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  1. I'm band stable, too, in Washington DC area, USA, T-Mobile. LTE doesn't appear to drop but other end can't hear me on phone and calls take significant time to place.
  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I had high hopes. Will post my news about the original case you cited as soon as it arrives from overseas.
  3. Haven't yet moved to Lineage, still waiting for a beta/OTA that will turn the Pro1x into a phone, and if Lineage can follow suit... Re: reverse portrait. I've found, but not tried, apps that will force the reverse, but nothing so far that will auto rotate it. For now, case-wise, I'm using a Huawei 20 clear case, using @EskeRahn's fine instructions for hole-making. Even so, my case looks like Chucky went at it with a razor blade. Glad you've mastered rotate on the Kindle, at least.
  4. I wonder if a s shoe cobbler, someone versed in leather cutting, could do the job. Dying art, though, given our throw-away world.
  5. @sequestris Can you get reverse portrait in auto-rotate?
  6. Apropos of custom cases, but not for the fxtex, this arrived today. Through a comedy of mailing errors, a fellow user on a handheld site received two and bequeathed one to me. It's custom-made for the HP 200LX. It must've cost a pretty penny. Wonder what price Aldona would charge for something custom for the phones here.
  7. Very much appreciate the follow-up pics. You've made your work very clear. You should be selling on Amazon yourself.
  8. >> So the button are protected when the flap is closed. << Okay, I understand now. You could do it vice-versa, less holes to cut, but exposed button. Got it.
  9. @EskeRahn -- your custom flip cases seem to be designed so the kb extends to the right of of the case, allowing the credit card side of the case to lie behind the phone. That makes the best sense, but how do you address the need for reverse portrait (otherwise, when you open the case, the portrait screen is upside down)? Or are you working with an OS that allows auto-rotate to reverse portrait? Or do I have my geography completely wrong? 🙂
  10. I'm trying to envision the geography of these cases that open left-to-right. It seems that most controls are on the right side of the phone, so that would circumvent a lot of cutting. Hole for the camera would obviously need addressing. The potential rub: if the phone is physically attached to the case, the kb opens on the left, meaning the case's credit card side could get in the way of typing, unless the credit card side folded under everything somehow. Or perhaps you don't physically attach the case (though the manufacturer in this thread suggests that you do). Or perhaps there's
  11. 🙂 Your page has already been indispensable in guiding me through the choice and hole-making of Huawei clear case. Thank you for the time and all your experimenting. I just went ahead and ordered the one cited in this thread, just to see. Beside, seller was giving 33 cents off original price. I can't resist a sale.
  12. Intriguing, but its demo is a simple slab phone (iphone?) How would its physical setup work for a slider?
  13. Should've examined all of FinQwerty's features more closely. fn-arrow does give PageUp/Down. But not everywhere. On Feeds RSS, for example, the arrows don't work for scrolling. Is there a hack or an app that would give the pkb actual PageDown/PageUp capability everywhere?
  14. Until something better comes along, I've been looking at app shortcuts in the notification area. The best one I've found so far: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.j4velin.notificationToggle NT is the only one (so far) that allows a transparent icon on the status bar. It will also let you place a significant number of icons (I'm using 9) in a one row, further reducing clutter.
  15. Ah. Thank you for the quick explanation. Haven't yet girded my loins to flash, but good to know that the issue is resolved elsewhere.
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