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  1. Some of my friends are not so familiar with flashing via fastboot mode so they just have to wait. I was hoping that the fix could arrive within few weeks. I believe that there isn't much that F(x)tec can do if the sertification is pending on Google's end.
  2. What is the current situation with the update that is supposed to fix SafetyNet? Is the certification process still going on?
  3. Astro Slide 5G can run full Linux like other Planet Computer devices. It has dual boot functionality. However, I would still choose "Pro2" because of the form factor. But If "Pro²" will never happen then I can consider Astro Slide 5G.
  4. I am not sure If I am going to replace my screen right away. Currently, everything is working normally and the crack is only a visual issue (for now). I can live with it. However, since the screen is damaged it can break to non-functional more easily anytime. So I need a spare part for backup. I will take pictures of the components when I am going to change the screen. I just don't know when that will happen.
  5. Oh dear, I just broke the screen of my Pro¹. I was sitting on the floor and the phone slipped from my pocket. It was only 10 cm drop! Everything still works but there is one crack across the glass. I just ordered replacement screen but I will also need those stickers. @Serolfic can you order some stickers for me?
  6. Yes it is. However, fixed version of that was started again for those who did not update the OTA earlier.
  7. Is there an older build available that I could flash to my phone and then update to latest OTA? I don't mean the factory image (2019). Just a build before this SafetyNet issue.
  8. I got my 4th reboot yesterday. I have had my phone for one and half month now. It is a rare issue for me and it is only happening when I am travelling. I can't reproduce it near my home. I am pretty sure that it is the same issue which was reported on Sony devices. Any plans to implement the fix soon? Is this bug also in Lineage OS rom?
  9. This issue is fixed in the latest OTA-update. There is also a work around available: - https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.punksta.apps.volumecontrol/ Please, use the search function next time since this is third thread to same issue. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15uE12Yv5nMvIF42U33cY5FQoF6M66QIn00cC876uf7Y/htmlview#gid=0
  10. New review from Pocket-lint (updated 3 March 2020) https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/reviews/147291-fxtec-pro1-review-details
  11. Maybe you should try Lineage OS since community has done great progress with the software. Audio issues are fixed in the latest test10 build and official Lineage OS build should be just around the corner. F(x)tec can also use the fixes provided by community (like keyboard driver) in official firmware. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2509-lineageos-current-status-160-test-builds/
  12. I just tried PUBG first Time and won. There must be some magic on Pro1.
  13. There is a screenshot of the update window which shows the size of the OTA update. I added the picture to my previous message. If you can't see it anymore after clearing cache and reboot then maybe F(x)tec took it off?
  14. EDIT2: It looks like that I mixed decimal and binary, see @david post. I checked from Twitter that manually downloaded OTA update has different size than normal OTA update. The OTA zip file is 73,14 MB but if you downloaded it normally it is 69,8 MB. Also, manually downloaded OTA zip file is named as "update-20200304204235-20200106110451.zip" compared to the "QX1000_EEA_20200304204235_20200304-2044" what is shown in system updates settings. So, is there some differences? https://twitter.com/JH174941/status/1235746109735063554 EDIT:
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