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  1. Reboot your phone while connected to the charger. It will QC. I have t o BaseUs Gan chargers. Always the same issue with the Pro1. Some handshake issue I assume.
  2. Still available. I was abroad untill last Sunday. That's also why hadn't tried selling it yet. I would be unable to send it. Think I will post it on Ebay tomorrow.
  3. It's not just FxTec. I think 40% from China and Hong Kong is delayed. I am waiting for a couple of Indiegogo perks, my Fiido X v2 and my engraved Pro1x also. Mind you, they posted the engraved back cover months ago. Yet none of those are shipped yet. On the other hand, I personally can live with first come first serve. If you ordered a "regular" Pro1 and never received one, you should be first in line. Just my 2 cents on the matter. I for one can't wait for my Pro1x. The Pro1 camera was unsufficient for my taste.
  4. Pro1 with a new Snakehive handmade leather cover € 675,- including track and trace shipping insured up to € 500,- anywhere in the world. FxTec have replaced some cables, the keyboard, the screen and the battery as a courtesy. This is an unused phone as you can tell by looking at the pictures and not to mention the boxes. Has never left my house. And is now resting in its original box again. I'm selling it because In the nine months I had to wait for this phone to be repaired,I bought a Unihertz Jelly 2 and I can't part with the compact size of it. Besides that, I am eagerly awaiting
  5. Yup, constant boot loop. Wiped it first, sideloaded the rom, signature error, flashed anyway. keeps it in the loop. I had decided yesterday that I will be selling this Pro1 (because Pro1x). So I don't mind a little experimentation. Any others you recommend 😅 Flashing Stock 20200825 😁 Finished flashing stock, relocked bootloader and GPS working again...
  6. I am backing up my phone as I type. Afterwards I will try to flash 17.1 after a reset and let you know the results.
  7. There is a test version of 12. I tried that one. But still, that isn't right. You need 12.1. Manually uninstalling and disabling corrupt gapps did the trick. I downloaded Play store apk and installed it. After updates everything running smooth again.
  8. Auto-update kept crashing. So sideload for me together with test version of OG nano. But now it's stuck in a bootloop. I will try some things out and post an update. Flashed both slots with recovery, LoS and MtG. Some crash errors, nothing reinstall doesn't fix.
  9. With the latest build, I'm having this issue no matter what. The previous build did a better job in that respect. No matter what I try or which charger I use, I just used my original charger for the very first time in 2 years, it won't start charging since I installed this build a couple of days ago. Back to rebooting every charge. And still no GPS fix by the way. Almost immediately 20 sats, but never a fix. And, mine starts charging as soon as the boot logo is gone!
  10. Today I purposely let it drop to >10%. Hooked it up to several chargers and it started cycling through the voltages (QC). I tried two different BaseUs chargers 65 GaN, two power banks, a Samsung max 9V charger and my regular Unihertz 5V 1.5A charger. Only the non-QC charger is able to charge it. I always suspected the QC-handshake process to be culprit. This seems to confirm it.
  11. I'm saying that I received two different phones. And that the phone that is now in your possession, is actually mine! I would have to look at the box or dig up the original image. But if you look at the upper right corner at the back, you will see a scuffmark. It is identical to the one on the phone you now have in your possession. Also the two dots on the back and I think a third next to the sticker. I had it stored in a PU case, that's how those dots came to be (size of a grain of sand). Anyway, it should help you get it sold. I was told they replaced some cables, the screen, and the batt
  12. Boot into recovery and view /tmp/recovery.log. This is an option under advanced. CRTL keys are used as pageup/pgdown
  13. Since flashing this version, I haven't had a single issue with charging. Up until this version a reboot was required every single time! Bluetooth and GPS still suck though. Unable to get a fix and BT connection is limited in distance and stability)
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