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  1. Interesting. Good idea, I wish I was even slightly competent with Linux and changing those files. I'm just a lowly old-school microcontroller and DSP assembly language guy. Anyone else want to look into this? And are you AT&T people still going strong?
  2. I believe so, unless someone changes the volume levels in the drivers. The chips that handle the audio (the Qualcomm chip and whatever CODEC is being used for the speakers, mic, and headphone jack) usually have at least 256 levels of volume, usually in several stages, so it's probably a matter of the software being tailored to adapt to the gain of what's coming out of the Qualcomm chip. It seems T-Mobile's audio is extremely compressed and then expanded to keep volume very consistent and loud to use as little data as possible. My educated guess, anyway. At any rate, these adjustments need
  3. Sorry, haven't seen this thread in a while. (I don't get alerts for some reason.) I'm delighted that my ranting about debouncing and key-scan priority has seemingly made some significant difference. In a proper design, keyboard debounccing (see that?) wouldn't be the responsibility of the host processor, but rather be the sole responsibility of a microcontroller in charge of the keyboard. Just look into the original Intel 8048 microcontroller in Every IBM PC keyboard in the 80's. Oh, and a similar dedicated microcontroller in Every Other Computer Keyboard Since! There's a reason for this
  4. Regarding my calls now being too loud on the lowest volume setting, that's something I will try, thank you, but it won't work past December whatever on T-Mobile, right? Maybe off-topic again - I know it's a huge redesign, but I really wish there was a 5G Pro2 coming out instead of a Pro1 X. Doesn't make much sense to me - are they going to get enough revenue from the Pro1 X to keep going and accomplish that? I mean, it's like 4-year-old tech now.
  5. VaZso, thanks very much for that info! Very interesting. I'm a low-level hardware / software guy - microcontrollers and such - and I appreciate the education in an area I'm not too familiar with. I just know I was with Sprint (now T-Mobile, didn't even know that) for 20 years, and never had reception problems until AT&T with this phone. I wasn't sure if the Pro1's design was an issue, but I'm getting greater signal strength than ever with T-Mobile.
  6. I'm an hour Southwest of Chicago in a very heavily-populated suburb, so there was just no good reason to have such horrible reception. I can't believe you actually heard back from tech support! This is also off topic, but I've been trying to get a new FPC cable since April 8th, paid over $40 for it, and somehow it's gotten lost in the mail Twice. The second time, they provided a tracking number, and Royal Mail says they have no idea what happened to it, and that f(x)tec should file a claim. Forwarded proof that I still didn't get my cable (which Will break eventually), and no response.
  7. Well, my Pro1 was working all day today on AT&T... until I effortlessly switched over to T-Mobile. Using this on AT&T for 2 years has been a nightmare, signal-wise. I experienced constant dropouts and no data in certain buildings, and even in my home. At times, I had to go outside on my front porch to have an intelligible conversation with someone! For the past 4 hours on T-Mobile, data and call quality has been outstanding, especially the calls' sound quality, in general. Some calls are way too loud on the lowest volume setting. (Can this be adjusted?) But I'm worried abou
  8. I think most major US carriers just don't care about this 0.01% of their customers to include any training on getting off-brand devices working with their networks. It just doesn't affect their net revenue. But, per KingOfTerrible's comments, I saw that T-Mobile does have a rather promising BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, where they seem willing to accept any phone that is unlocked and compatible with their network, regardless of brand, so I have new hope with this possibility. Please, everybody, share your experiences with getting the Pro1's working with US carriers. Thanks!
  9. Probably don't have to say this, but please let us know if your Pro1 quits - is it beginning or end of 2/22? -- not sure. I wasn't able to get them to not deactivate my Pro1 on that day and see what happens, so the absolutely awful "Calypso" replacement phone they sent me should be automatically activated. Didn't know you could deactivate the 3G band, thanks for that info, as well as the T-mobile option. I haven't seen mention of this before. Much thanks, and I hope you keep us updated on this thread. Even though this phone has the keyboard repeating key problem I've babbled about, I'
  10. I'm not sure what to do about this either. AT&T support has been down the last 2 days, so I can't even tell them not to deactivate the Pro1 and activate the replacement they sent me just to see what happens on 2/22. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep this thing working. Are we sure the Pro1 X has the same 3G/4G chipset and it won't work either? I'm not sure about all the different bands that are listed.
  11. I have found that a reboot always fixes the severe lags, where it outputs like 1 character a secondd, but nothing helps those repeated keys like you just saw, because... I'll say it again... there's something in the Software where it's not sampling and debouncing the keyboard fast enough, regardless of moderate physical degradation to the keyboard. The lag issue is confusing, however. I have to wonder if there's a keylog being created every time the device reboots, and it gets to be so huge, that writing keystrokes to the log file takes priority to them actually being output to the app
  12. Anyone else getting repeated keys AND keys out of order? I can type something like APPLE and it may come out APPELL. Most certainly software, and not just the debouncing issue I described that can repeat keys. And I also have experienced severe lagg (that extra "g" was a repeated key for real) where the keyboard input is several seconds behind. It seems to happen a lot faster when I Copy and Paste web text. I have to wonder if this is due to a keylog file that we don't know about. Because, unlike the repeat issue, that problem is always resolved on a reboot (so maybe a new log file i
  13. I posted on this thread on July 13th that I'd been waiting 2 1/2 months for the FPC flex cable. The next day, on July 14th, I got this response: "Apologies for the delays in getting back to you. This has been shipped to you a while back, but given your response we're assuming it hasn't arrived yet. We will be re-posting this with a tracked service this week, and it will arrive at your door most likely by the end of next week. We're posting it to the address below, and if there's any change to it, please reply." The address was correct, yet it still has not arrived, over 5 weeks late
  14. It is partly a hardware issue that should be flawlessly corrected with proper software, as I've described. My repeated key issues started about 9 months ago. Same thing with my Photon Q. I'm surprised the backspace key didn't break off and fall right out of the phone. That's very interesting that it's happening on LineageOS as well. But I'd have to guess that the way keyboard input is processed on LineageOS was just "borrowed" from Android. I'm an old-school microcontroller coder, and I have an example of this happening in early 80's tech. I have an old Radio Shack programmable
  15. I wish you the best luck, but I suspect their fix will likely be either a new motherboard with nice, new, shiny, clean keys that don't produce enough noise to mess up (for a little while), or it will come back the same. The only proper fix is in the Android kernel, but since nobody cares about a phone with a physical keyboard anymore (except for us few enlightened souls), I'm really not sure it will ever happen. It's not a matter of rewriting the existing keyboard handling code, it's probably a restructuring problem, so the keyboard handling is a much higher priority, and ensuring processing
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