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  1. Okay ill share my latest revisions bottom_remade v4 (1).iges top_cut_remade v8 (1).iges top_full_remade v7.iges
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  2. Hi guys There are two Pro1 for sale at eBay, located in Japan. Offered for $1.399 Is there anyone that know something about this? Are the ads legitimate? Had my phone disassembled yesterday because something (turned out to be screws) was loose and rattled around in there. Now the phone won't start, I am a bit scared that I broke one of the connectors on the main board. So at the moment in need of a new phone.
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  3. There were 12 super early birds sold when I got my perk. But the system hung during payment.. I ended up deleting my account 🖕. Two hours later my Pro1 was delivered. I shit you not.
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