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Newest Android for Pro1X?

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After happily running my Pro1 since January 2020, I scored a new-open-box Pro1X on eBay.  Of course it has default Android 11.  What is the newest Android version for the Pro1X, and how do I install it?

The reason I got the new phone was the original battery swelled in my Pro1, damaging the charging port and dislodging the keyboard.  I ordered a new battery from F(x)tec, got it in about a week, and took the phone to UBREAKIFIX where they did an excellent job repairing it.  Even though it works just fine, I figured it's time to semi-retire it.

While the Pro1 was in for repair, I swapped the SIM to an old Verizon iPhone 7 I had lying around, and then into the new Pro1X after getting it mostly set up and running it on wifi for about a week.  It popped right up on Verizon, and I got an email from them saying my SIM was in a different phone, was t hat my intention.  I confirmed the swap, and they sent another email saying they couldn't identify my phone make and model and I should call them.  I didn't and it's still running just fine on Verizon.

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