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  1. DieBruine

    Flaky GPS

    Doe your car have front window heating? If so this could be actively interfering with gps. And it could explain why it sometimes does or does not work. My gps only acts up after first boot. First fix can take way too much time, as in minutes. But after that initial fix (after a flash) the craziest thing I have experienced was inaccuracy. This was on both stock and LoS.
  2. I have done this several times now by simple means of copy and paste in CMD/Shell. Hasn't gone wrong a single time. Just select the text in de OP and past it. Everything will run just fine. Do not forget that the package is still missing a file as tdm pointed out! You can find it on his site (link included below).
  3. I think, given current global conditions, waiting 10 weeks is not that bad. FxTec is still a start-up, at least that's how I see it. This is a niche product, hand assembled craftmenship 🀣. It still hurts, but I am anxiously waiting for my Pro1 to be returned πŸ₯° .
  4. I received a screen last Monday. this was two weeks later than expected. I would assume my screen was sent from the same new batch. So surely some people should have received their phone by now, right!?! πŸ™ƒ
  5. I just sent mine in on Monday. Should be delivered on Friday. So not looking forward to beg for my phone back πŸ€”. And all that for a working USB-C video out.
  6. Take your time and enjoy life. I'm guessing it will be months before I have my phone back πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‡
  7. Yeah sorry. I read it and forgot about it πŸ™ƒ. Well at least we know it can't be MtG. By the way, I have often killed all apps. A second or two later the ghosting began again. So I'm not quite sure it's a cpu hog.
  8. I received one display yesterday and sent back my phone immediately. So unfortunately I myself cannot test LoS anymore. But as soon as there's a version available with the different driver, I will flash the two other phones and ask their owners to type a little bit more often πŸ™‚ . For now I'm stuck with a Priv/cracked screen/65% battery capacity πŸ˜–. I have to say, I am curious now if there is a OpenGapps user with keyboard ghosting issues... πŸ™„
  9. I went back to stock and have zero ghosting/hiccups. Tdm will compile a LoS with stock keyboard driver to troubleshoot. I type a lot, don't like calling people 😌. Anyway, two Pro1 users on stock without keyboard issues. Two LoS users who experience nuisances... So yeah, it's definetily something in LoS. By the way, users with ghosting and other nuisances, do you flash MtG or OG? I have only tried MtG.
  10. Funny, the small width of the Priv is wat forced me to ditch that phone. That and the unlockable bootloader/lack of OS-upgrade. If I recall correctly I have owned all Qtek/HTC/Motorola landscape keyboard phones. Priv was my first portrait. Apart from the width I was very happy with it. My daughter used one until last Saturday. She seems very happy with her Pro1, as am I. Do not understimate the difference between landscape en portrait width. You say you don't need the upgrade. But if my reason to buy a new phone was based on improved performance, and I could get decent money for my curren
  11. Yeah, this is also my own suggestion in the Bluetooth topic, but thanks anywayπŸ˜…. For the record, my headset is also capable of HD Audio over AAC, not just aptX HD. But during the pairing process, aptX HD is always selected. LoS does not contain the aptX HD licenses and therefore does not try to pair using aptX HD. The result is HD audio over AAC. Which produces noticeably higher quality audio than the standard SBC AD2P.
  12. Then all I can think of is Hangouts in the background. We all use Hangouts. This issue however is not limited to Hangouts. First time I noticed it was during my short lived euphotic moment shortly after installing LoS.
  13. I have typed so much my thumbs hurt. Not one single hick up, lag nor pop-up. A shame really, LoS is beautiful, just not working for me. Guess I'll be flashing three others back to stock. I am curious though, isn't anyone else experiencing these mayor-pain-in-the-butt keyboard issues under LoS!? We are a family of four with totally different lifestyles and apps. Yet all four experience so many errors that typing under LoS is unbearable.
  14. I tried every possible combination on and off, trust me πŸ™„. This has no effect on the pairing process.
  15. No, that was related to not selecting APT-X HD as codec in use. My headphone can use both APT-X HD and AAC. But the Pro1 does not have the license for APT-X HD. Yet when pairing, APT-X HD is chosen as the codec during the handshake. No matter what I try, I cannot force the Pro1 to disable APT-X HD and use the AAC codec instead. LoS also does not contain the APT-X HD license, but at least LoS selects AAC for HD-audio. AAC is not power friendly, but a clear improvement over standard SBC in terms of audio quality and compression.
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