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  1. By the way, I haven't experienced any new reboots after the second day. Thought I'd share that. I think around the third day I used the dual sim capability on another network, that sim is for emergencies, no internet. Also, I travel daily by train for at least 51 minutes / 60 km's single trip. And I have travelled by car for a few hundred km's. One of my first reboots was on the second day in the car. Again, hasn't happened since. Dual sim, use it non-stop during commute. You would think with all this not-being-able-to-travel-and/or-manufacturing-Pro1's an update incorporating several bug fixes would have happened by now 😏😈.
  2. My display has started bleeding between nr 7 and -_ . This started about a week ago. Looks like the adhesive is letting go on the edges. I am as of yet unable to show you this because for some unknown reason the pictures I upload won't show correctly. Tried converting to other formats and resizing to no avail...
  3. In The Neherlands one of the larger retailers has stopped advertising and increased prices. So, I think it's safe to say that if this continues any longer you won't even be able to get an Iphone 😅. Trust me, I feel your pain. My family members are also still awaiting their phones. A Priv with a cracked screen, an S6+ over 4 years old and an... my point being, shit happens. My family has seen and held/felt a Pro1 (mine) and are still anxiously awaiting theirs 😉. So, think before you act 🙄.
  4. Like I said, I have been using BSE for years. I cut most myself. For outer edges I suggest scissors. The stock protector can be used as a template. Smaller holes and other openings can be punctured. Straight lines ask for a hobby knife. For rounded edges I suggest puncturing since the material is pretty tough.
  5. This is why I purchased a case/bumper. Also, https://www.bestskinsever.com/ works like a charm. Still contemplating on wrapping the entire phone in BSE. I've used it on a lot of phones, including Droid 4. Very happy with it!
  6. Priv has or is entering end of support. So what's your question? I've had both. If the Priv was updated to newer versions of Android I would personally have replaced the battery. I was very happy with my Priv. The only gadget I missed was the fingerprint reader. Now on my FxTec, yes a lot of nuisances, but what's the alternative? Titan? Never liked that style. Also, I'm glad I could go back to landscape keyboard. That Priv started working on my nerves once in while during long typing sessions, too narrom for my taste. The Priv is a good phone (IMHO). But the lack of upgrades killed it for me. Enter the Pro1...
  7. Dude, I understand completely! I've had some moments the second week, I'm pretty sure if my screen cracked during my darkest hour I also would have broken it in at least half. You are not alone. That being said, I am so thankful for a physical keyboard, I would probably still buy a new one.
  8. This has happened to me with Enter. Started on Saturday. I have to use one of the numbers or letters before Enter starts working again. Boot-password is a pattern btw.
  9. ivoler Hülle Case Kompatibel für Huawei P20 Pro, Premium Transparent Klare Tasche Schutzhülle Weiche TPU Silikon Gel Handyhülle Schmaler Cover https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07BVRH8G2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0sTuEb1173YSK That's the one I bought. I used a hole puncher or whatever its called (additional holes in belts). It looks like a hack job, but I am very satisfied with this bumper. I shaved off volume up. Fingerprint reader took some butchering. But overall very happy. Tomorrow I will cut a better screen protector from vinyl (bestskinever).
  10. Alas, I too am waiting on the keyboard fix. MAME all the way. Twinkle Sprites, Metal Slug (even though I own the Android version), The Simpsons, Moonwalker... Gods on the Amiga emulator... They just work nicer with keys.
  11. Alt works for me: Ù=ALT+` Ú=ALT+E Ü=ALT+U Û=ALT+I Ũ=ALT+U ß=ALT+s ç=ALT+c I have Swiftkey installed, but it still works when Gboard is selected.
  12. Not sure if this should be designated as a bug. But I myself do have issues with speaker volume (in call) being too high, even on the lowest setting. Anyone else who shares this opinion? If so I would describe the bug/issue a a way too high volume. Should have checked, it's in the bug tracker...🙄
  13. Two questions, Is there a way to keep the screen on on power? I am unable to find that setting. Has anyone found a way to activate the emoticons in combination with Swiftkey physical keyboard? This why I keep switching.
  14. A workaround is using Swiftkey. I sheet all the time 😁. Just temporary switch to Swiftkey and you'll be fine. I switch because I haven't figured out yet how to make the emoticons shortcut work in Swiftkey, which I use a lot.
  15. So I finally took some pictures of the holder and wireless charging pad I'm using. There are thinner and smaller wireless pads available. But I already have this one, so I haven't bothered yet looking for a smaller/thinner one. If I had a bumper, I would definitely keep it on there. That's how I used it on my Sony XZs. I don't really need the physical port. The pictures show it works just fine. Both holder and pad are from Baseus. The holder has a sensor but also operates on touch. I'm stil contemplating on how to provide power via the air duct, so the cable isn't visible anymore. The wireless charger in the holder is QC compatible when you use a QC 12V charger (in my case also Baseus). The wireless pad does not support QC. I have been using this setup for 6 months now (with different phones).
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