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  1. It is now on eBay but feel free to contact me for direct sell. The price is negotiable. Edit: sold
  2. I was so close 😅! My content count was 458. But I think that it is good feature for all. No matter what the content count is. Now we just need to figure out how new members know add details 😅
  3. Still cannot see "member title". I activated desktop mode on browser but I can see only about me and birthday fields.
  4. I may be dumb but I cannot find "member title" field. I have only birthday and about me fields. Am I missing something?
  5. I think that you should be able to make automation to change keyboard app in portrait and landscape position. So then you can use Swiftkey for landscape and other keyboard for portrait if you prefer so. See my previous posts below: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2557-key-mapper-foss-app-to-bind-keys-buttons-to-other-keys-or-actions/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-45552
  6. Updated to latest version also. I can confirm that the SIM card lock screen bypass vulnerability is now fixed. (But my Zenfone 9 is still vulnerable with stock firmware)
  7. According to user reports, Lineage OS is affected of the bug below. However, vulnerability should be patched in the November security update. - https://9to5google.com/2022/11/10/pixel-lockscreen-unlock-bug/
  8. Just installed LOS 19.1 to my Pro1 also. Everything is good so far.
  9. I was using Pro1 as a daily driver for over a year but since COVID-19 changed everything (and official support for Pro1 ended) I switched to a Asus Zenfone 8 (and later on to 9). Since I was working from home there was not so much need for handheld keyboard phone anymore. I was able to use laptop almost every time I needed. Now situation has settled back to normal so I am planning to start using Pro1 (or Pro1-X) as a daily driver once again. I haven't decided which phone I will grap when I receive Pro1-X. Pro1 offers more performance which is great since I am gaming a little bit. However,
  10. I was actually not aware that Pro1-X has only 1 year warranty. I am so used to 2 year warranty here in Finland. Even iPhones have 2 years "fault liability" by law despite that Apple only provides 1 year. Regarding Lineage OS I am pretty confident that Pro1-X will have official status later on. It can take some time and Pro1 did not have official status right away. It came little bit later after first builds.
  11. You are so close to the warranty period that I would still ask for repair. Maybe they will do with for goodwill. And if you preordered the phone I think that it is reasonable to calculate warranty period from the receiving date and not order date.
  12. You can use Keyboard/Button Mapper to launch any camera app via long press. However you will lose ability to take pictures (or at least it was like that with Pro1).
  13. F(x)tec is providing 2 years warranty and software updates "as long as they can". My warranty claim was processed without issues but in some cases there has been some delays. I think that most of them was caused by COVID-19 so maybe situation is better now regarding repairs. Great thing is also that you are able to purchase spare parts if needed. Unfortunately, software support for Pro1 has already ended because there was some issues with the partner that F(x)tec used. Let's hope that situation will be better with Pro1-X. Never the less, F(x)tec is supporting custom ROM development so the
  14. Pro1 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is not compatible with USB PD. Support for USB PD came with QC 4.0. Snapdragon 835 can support QC 4.0 but for Pro1 only QC 3.0 was activated. Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4.0 For that reason Pro1 cannot utilize the full potential of your USB PD 65W charger. Here are the specs of your charger ports: - Type C1/Type C2 Output: 5 V/9 V/12 V/15 V/ 3A; 20 V/ 3.25 A - USB1 output: 5 V / 1.0 A - USB2 output: 5 V/9 V/12 V/20 V, 3 A Theoretically QC 3.0 can support 12V/3A=36W mode but I am not sure if P
  15. There has been delays for sure but so far F(x)tec has not shown any sign that they wouldn't deliver in the end. Original Pro1 orders were delayed but most got their phones (and if you ordered later on then order was changed to Pro1-X). Of course there can be financial obstacles but I think that F(x)tec is doing everything that they are able to deliver phones. IGG backers took the risk but pre-orders are more secured.
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