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  1. I think originally Pro1-X will be exclusively blue but because of the phase out of SD835, Pro1 orders were converted to Pro1-X which I guess prompted them to also offer black and also at the same time, breaking their original statement that Pro1-X will be exclusive in Indiegogo 😄
  2. The bug being on Android doesn't really mean it's not specific to the phone. Sometimes there are device-specific issues because of porting bug or something. Phones are just a mess I guess 😅
  3. I'm just curious, has anyone tried connecting Pro1/X to a touchscreen monitor and touch worked? Samsung phones supports this as well as some others like HTC 10 but Huawei doesn't seem to.
  4. It would really depend on each person's workflow and requirement for their laptop. For hardcore users, it's definitely not a replacement for your laptop. Also, the software of UT isn't ready yet. It needs a lot of works especially for the desktop use cases. And in my opinion, for a proper laptop replacement, we need a laptop dock where the phone isn't docked externally, something similar to Razr's.
  5. I personally don't think the Pinephone is a real alternative for Pro1(x) backers/users. It's a lot different since it's using mainline linux kernel and the hardware and software are in their very early stage. Definitely not for most users 😄️ it is a great for the future of mobile alternatives though so would be good to support it now and get one since it's cheap anyway. Also, I don't think it's not correct to say that it exclusively runs Linux. It's an open hardware so you can basically run anything on it, well at least anything developed or ported for it. There are even Android distros a
  6. I'm curious what was bad with the shifted keyboard. I thought they made them like that so that the most commmon keys are along the center. So I guess that doesn't really work well?
  7. The curved screen is the main thing I don't like about the Pro1/X and the second one are the rounded corners but I backed Pro1-X anyway because there may not be a powerful device supported by UT anytime soon and I like the color 😄 So what are the actual benefits of having the curved screens on phones? To me it seems to just cause unnecessary usability issues. The curved screens, rounded corners and notches are the things I hate on phones nowadays 😆
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