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  1. Tru dat, ive dropped mine several times with the 3d case and its unfazed, its almost like it doesnt matter if it droips anymore hehe
  2. I would but am in Tanzania so far off, but ask @belletrist i gave him the schematics and he printed them well. He might be able to do it for you
  3. Attached fx_tec_pro_1_case_bottom v3 v3 -mod.stl fx_tec_pro_1_case_top.stl
  4. which one, the sailfish design or typical one
  5. Well, it was based on @LIMA plus inspiration from keyhanig as he aimed to make a tpu case not a rigid pla case, and finally some minor modifications to make it hold one to the top/bottom halves, lastly some changes were made to allow sailfish users to swipe from the edge. So i guess the credit goes to @LIMA and @Keyhanig for making this possible
  6. 3D printed TPU case for Lineage and sailfish users
  7. No it isn't, its a modified design
  8. First Fully 3d printed TPU case. Done by someone on Telegram
  9. Oh yes, this was made prior to meeting Noir, i dont mind the qwertz as i really just want the device, however im still waiting on him to reply and se how i can get it from him. Though i am not in Germany i have friends there.
  10. I am willing to buy a new/mint Fx tec pro 1.As i don't want to wait for the device to ship
  11. Hey sorry, where can i find a pro 1 to buy

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    2. ubuntuscofield


      I'd hate to wait for 10 - 12 weeks. And i don't have much time in Europe, i'd rather find one quick

    3. Slion


      eBay is your best bet then

    4. ubuntuscofield
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