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  1. @rlpowell Hi, where are you located? I have similar troubles in Maryland, USA, TMo.
  2. Yes, I have sufficient bars--at times, more than @Hook so that doesn't seem to be the issue. There has been discussion that an inconsistent band lock (bands jumping from 4 to 12 or whatever) may be the culprit, but I don't believe anything is definitive. And I also don't believe that the OS choice has anything to do with telephony. Further complicating a found solution is that GSM is still available for TMo users (though next April, it's discontinued), so successful calls may hinge on a GSM default. Hook and I played with many scenarios, and other than his continued calling success, and m
  3. Depends on asking me or @Hook :) He's close by me in the US/Tmo, and makes successful calls. I can not on TMo. Unfortunately, I think my results are the majority's results.
  4. @doubleddav Many thanks for your thorough, if not bleak, overview of the beta progress. I don't know how that Discord user is generating these better results. The user is in US/Massachusetts, using TMo. Could you post your country/carrier, and would you say that the beta produces no change in your own 1x calling/.data issues?
  5. A user over on Discord says things are much improved with beta image 2.1.6/TMobile connection: "it's crazy having phone calls work" Can anybody else verify this positive news? Edit: incorrect version number.
  6. @claude0001 I think we all agree that the Pro1x--as a working phone--is a colossal disappointment, at least in the US. @Hook is the one of the few that can make actual calls (and I believe there's a California user on Discord who can still call on AT&T, despite AT&T's threat to cut her off). @brunoais re: data drops. I get them all the time in the US state of Maryland. I just sit tight and it soon comes back. It's God's way of telling me I'm spending too much time on-line.
  7. @Hook @brunoais I absolutely agree with your approach, but feel guilty doing so--I bought from expansys.hk, received the phone after only modest hassle. and already knew it wouldn't work as a phone. So I was spared the heartache of a original backer. Aside from my angst, the Pro1x can truly be a stand-alone HPC. Before, I traveled with a GPD MPC, an admirable device, but the Pro1x is even more portable, especially with its--albeit buggy--mobile data. In light of its sales on expansys.hk, a Planet Computer Astro backer (phone unreceived as of yet) informed me that PC sold a multitude
  8. Good news, then. As long as the screen finds a good repair. On the US East Coast, I can't produce your calling success. Though @Hook can.
  9. @lycancatt I'm sorry to hear of your screen travails and hope your repair person can fix things. On a brighter note, it would appear that you're successfully making/receiving phone calls in the US. Would that be correct, do you have proper connectivity?
  10. @Hook And thank you too for weighing in. The "fastboot oem enable-charger-screen" apparently is default in the Pro1x since I did not use that command and was still able to conjure the charging screen with its filling battery icon and percentage.
  11. @Name_not_avail What an incredibly helpful post. I can't thank you enough for the time you took to put it together. I already had adb set up on a Linux machine, so I was able to skip the Windows-specific steps, but your subsequent commands indeed allow the Pro1x to charge off-line. Upon a USB-C connection, the red light now comes on briefly, the machine does not boot, instead producing only a filling battery icon and percentage. I would hope to see your answer stickied someplace as it is clear and thorough. Again, many, many thanks. Fingers crossed that LOS will soon produce the
  12. @Name_not_avail --okay, I respect the urgency. If the stock is set to "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0" then what is the counter command? And is this done through adb? I have not yet examined the phone through adb commands so any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.
  13. Wait, which issue are we talking about now? (So many to choose from). Are we talking about fingerprinter refreshing a given screen? Or are we talking about over-sensitive inadvertent touches minimizing windows or starting other apps? My "Odd..." comment was in reference to the latter, though I think you're referring to the former, and FWIW, I can replicate dialog bubbles on both TC and TM.
  14. With Pro1 remaining off? Good news, I guess.
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