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  1. I received an email on the 14th of October asking me to inform them when my phone would be sent. I sent it on the 10th of September and it was delivered on the 14th of September, included a link and delivery report. Can you believe this shit!?!? Their new address: FX Technology Technology Chalfont St Peter Building 1 Chalfont Park SL90BG Gerrards Cross Verenigd Koninkrijk And to my luck, PostNL changed their tariffs I noticed just now now. This package is not insured. I will file a complaint with PostNL. But since they used Hermes for the UK, I'm guessing i
  2. Same with me. I just sent my phone to their new address on Friday. Will let you all know how that goes.
  3. It's a shame I missed out on this one. I am really enjoying my Jelly 2. Apart form the keyboard and notification LED it does everything the Pro1 did and camera-wise even better. So I can imagine the Titan trumping it because of the larger screen and the keyboard. Hope you like it as I do my Jelly 2!
  4. So I contacted FxTec on the 21st of July. I got a response on the 13th of August, asking if I could re-connect the flat cable/ connector and take pictures from all corners (guess to prove It hadn't been dropped). Today it's August the 8th. Still no response. I have swapped the display with a (damaged) spare to no avail. They really need to take a look at the phone. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with either the flat cable or the connector on the mainboard and not the display. I wouldn't be surprised if my Pro1x gets delivered earlier than my Pro1 gets repaired and delivered
  5. Two weeks have passed, still no response. So you're not the only one.
  6. I haven't had a response on my RMA request either (week ago).
  7. I bought myself a Jelly 2 from Amazon. I went straight to LoS 18.1 from meetoul. If you're looking for a compact smartphone 4" screen and have good eyesight, I highly recommend this little gem. LoS 18.1 works like a charm, except for drainage. The battere depletes in 24 hours no matter what you do (or don't). Typing is [email protected]#$ of course. Still no response from FxTec regarding my RMA. At least for now, I'm covered.
  8. Aaaargh!!!! Mine also just stopped working. Well, the screen stopped working. I assume there is something wrong with the flat cable and/ or connectors. When connected to an USB C screen I do get an output. But the LED on the display won't light up. And I don't have a spare Pro1 😢 . Well this will be interesting then. Which one will be delivered earlier, my repaired Pro1 or my Pro1x 🤨. And Tuesday I was planning a road trip 😒. @ archseraphim please do keep us posted...
  9. I received my second AMOLED. Haven't gotten around to replace it yet. This one came with f-ing 3M strips in stead of glue 😩
  10. You seem to forget I traded my mint condition Pro for a Pro1x. To answer your question, what is my keyboard worth 😘.
  11. As mentioned in our May update, we experienced a delay whilst waiting for Qualcomm to approve the amendments we made to the Snapdragon 662 chipset. In addition, Shenzhen has recently experienced a covid outbreak resulting in our engineer team being unable to get into the office and isolating themselves for 21 days. To be honest, this has been a bit of a logistical nightmare seeing as our components suppliers in Taiwan were affected and tough mobility restrictions have only just been lifted this week. This has impacted the delivery of key components required to begin manufacturing devices this
  12. I have experience with a non working phone. LED also not lighting up when connected to a charger. I tried oldskool 5V chargers, qi-chargers and PD-chargers. Eventually got it working using the original cable on an USB2 port on an old Toshiba laptop (took a few minutes). Worth a try... Had to use the restore tool by the way.
  13. Nah bruv, not this one 😅. It hit the frame 😭. Luckily I still have one frame left. But I would prefer to keep that one in tact. Still figuring out what to do. Do have one question for you all. The transparent glue is like the dumbest thing to do. Anyone recommend a black glue (bleeding)?
  14. At least I enjoyed it for almost a month 🤬 Dropped it a day after I shipped my last in mint condition spare 🥴. And of course prices for the screens have gone up.. .
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