

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