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  1. In the Netherlands there are organisations where you can file a complaint when there is a dispute and/ or lack of service. My issue lies with both DPD and FxTec. According to DPD NL I should contact FxTec and according to DPD UK, FxTec should take actions. We all know where this is going, and has been going for months now. Asking FxTec for help hasn't resulted in anything apart in a thank you for co-operating (WTF!?). So I tried filing a complaint with DPD UK. Here is where it gets 'funny'. DPD UK still refer to the EU consumer board when you have a dispute. But, since the UK is no longer a me
  2. We had 5 Q's in total. Trust me I'm sure 🤓.
  3. Nononononono to the D4! PQ was noticeably 'faster'. By the way in NL 4G worked with KPN, Simyo and Vodafone.SIM mods were always done by Cornholio, at least mine.
  4. I gave up on my Droid 4 and Photon Q back in 2016. To me they became unusable, underpowered sluggish. I would not recommend those. So unless you go for the netman solution, your only option is to drop the landscape requirement and search for either a Galaxy s6 Plus or s7 with a keyboard cover or search for a Priv. The Photon Q was the last slider that I know of. If I recall correctly there was also a landscap clamshell LG for the Japanese market. Good luck tracking on of those.
  5. And for those interested, an overview of NikGapps: Downloads - NikGApps | NikGapps Website What is the difference between OpenGapps and NikGapps? NikGapps supports Split Apks! NikGapps comes with prebuilt YouTube Vanced (v14) and Lawnchair launcher (Till Android Q). NikGapps packages are created from the apks present in my personal device. NikGapps offers separate addon.d scripts for each package that it comes with. Easy to control which package you want to backup/restore after dirty flash! NikGapps follows a different partition mounting mechan
  6. I have owned Unihertz Jelly Pro and Atom (non-L/ XL). I was very happy with those. Unihertz is not eveyone's cup of tea. The Titan in specific was bulky to say the least. Nonetheless it already has some die hard fans. This pocket version could be a winner. But alas, still no information on screen and camera.
  7. I went from O 16.1 to UO 18.1. And apart from my update issue this morning I was of better with UO 18.1 than O 16.1 due to the ghosting input issues. Only thing bugging me is the fact that I don't have high bitrate BT connection on my Ora. But that's it.
  8. This morning I decided to update (from within the OS) to 0405 so I could test BT for Hook. Bad idea, my phone won't boot (tries and then goes to recovery). I am now sideloading 0504 to slot a after flashing recovery. 10 minutes later it still keeps on showing the LoS animation. Now trying slot b. I updated from within LoS. And everything went sour. Sideload 0504 to both slots didn't help. I keep getting corrupt data. Sideload 0104 to botth slots same shit. This is !$#(!#$*!)#)(@)(#$**@(#(!). Factory reset it is then... It's alive!!! I reflashed the 0104 recovery. Then
  9. Opencamera and Camera Zoom FX both work fine. The stock app isn't that bad once you figure out not to take pictures in bad lighting 🙂 . I don't want to install Telegram, otherwise I would have asked the dev for help. Im pretty sure it should be an easy fix to lip the viewfinder in picture mode. Because in video mode everything works just fine. I just gave up and dug up my wife's Sony TX10 still like brand new. Also bought an USB C card reader in case I want to share something almost instant 🤣.
  10. I went form unofficial to official and used NikGapps Omni instead of MtG. adb reboot bootloader fastboot flash boot lineage-18.1-20210401-recovery-pro1.img reboot to recovery adb sideload lineage-18.1-20210401-nightly-pro1-signed.zip reboot to recovery adb sideload NikGapps-omni-arm64-11-20210324-signed.zip And if you get stuck in a bootloop, try flashing the OS to slot_b and NG/ MtG again to slot_a. Mind you, I went from official 17.1 to unofficial 18.1 without any problems. So the above should also work for 17.1 to 18.1 official.
  11. I emailed them on the 23th and received a reply on the 29th. It was a ridiculous reply btw.
  12. Not mine, and not affiliated in any way. Just thought I'd share. It's over a year old, but like brand new without a scratch: F(x)tec Pro 1 € 450,00 https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1683892107?utm_source=android_social&utm_content=vip&utm_medium=android_social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons And I hope to sell you all my own when I receive it after like 7 months 😑.
  13. You backed them via IGG if I recall correctly. You can't compare the two. I'm not agreeing with how things work. Spec changed, I would want my money back too. But, you bought via IGG. After a backing term has passed, this money is used to start up. New design = startup. IGG backing = basically no rights, not afterwards at least.
  14. Both Acer and Asus had those models. And let's not forget the Motorola dock, I had those also. Worked good enough for me and my Droid 4 / Phonton Q! I've ordered a GPD Win 3 for exactly the reasons claude0001 is describing. If my Pro1 had GPD Win 3 power, I wouldn't need a desktop anymore. Just a docking station would be enough. Self-sufficient yes, but not necessarily up to spec or 100% productivity (when on the road). I think there's a big gap between laptops and smartphones. Both in productivity and processing power. A lot of people, like me, would settle for a small package capable of
  15. Look through your old stuff for a very early model USB-micro cable. Get a cheap (because they are) USB-micro to USB-C adapter and glue/ jam it on there. There you have it, a trustworthy cable, incapable of performing the handshake required to select fast charging.
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