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[Solved] Two Pro1X, one has Google Play Protect certification, one not?

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This is weird, I have a QWERTZ Pro1X that has Google Play Protect certification ("device is certified"), and an otherwise identical QWERTY Pro1 ("device is not certified") (Play Store -> menu -> Settings -> About), both unrooted stock Android 11. Just noticed because I didn't find Netflix on the QWERTY one. 

Any ideas about how to get the "certified" status? What do your devices say there?

For now, Netflix seems to be the only app I have problems with and they can be easily overcome, but who knows...

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I was wrong with Netflix being the only app affected; Google Pay's doesn't work either, it  doesn't accept any payment method "on this device". Same problem that needs special treatment on rooted LineageOS, but this is the first time I've seen it on unrooted stock, and that "special treatment" also requires root which I don't have...

@jakfish, does your Play Store also say "device not certified"?

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No. And for test purposes, I just installed Google Pay (which I don't normally use) w/o complaint.

My Store error for netflix is "This app won't work on your device"

If so, I don't know why Prime installs w/o problem.

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Thanks everyone!

Found it. Unlocked bootloader. Should have checked (and re-locked) before spending the better half of Sunday to set the phone up 😉 

With the perspective of moving to LineageOS sooner or later, I guess I'll just leave it unlocked for now...

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  • Rob. S. changed the title to [Solved] Two Pro1X, one has Google Play Protect certification, one not?

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