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  1. If Verizon is changing how they send and receive sms they must be doing it in stages, and my area isn't affected yet. I just sent my work phone a test message and it worked, same as usual. I've had zero problems ever since activating my Pro 1 for the second time, after the adoptable storage sd card failure back in February. My phone is still on rooted 20200106 since I had modified the system partition and it won't accept a newer OTA until I flash it back to box-stock and start over. Not super motivated to do that since it's working just fine and I haven't experienced any of the problem
  2. I just tried installing it and got FAIL Reason 20. I followed the procedure in the Magisk thread. I have modified /system so that's probably it. Since it wasn't a full image I figured it was worth a try. I'm not sure yet whether I want to flash back to box-stock, apply all the OTA's, and then re-root, or just wait for Lineage to mature with a decent recovery.
  3. Here's the information, I did not install the 20200304 update nor did it ever appear as available on my phone that I noticed. ETA: I'm rooted with Magisk.
  4. My phone just popped up an OTA notification for a new version, QX1000_EEA_20200306124530_20200306-1247. Has anyone installed it already? Thanks.
  5. No problems with K-9 here. I'm running rooted stock and restored K-9 with its settings from a Titanium backup taken from my old Samsung phone.
  6. It registers in the switch as a Pro 1, or more precisely a QX1000, according to the Verizon Level 2 support engineer we looped in as part of the troubleshooting process. My Verizon account now shows it as my old Samsung again, which is fine with me as long as it works.
  7. My phone tried to brick itself when the SD card I set up as adoptable storage failed. I ended up having to flash back to stock, reapply the OTAs, and re-root as well. I had to take it back to Verizon along with my old Samsung so they could deactivate and reactivate my SIM. Until they did that, the Pro 1 would get stuck trying to register in the switch. That was per the Verizon tech watching what was going on from their end. Steps were: 1) put SIM back in Samsung and establish everything works; 2) deactivate and reactivate SIM, establish everything works; 3) put SIM back in Pro 1 and verif
  8. Has anyone tried this stuff? https://www.pure-gear.com/screen-protectors/liquid-glass-screen-protector I bought it but haven't had a chance to apply it yet.
  9. I'm using one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Huawei-P20-Pro-Snakehive-Handmade/dp/B07DFM6HX9/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=snakehive%2Bhuawei%2Bp20%2Bpro&qid=1580840514&sr=8-1&th=1 A little work with a hole punch and an X-acto knife on the TPU part made it a perfect fit. Not necessary to cut the leather at all. I did have to shoehorn it on with a non-marking spudger.
  10. I'm on Verizon and call quality has been great despite some mild hearing impairment from too much loud noise exposure over the decades. I only use network, the Farcebook account I have is an unpublished one for investigations that I use from a dedicated virtual machine.
  11. The Verizon tech did everything. I handed her my phones and she took care of it right there at the counter in front of me. I think provisioning a new SIM in an established phone originally purchased from Verizon, then moving it to the Pro 1, made a difference. The only adjustments made after the SIM was moved was to the network configuration in Settings. I asked if *#*#4636#*#* was necessary on the Pro 1 and she said no. She said she would submit a DMD request form for the Pro 1, it's an initial step for Verizon to approve the device.
  12. Forgot to add, the Verizon tech who got my Pro 1 working was extremely impressed by it and said she's going to order one herself.
  13. I live out in the country in an area with a lot of hills. The Pro 1 has held a solid signal no matter where I've taken it. I even get a ghost of a signal in "farmer Faraday cages," AKA windowless metal pole buildings. Voice call quality is excellent, and using speedtest.net I'm getting 30-40 Mb down/10 Mb up consistently. In rural areas around here Verizon has repeaters set up every two or three miles that my S5 could never use. The Pro 1 finds them all. Now all I need is a stable Lineage build...
  14. The SIM was brand-new, punched out of its carrier card and installed by a Verizon tech right in front of me. They wrote up the transaction as a SIM replacement, not a new activation, so all I paid for was the SIM itself. The activation and VoLTE configuration was all done on the S5. Its previous SIM was too old to support VoLTE so that option didn't even appear in the settings until the new SIM was active. Once the S5 passed calling, sms, and mms inbound and outbound, she removed the SIM and put it in the Pro 1. Her network configuration is in the screen cap below. And the Pro 1 just
  15. I took my previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5, and my Pro 1 in to the local Verizon contract store. The S5 had the oldest SIM card they'd ever seen, and they figured it had just been moved from my Milestone to my Droid 4 and then to the Samsung but never replaced. They popped a new SIM into the S5, activated it and enabled VoLTE. Verified calling, sms, and mms worked. They then swapped the SIM into the Pro 1, set the network type to Global, and it immediately registered on the network. A little more tweaking from their end, and calls, sms, mms, hotspot, and everything were working per
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