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  1. How old is your SIM? If you've had for a couple of years, it could be that the SIM is the culprit. I had a 10 years old SIM that needed to be replaced 😅
  2. If I recall correctly, keyboard backlit is an option that needs to be enabled under settings when running stock...
  3. Install Sion's app Fx Service | Slions or switch to a custom ROM to help with the first two questions. It's not like we will be able to re-write stock. For Qwertz support, check the Qwertz topic, that's what it's for. There were I think two or three people who complained about reception. Either you have a faulty device, or you have some bad luck. Some providers use bands that pose a problem on the Pro1. But again, this has only been reported two or three times to my recollection. There is no remedy for bad reception in this case. At least one user has sold his phone because of this.
  4. Thing is, I wasn't told shit. Their response: If you can provide UPS with the original shipment invoice when you sent the device to us, they should deduct the import tax. In customs terms, there is no such thing as "repairs", you're basically at their mercy if they process it as such or not. They only deduct this tax if you prove that you shipped it to us a few months back. Like I kept the shipping documents from September 🥴 . And I've tried communicating with UPS, they won't budge. I don't pay, I don't receive the package...
  5. I got an e-mail a couple of days ago. The UK is in full lockdown, some team-members are in self-isolation. Due to this the company is being tracked by the UK COVID tracing system. So you can imagine the pile up of phones needed to be checked (including another phone of mine sent in only two weeks later). And do not reply to e-mails (reminders) you WILL be pushed back further down the queue if you do so. My first phone that went in for repairs is shipped back to me. They claim it has been tested and is now in full working order. We'll just have to wait and see. That phone didn't want to displ
  6. Yeah, I will wait for your experiences 🤔. I have several pads, all claiming higher current. So, seeing is beleiving. Let us know 😌.
  7. Around €30,- from UK to NL. That's about 10,- too much for me. But thanks for sharing. It would be very nice if I could charge my phone wireless in my car. Hopefully 1300mAh will become more common soon.
  8. I'm running LoS 18 with just a few minor hick-ups (check the topic). If you are planning on flashng, I woud suggest going straight to 18. And enjoy your Pro1 👍🏾!
  9. My fellow clackers, has anyone tested if 17.1 supports HD-media over Bluetooth? This should also be visible under DevOps Bluetooth settings by the way. If it's greyed out, it's not supported. I'm running 18 and it's greyed out. LoS 16 supported it, hence my question...
  10. I had a nasty ghosting keys issue on 16, phone died. Confiscated one and went straight to 18. I think tdm mentioned a while aago that 18 was running smoothly according to !?!?. So I took the plunge and have been running 18. HD-media worked under 16. When you ook under DevOps you can see that it's unavailable. So I was wondering if it's going to be fixed. If not, too bad, just curiosity from my part. Screen brightness was an issue on stock and if recall correctly earlier versions of LoS. I would suggest you use the front camera in a dark room with creen brightness >25 (slider). It looks
  11. Well flashed 0105 this morning. Bootloop. Then I flashed both a+b +new Omni and after that it booted. Keeps, Hangouts and Play services kept crashing. Had to re-install those manually afterwards. Clearing cache nor storage helped. The Maps issue is gone. The problem I had perviously was a "no internet connection" error. Didn't matter which network I was on nor whether I toggled airplane mode. I got it working again, once by clearing storage and deleting the app (re-install). That only worked the first time. After closing Maps the error occured again and this time for good. I have ope
  12. I was down for a couple of days (torn muscle). Just tried new Omni and that did the trick, thanks. Your version doesn't support HD-Audio over Bluetooth. And I'm having some issues with CAPS-lock interference with Swiftkey (always on). Also that little nuisance of me not being able to get that Swiftkey overlay under Hangouts. Just downloaded lineage-18.1-20210105-UNOFFICIAL-pro1.zip, flashing now. By the way, haven't had a single issue apart from mentioned above.... Daily driver for me, heavy user I might add. Ow, Maps doesn't work. But judging by the response in the store, I don't th
  13. My phones were delivered on the 24th of September and the 111th of November. One had a probem with USB video out, and only that. The other had a problem with the camera (not working). Haven't heard shit from these %^&&^T^&^T%R^&. Just giving you a heads up...
  14. I think we can safely assume your reply answers the question, stock 🙃. Next time try looking at the connection type. Way back when the Droid 4 was introduced the mic didn't work on 4G in Europe. Manually setting it to 3G was the temporary workaround. This was fixed months later with a firmware upgrade. So, that's why I'm curious to find out if this happens with your Pro1 in combination with a specific band...
  15. Well said... It's not just new deliveries. My phone had a hardware issue, I sent it back in September. Two weeks later I sent in another phone with hardware issues. They haven't even looked at it yet. Getting angry anf frustrated won't speed up shit. But I cannot deny that sometimes it gets to me pfff. All I can say is, for me personally it was worth the wait. No, I still haven't received the two repairs, nonetheless back on Pro1 and lobing it. One can only assume FxTec has enough money to deliver. Even if it was just because of the Pro1x...
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