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  1. @claude0001 Once you switch to official Lineage OS release you can then upgrade using "dirty flash" without losing data. So you don't need to configure and set up everything again. Of course if you have done serious modifications with root etc. then dirty flash might not be possible. Also, LOS 18.1 includes SeedVault backup option which is an alternative to Google solution. LineageOS adopts SeedVault as its open source backup solution https://calyxinstitute.org/projects/seedvault-encrypted-backup-for-android
  2. You need to change ALPHA => FULL. Then you are able to make changes. Of course you will lose some features (like long press menu). This should do the trick. adb push Builtin_Keyboard_MODIFIED.kcm /sdcard/Download/ adb shell su mount -o remount,rw /vendor cp /vendor/usr/keychars/Builtin_Keyboard.kcm /sdcard/Download/Builtin_Keyboard_ORIGINAL.kcm cp /sdcard/Download/Builtin_Keyboard_MODIFIED.kcm /vendor/usr/keychars/Builtin_Keyboard.kcm chmod 644 /vendor/usr/keychars/Builtin_Keyboard.kcm reboot Edit: Example https://pastebin.com/795Puukx
  3. Yeah, that is a pity. I have been talking about this earlier. Currently I cannot write @ symbol with QWERTZ using Finnish layout. It is possible to modify KCM file with root but it is a quite hassle. Anyway I upgraded from official LOS 17.1 to 18.1 without issues (dirty flash). Just downloaded the files to my se card and flashed them vie LOS recovery. No need for PC and ADB access. Recovery will be updated automatically when you flash LOS 18.1. Place the files to sd card Reboot to LOS recovery Click Apply Update, then Apply from sd card and select LOS zip Wait unti
  4. Fxtec has confirmed that you can use external display with Pro1-X on Ubuntu Touch even so that the chip has changed.
  5. Are you looking for this? It is available at IGG with secret Perk!
  6. You have probably enabled "Power button ends call" feature from Accessibility settings. Disabling that feature should allow you to answer calls. However, I don't know what causes black screen.
  7. Thanks! I am always mixing GB vs Gb thing since in Finnish we have: - gigabyte = gigatavu (Gt) - gigabit = gigabitti (Gb)
  8. That does not affect to Snapdragon 835 directly since I don't believe that Qualcomm has manufactured these chips for a while. However, the situation might that the supplier sold rest of its SD835 chips to someone else if they were willing to pay more than F(x)tec. Maybe the price went up for old CPUs because there is global shortage for new chips. F(x)tec had already paid the chips before hand (maybe lower price).
  9. It is possible to upgrade the storage and RAM chip but you would need special tools for it. I have seen people doing it with Nexus devices. Also, RAM and CPU are usually tied together (soldered on top of each other) which makes it even harder process. Nexus 5 Hardware Modded to 64GB Internal Storage By Replacing eMMC Nexus 5X Hardware Modded to Upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB I checked what chips were used with the QX1000 test device for FCC. QX1000 Smartphone Teardown Internal Photos internal Photox FX Technology It had probably 4GB RAM and 64GB storage even so that Sams
  10. The situation is basically the same than previously. Pro1 price was about 700$ and you were able to buy SD730G devices about +300$ (like Mi 10 Note). You always have to pay some extra for the integrated keyboard. I am willing to pay that extra. Also, keep in mind that many sites have reviewed Poco M3 4/64Gb. If 6/128Gb unit was reviewed the performance was little bit better (also UFS 2.1 compared to UFS 2.0). 4Gb is quite little now days but 6Gb is OK and 8Gb good for everything.
  11. I think that you are doing just fine with SD662 for those tasks if you are not expecting most snappiest experience. I have checked few Poco M3 reviews (SD662, FullHD+ screen, 4/64Gb or 6/128Gb) and the performance is sufficient for everyday tasks. - https://www.notebookcheck.net/Xiaomi-Poco-M3-Smartphone-Review-The-150-Euro-smartphone.515467.0.html - https://www.androidauthority.com/poco-m3-review-1198097/
  12. Even so that Qualcomm would not support SD835 anymore it does not mean that SD835 is totally outdated. SD835 uses Linux kernel 4.4 which has long-term support to February 2022. Android users rejoice! Linux kernel LTS releases are now good for 6 years https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html
  13. SD662 (Q1 2020) is almost the same chip than SD665 (Q2 2019). I think that both chips will be supported to same date. Same goes for SD732G (2020 Q3) and SD730G (2019 Q2). So, I don't think that there is difference between SD730G vs SD662 in the life cycle. And there is also SD720G (2020 Q1) which is as old as SD662. I think that it is all about the cost. Personally I would ditch 48MP camera sensor if that could save some money for SD700 series. But if the SD662 is the only choice then I take it.
  14. 720G is not a 5G chip. If F(x)tec would use SD720G, SD730G or SD732G they would not need to redesign antennas. However, I don't know if it would be as easy swap as SD662.
  15. @brunoaisWhere did you get that information about SD720G and 9 months timeline?
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