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  1. @claude0001already pointed out the difference between pixel binning and interpolation. Pixel binning is actually great feature on smartphones since it can resolve some issues that are caused by the limited size of camera module and optics. Interpolation on the other hand can be considered as a fake marketing number since it creates information out of nothing. Some sketchy Chinese brands used to that a lot in the past. Pixel binning combines already collected information so it is real thing. OnePlus 8T uses the same IMX 586 sensor for the main camera. By default it takes 12MP shots since d
  2. I had some crashes with the camera app on Pro1 if 1080p 120 FPS video was selected. Did you enable that setting? Also, if you launch Snapdragon Camera app via hardware camera button you will not see preview of previous pics. It will show preview icon if you launch camera via app drawer. That might explain why you see it sometimes.
  3. Weird issue indeed. I have not faced anything like that with my Pro1. Maybe you could try to reflash stock firmware via fastboot? I have no other ideas but sometimes reflashing can fix weird software issue.
  4. Have you asked replacement board from F(x)tec? I was able to buy a spare part the fix the issue. Also, you could just to reinsert the usb board cable since it might be loose. However, I would not feel comfortable to teardown the phone if spare parts are not available. One option is to resolder only the usb connector but it can be very hard task. In addition to that, I have seen some people to "bypass" usb connector with wireless charging receiver on other phones. It could be easier soldering task and you could at least charge the phone even so that usb connector itself is not working. (As
  5. It is quite complicated system indeed. My initial idea was to use german layout and make only couple changes so that letters would mostly match prints. Instead, I need to select finnish and make several changes under the hood to achieve that (via custom keymap)? Mission can be completed but it is longer route. If I only select finnish, the layout is mostly good. I just keep forgetting where the special characters are since they do not match prints anymore. That is what I want to fix. Actually, I am pretty happy by swapping only Z <-> Y since Å is not that important for me.
  6. Nice start, I managed to swap Y and Z letters. However, I don't understand where the codes come from? I know the decimal hex thing but where I can find the correct code for Å letter? It is not listed in the source page. I found some info from here: - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes According to the link above, decimal for Ü is 26. So the hex value is 001a. That matches for the key 28 from stock QWERTZ file. But how I know the correct hex value for Å? 28:001a:101b is Ü and ü Unicode hex value for Ü is U+00DC so it is not the same. I am little bit lost now. I
  7. So, it is possible to make custom keymaps since LOS 18.1 without root? I am planning to make minor modification to stock QWERTZ german layout in order to use it as scandic. - Y <-> Z - Ü -> Å All I need to do is to place my custom keymap to /data/system/keyboard/keymap and then active custom keymap via settings? Is there stock keymap available somewhere in correct format so it would ne easy to make modifications? I am planning to go as close to printed labels as possible.
  8. That is something I was thinking about. China uses mostly different LTE technology (TDD) and FDD B3 band is not that so common there. I don't know if that affects somehow. Maybe devs in China cannot reproduce the issues? One idea is that TDD does not use freq below 1880Mhz in China. B3 (EU) and B4 bands (US) uses 1700-1800Mhz for uplink (as GSM 1800Mhz also). Maybe we can narrow down the issue to 1700-1800 freqs? I am still just guessing... - https://www.phonearena.com/news/Cheat-sheet-which-4G-LTE-bands-do-AT-T-Verizon-T-Mobile-and-Sprint-use-in-the-USA_id77933 There a
  9. BTW, interesting that you mentioned Xiaomi since several people have reported exactly same issues on their Xiaomi devices in my country. Some user sent their phones to the warranty service but no luck even after changing the board. Temporary fix was to reboot device or use air plane mode for a while. But now people are reporting that leaving 5G out of preferred network type selection have fixed the issue for good. (If I have understand correctly 5G NSA uses LTE for sending data) Probably this has nothing to do with Pro1-X but might be still good to leave 5G out of preferred network type s
  10. Yeah, I was too general with my statement. Some countries have shut down 3G in EU but in many countries it is still available. In Finland, 3G is available to the end this year since operators started to shut down 3G just recently. Your situation highlights my theory, since you do not have 3G and maybe LTE band 3 (1800Mhz) is used in your area? So you could have same situation than in the US. I might be wrong though...
  11. I have been reading all reports in this thread and issues seems to be mostly related to LTE network. However, there are also reports that some users cannot make calls in GSM network either (or especially receive calls). If LTE is disabled and 3G is available then there are no issues reported. @Rasvahas reported that Pro1-X has issues with LTE band 3 which is 1800Mhz. 1800Mhz is also very common in a GSM network. There are lot of issues reported from US. 1800Mhz is not used there but band 2 1900Mhz and band 4 1700Mhz are very common in US. Also, 1900Mhz GSM is used in North America. W
  12. We are all waiting fixes for possible issues but it does not mean that developing other things has to be stopped. Probably there are different people working with software updates and case design. Or maybe the case was developed with the help of community? Anyway it is not bad thing that there is case model for Pro1-X. Community option:
  13. Definitely F(x)tec is NOT scamming us. They are just struggling with this project and things have not gone as they planned (SoC change etc). Sure, F(x)tec has done mistakes during the journey but I think that they are trying very hard with limited resources. I received my Pro1 after long wait and during this week I am supposed to receive Pro1-X. Let's see how it works compared to Pro1.
  14. I have an old ProBook 6360b laptop running Windows 10 and Ubuntu (dual boot). Mostly I am using Windows for flashing since I am more familiar with that environment. Just need to find correct drivers before you can flash anything. I have not had any issues with Pro1 or other phones. It just works! I guess that I will never throw Probook away. I even upgraded the CPU to quad core. EDIT: And always use the original cables that came with the phone! At least that is what I do.
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