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  1. New manufacturing status info directly from Chen
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  2. I couldn't afford to wait any longer to replace my aging BlackBerry Mobile Key2 (the battery is swelling up and separating the backplate from the rest of the phone) so I had to order something that would ship right away. I went on Unihertz's Amazon Store and ordered the Unihertz Titan and it was delivered 2 days later! For those of us that can't handle the tiny 3.1-inch screen of a Unihertz Titan Pocket these days, the 4.6" screen of the Titan is better. Closest thing to a BlackBerry that's actually SHIPPING these days. My new phone is already in my hands, and I've even been able to instal
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  3. Razer Junglecat, does not actually fit out-of-the-box.
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  4. Sorry, haven't seen this thread in a while. (I don't get alerts for some reason.) I'm delighted that my ranting about debouncing and key-scan priority has seemingly made some significant difference. In a proper design, keyboard debounccing (see that?) wouldn't be the responsibility of the host processor, but rather be the sole responsibility of a microcontroller in charge of the keyboard. Just look into the original Intel 8048 microcontroller in Every IBM PC keyboard in the 80's. Oh, and a similar dedicated microcontroller in Every Other Computer Keyboard Since! There's a reason for this
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