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  1. And just now I noticed my left speaker not working. But I find it hard to believe this is a sympton of Los 19.1. Still, if anyone could test it just to be sure. I went straight to 19.1 when I received the phone...
  2. Running lineage-19.1-20220620-nightly-pro1-signed.zip since Tuesday, clean install. So far no major problems apart from the occasional app not responding. But there is one annoying issue. My phone won't charge without rebooting! I've tried several chargers and even more cables. Without a reboot, it won't charge. Strange behaviour. Unfortunately I won't be home for another week, so I won't be able to test it with the original charger. But the charger I have tested with were all quality chargers and QC-certified. So, if anyone is experiencing the same issue, let
  3. Another one that is not mine. But I'm not sending it back. Apart from the sim slot it's like new. And of course the -_-key and the power button which are kind of mweh. After 12 months of Unihertz Jelly 2, it is kinda hard to get used to the size. Keyboard took me about 10 minutes to get used to again. Memory muscle, the right kind πŸ™‚ .
  4. So, 8 days later, I have 'my phone'. Mine had the sticker on it and no scratches. This one has a partially scratched sim slot. the -_ key didn't work and the power button is kinda off. Apart from that, just flashed LoS 19.1 and getting ready to be happy.
  5. So I just received 'my phone' a couple of minutes ago. This is my response to support: You have got to be F-ing kidding me... First of all, the phone I received is not mine. My phone was as brand new, mint condition, and... QWERTY. This phone has a few scratches, but even worse, is QWERTZ.But, the biggest problem is that the fingerprint reader becomes RED HOT during and after boot. So, I have turned it off. I tried booting it two times afterwards. The fingerprint reader gets so hot that it feels like you are being shocked. Please arrange for return of this phone to you and my phone to me.
  6. Mine will be delivered tomorrow. I wish I would receive my Pro1x within 2 weeks too πŸ˜…
  7. So, nobody's going to point out the math 🀣 Mass shipping mid June. Yet LoS needs another month πŸ€ͺ Anyway, I'm excited. I can't wait to have them both after one year without. I look forward to comparing them side by side. A shame it won't be in time for the SummerJam festival in Germany. That's what I had lasered on the back. I wanted to show it off @ SummerJam. Guess it'll have to wait another year.
  8. I would argue that the quality is better. Hopefully some other buyers can respond. I bought three cases, but I also sold them with three phones. Not sure who uses them or has used them. My daughter abused one, and it held up pretty well. I will try and search later this evening. I might still have one lying around. If so I will post real life pictures.
  9. Snakehive.co.uk still delivers the P20 case used by some of us...
  10. Same for me. Apparently some cables have been replaced and the screen. They also replaced my battery with a new one as a courtesy. I'm realy wondering which one will be in first. My engraved Pro1x, or the OG Pro1. Time will tell.
  11. Has anyone tried to flash Renegade? I don't have my phone back yet. Otherwise I would have tried it myself before asking πŸ˜‰ .
  12. This has happened to several users. More than likely the connector is at least partially detached from the main board. Only way to find out is to disassemble the phone and press and click the connector back in place.
  13. You're not alone. There are several people al in the same boat. Mine was shipped in September. At least they bothered to reply to you, a courtesy I am denied the last 6 weeks.
  14. Now I really want my OG Pro1 back 😭 The Pro1x as my phone, Pro1 as my mini laptop. FxTec, fix the first and send me the latter!!!
  15. When you look closely at the top of the board you can distinguish the 12 soldered/ flowed soldering paths. I'll bet you at least one of those needs re-solderin/ re-flowing. Which by the the way would be very difficult because of the placement, but not impossible! If it's the plastic center piece inside of the connector that's wobbly, you really need to replace the connector.
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