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  1. I have found that a reboot always fixes the severe lags, where it outputs like 1 character a secondd, but nothing helps those repeated keys like you just saw, because... I'll say it again... there's something in the Software where it's not sampling and debouncing the keyboard fast enough, regardless of moderate physical degradation to the keyboard. The lag issue is confusing, however. I have to wonder if there's a keylog being created every time the device reboots, and it gets to be so huge, that writing keystrokes to the log file takes priority to them actually being output to the app
  2. Anyone else getting repeated keys AND keys out of order? I can type something like APPLE and it may come out APPELL. Most certainly software, and not just the debouncing issue I described that can repeat keys. And I also have experienced severe lagg (that extra "g" was a repeated key for real) where the keyboard input is several seconds behind. It seems to happen a lot faster when I Copy and Paste web text. I have to wonder if this is due to a keylog file that we don't know about. Because, unlike the repeat issue, that problem is always resolved on a reboot (so maybe a new log file i
  3. I posted on this thread on July 13th that I'd been waiting 2 1/2 months for the FPC flex cable. The next day, on July 14th, I got this response: "Apologies for the delays in getting back to you. This has been shipped to you a while back, but given your response we're assuming it hasn't arrived yet. We will be re-posting this with a tracked service this week, and it will arrive at your door most likely by the end of next week. We're posting it to the address below, and if there's any change to it, please reply." The address was correct, yet it still has not arrived, over 5 weeks late
  4. It is partly a hardware issue that should be flawlessly corrected with proper software, as I've described. My repeated key issues started about 9 months ago. Same thing with my Photon Q. I'm surprised the backspace key didn't break off and fall right out of the phone. That's very interesting that it's happening on LineageOS as well. But I'd have to guess that the way keyboard input is processed on LineageOS was just "borrowed" from Android. I'm an old-school microcontroller coder, and I have an example of this happening in early 80's tech. I have an old Radio Shack programmable
  5. I wish you the best luck, but I suspect their fix will likely be either a new motherboard with nice, new, shiny, clean keys that don't produce enough noise to mess up (for a little while), or it will come back the same. The only proper fix is in the Android kernel, but since nobody cares about a phone with a physical keyboard anymore (except for us few enlightened souls), I'm really not sure it will ever happen. It's not a matter of rewriting the existing keyboard handling code, it's probably a restructuring problem, so the keyboard handling is a much higher priority, and ensuring processing
  6. I ordered a replacement FPC cable on April 7th, paid for it on April 8th, and over 3 months later I still don't have it. On May 27th, they admitted they had no stock and it was delayed, but it was in transit and I should receive it in, at the most, a week and a half. That was 2 1/2 months ago. I contacted them again on June 27th, then again on July 9th. Still nothing. And I paid like $43 for a 5-inch flex cable. Anyone know how I can light a fire under their asses? I'm losing patience!!
  7. This has been a maddening problem since my Photon Q, and I believe there are 2 issues happening, and although I'm a talented engineer, I'm not in a position to confirm my suspicions in the near future. I believe auvo.salmi is right, in that the keyboard is wearing out a bit over time. This causes noise or "bounces" in the keyboard input. In the best-case scenario of keyboard design and OS integration, there is a dedicated microcontroller reading the mechanical buttons which employs advanced debounce algorithms. In my microcontroller programming experience, I require about 60ms of no keypre
  8. netman, thanks very much for explaining the Pro1 hardware and refreshing my memory on the limitations without diodes, that makes perfect sense. I remember designing the hardware and firmware for a small keyboard for an invention of mine that included 2 encoders on the matrix, and I did have to include diodes on the 4 encoder outputs so they didn't short out the keys when the knobs were in certain positions. And I think you're right about not being able to conquer that hardware limitation with a creative driver. That third key does indeed short everything out and obscure the source. I was
  9. netman, really great work, and I do apologize for not being more well-informed. This makes complete sense in both respects... I probably didn't reboot after the 3/6 update and just got pissed off too quickly when it improved only slightly, and I just put it back in the box. (I do adore this hardware now, with several exceptions I may post elsewhere, but I was pretty thrown by the fact that the second slider since 2012 was seriously flawed, so I had little patience at the time). And yes, if the keyboard matrix and firmware isn't arranged properly for more than 2 key presses in hardwar
  10. Thanks for the replies Peter and Slion, I wish I knew how the heck this got remedied without an update and the power off for 6+ weeks. Could I have forgotten to reboot and try again after the last update?! (I thought that was automatic.) Can't imagine that, but anything's possible. So glad I don't have to write keyboard code myself. Apologies, this Keyboard Mod backer is finally a fan after 2 1/2 years.
  11. I admit, this is Very strange. That actually does work. When I performed that test 2 months ago, it certainly did not work at all after updating the software, so back in the box it went. Today when I took it back out, I immediately looked for a software update, and there were none, so back in the box it went again, because how could anything be different? That test actually works now, yet no software update was performed. How could that be???? But I have found a similar keyboard issue which is reminiscent of the previous issue, but with 2 keys held down, not one... Try holding A
  12. elvissteinjr, I very much appreciate that info. But the latest update did not fix the keyboard issue as I described. Does anyone know if the source code for the keyboard microcontroller is available to be modified, and if so, where to find it, as I believe it is not reporting key events correctly to the OS, therefore no OS workarounds will make the Pro1 usable for serious typists. If it's not available, we'll have to beat it out of Liangchen so I can fix it, lol. Please, let's get this thing right!!!!
  13. My Pro1 has been sitting in the box since I got it in January, hoping, praying that the horrible multi-key keyboard issue gets fixed. After about another 6 weeks, I took it out tonight, and there is still no software update that fixes it. I'm a virtuoso musician and lightning-fast typist that simply can't use this device as it is because it doesn't respond correctly if the last key doesn't get released before the next key is pressed, which is an absolutely unacceptable problem. Try this... Hold the letter A and then quickly press every other key and see if it got the next letter correctly. Th
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