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  1. That would be a good thing but you can also make system wide shortcuts by using Keyboard/Button Mapper. It has a functionality to add specific shotcuts to key press combos.
  2. I had 2 random reboots when I was visiting my friends at another city (different location). However, I haven't faced any random reboots when I am staying where I currently live. So I believe that the reason for random reboots could be different network. This might also explain why @ddark-il is facing reboots on specific train. Maybe the network is changing during that train trip?
  3. I faced this "one key reapeating" issue again. This was 4th time and it happened during writing a doc so it is not related to Chrome (like other ones have reported also).
  4. I tested latest BSG Gcam build and viewfinder was NOT upside down in Night Sight. However, picture quality was very grainy so it is not usable for Pro1. BSG build confirms that it is possible to rotate the viewfinder.
  5. I am wondering if this is a good thing for F(x)tec or not? In theory, old BlackBerry customers might consider buying new QWERTY slider from F(x)tec (potential customers). On the other hand, these kind of news can accelerate the death of QWERTY phones overall if people think that no one doesn't even manufacture them anymore. I have never owned BlackBerry phone (I like landscape sliders) but I am still sad that one option is gone now.
  6. Esc itself is a back button in some situations. But you can also use Keyboard/Button Mapper to make a Fn+Esc combination to work as a back button system wide. I tested it and it is working great.
  7. Do you have QWERTY or QWERTZ? I am wondering which is highest QWERTZ serial. I have 299 QWERTZ.
  8. I have been using Pro1 as a daily driver for a week now and call quality has been good so far. My friends have not complain about audio. I am holding the phone with my right hand during calls.
  9. If you have disaled touch vibration from the sound settings you can go even further to disable vibration of the fingerprint sensor. That can be done from Settings->Accessibility->Vibration->Touch vibration, and set it to Off. It disables touch vibration from the screen and fingerprint so the vibration in the pocket doesn't interrupt you. However, you will also lose the feedback of the correct unlock. With tasker you are able to disable fingerpint when screen is off but enabling it again needs reboot.
  10. Yes, I had installed Gboard and only selected that to active. Xperia XZ1 Compact has three virtual keyboard installed by stock: Xperia keyboard Japan and China, SwiftKey. I am able to disable Xperia keyboards from app settings but only thing what I can do for SwiftKey is force close. But if I go to keyboard settings I am able to disable SwiftKey from there. It is still listed but grayed out. So I only had Gboard enabled from the keyboard settings and same result. I am able to put space without erasing the cell. I don't know if SwiftKey has any effects here since it is pre-installed.
  11. OK, I didn't quite understand first. I tested with bluetooth keyboard also and the space did not erase the cell (Xperia XZ1 Compact).
  12. I believe that @VaZso was talking about the sticker in the back.
  13. I tested this with my Xperia XZ1 Compact running Pie (not an Android One device thought) and I can put space there without any issues. If I press the space it does not erase the cell.
  14. This happened to me 2 times yesterday. However, I have faced this issue only in Chrome so far even so I have been writing alot with other apps as well (mails, notes, docs etc).
  15. I am also very happy with my QWERTZ unit running FinQWERTY (Finnish). There are only few buttons that needs to be swapped by software. Y<->Z, Ü->Å, ß->+ +->' Personally, I wouldn't have changed + character by software at all but current layout is fine. However, some of my friends are waiting for information about Scandic. Would be good to share if Scandic is still in the pipeline or should people just buy QWERTZ and use FinQwerty. I would definitely buy a spare part Scandic layout mat to myself and maybe considering selling current unit to buy Scandic from stock availability.
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