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  1. I have the very same problem. Randomly, the phone is on mute, even if all the volumes are maxed, DND is off, and I didn't touch the phone. If I reset the phone (10 secs power button), it's ok, but just until it happen again. It's been some months since I'm experiencing this problem. You don't know when and if it'll ring. My "test" is the charging cable. If it doesn't make the charging sound, it's on "mute"
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  2. The bug being on Android doesn't really mean it's not specific to the phone. Sometimes there are device-specific issues because of porting bug or something. Phones are just a mess I guess 😅
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  3. Like many other people, my phone is my lifeline. In don't use it that much but when I do it is essential. It replaces things like the bank down the road which shut down. I have given criticism of this phones keyboard but that is not enough. The OS is a joke. First I find DND was on and why is even there? This is a function barely more popular than airplane mode for people who travel infrequently. It is so easy to turn on by accident. Now when it's off I just order food. It came earlier than their proscribed time. I got a call and texts. The phone did nothing despite the volume being
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