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  1. Tidal and Youtube streaming just fine over Bluetooth here. 230505.02 with Sony WFXM4.
  2. Inotice no difference in behaviour. Wet fingers or really dried ot fingers indeed do not register correctly. Mine stopped working once, reboot fixed that. Banking apps hangs sometimes and disables fingerprint reader. Apart from those 'common' (to a Pro1 user) no other issues. I do have a bumper around the phone and that helps a lot with preventing unnecessary registration. Any skin is detected as a registraion, so I do understand your frustration. I'm having less issues because of the bumper around the edges. Running latest LoS btw.
  3. I took the Pro1x with me and tried getting it to work during the flight. I'm not quite sure what happened or why. But after about 10 hours into the flight I got it up and running. I've been using it heavy as a portable travel pc instead of my bulky GPD WIn4. I ordered a router from Japan Wireless so I'm connected to the internet. My only issue so far is that the camera won't work from within Signal. During my stay here I have missed 2 telephone calls. I'm assuming this was because of the connectivity issue with this phone. But it could also be because all the noise and just how busy Japan is
  4. 20 hours before my flight, finally everything up and running. The screen flickers and dies on me 😑. I shit you not. Whn I press the power button the screen flashes yellow and that's it. Bye bye Pro1, back to FxTec you go 🤕.
  5. Different Benny, nonetheless I salute you! adb root setprop vendor.debug.camera.eisv3enable 1 killall -9 [email protected]_64 Und voilá I was able to scan my ID. Thank you!!!!! ING Banking app working now.
  6. https://androiddatahost.com/jzkh5 If this doesn't work, I suggest you start looking at the USB/ mainboard/ Chipset drivers. The included ADB driver works on my machines (GPD WIN4, Toshiba Z30C and Toshiba 10T). THe latter two are on unsupported W11 which I managed to install. So it's worth giving it a shot. THose weird error messages in ADB and Fastboot are usually the byproduct of the wrong drivers...
  7. I thank you for the suggestion, and will try it. But I'm pretty sure this is not the case. It always worked on LoS 16, 17, and 19 on several other phones and tablets, including my Pro1. I believe it is a software issue/ bug and not a security issue. The app just freezes trying to scan my ID. I think it's because of a driver or call to the camera. The app responds, kinda. But the image freezes where it's supposed to focus and recognize the characters in the image. Guess I'll have to get used to accessing my account when I get home.
  8. After selling my Pro1 this morning I decided to flash my Pro1x to LoS 20. I'm going on a 3 week tourist trip trough Japan on Monday. Flashin took like 5 minutes. Runs nice and smooth. but wouldn't you know, the one app that I can't configure is my banking app. It's supposed to take a picture of my ID. But it freezes when the camera is accessed. If I remember correctly, the same happened with my Pro1 on LoS 20. Any users able to activate ING banking app? F-ing annoying I'll say. I have ordered a MiFi for my trip, so that's why I thought of giving the Pro1x a go. But if I can't activate my
  9. Right click start Computer Management Device Manager Look for unknow devices or Other devices If you come across anything Google or Android, delete the device and drivers. Re-connect your phone while it is in fastboot mode, and then let Windows search for drivers. You may find them in: Settings Windows Update Advanced Options Optional Updates That should work. Flashing my Pro1x on a new W11 pc while I'm typing.
  10. Does anyone have any idea how many Pro1x have been delivered? I am curious how many of those with a Pro1x are having issues with reception. Is a new topic/ poll allowed?
  11. Busy days... Just tried your suggestion. It does something, at least Maps will show a location. But I still don't get a fix. For some reason it assumes I'm 115km to the East. Edited gps.conf and rebooted. Left it outside in the yard for at least an hour. None of 20 satellites get a fix. There is something definitely wrong with my "brand new" Q1000. Thanks for the suggestion though. This must be hardware/ antenna. WiFi reception also seems worse than before/ other Q1000's I owned.
  12. I unboxed my Pro1 (not-x) and installed LoS 20 on it. The phone is unable to get a GPS fix. I have a registered copy of GPS status. Downloading A-GPS does not help. I went back to stock and still no GPS lock. So, the only thing I can assume and hope for is a dodgy re-assembly of my Pro1 (screen, keyboard and battery replaced) that has disabled the GPS-antenna/ functionality. So, I am asking the community for help with troubleshooting. Is there anyone who can point out and/ or suggest what to look for when disassembling my Pro1? I am hoping for a disconnected pin or connector. Or maybe an
  13. Nope, I've used the previous one daily for 20 months. Installed Los yesterday. Cold GPS fix seems to be an issue. But apart from that, still like brand new and good connectivity. QX1000. PRO1X remains in its box.
  14. Not sure what you mean. Compared to the QX1050 the QX1000 has no issues. QX1000 came back from repair, wasn't used but had a fault. But by the time I got it back, the QX1050 was supposedly on its way. Now I have both. The only reason I bought the QX1050 was because of its better camera. In the Netherlands, the QX1050 suffers from intermittent connectivity. It is unreliable. I don't need a phone that doesn't phone...
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