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  1. T-Mobile for my Titan, and Verizon Wireless for my TickTock. It is not recommended to use these phones on AT&T Wireless, or MVNOs on their network, because with the 3G shutdown that's underway, they've also begun banning all phone IMEIs that aren't on their approved "Whitelist", and that includes Unihertz's devices. So Unihertz device users are finding that they're unable to use their phones on the Death Star Network as of this month. I suspect the same thing would happen if one tried to use a Pro1-X on the Galactic Empire's Network.
  2. Man, I remember that phone! Such a unique device in an era full of unique takes on smartphones and messaging phones. The homogenization of phones in the Post-iPhone Era has been so depressing, and it's why I chose to keep buying BlackBerries, and why I've bought things like the Moto Z Force Edition phones (big mistake as I learned later, they were plagued by battery issues, but had the Keyboard Mod gone to production, that would've been a solution for us Physical Keyboard Lovers) and now the Unihertz Titan, and it's why I'd love to buy a Pro1 X at some point. I'm choosing to give my money
  3. I couldn't afford to wait any longer to replace my aging BlackBerry Mobile Key2 (the battery is swelling up and separating the backplate from the rest of the phone) so I had to order something that would ship right away. I went on Unihertz's Amazon Store and ordered the Unihertz Titan and it was delivered 2 days later! For those of us that can't handle the tiny 3.1-inch screen of a Unihertz Titan Pocket these days, the 4.6" screen of the Titan is better. Closest thing to a BlackBerry that's actually SHIPPING these days. My new phone is already in my hands, and I've even been able to instal
  4. I think this is the way I'll probably go, for the screen protection. How did it end up working for using the touchscreen? 🤔
  5. I know this might be a tall order, but since that auction is long gone, can you post a link to a current one? This case is one I want to consider for the Pro1-X that I'm planning to buy, but I don't know what search term(s) to use to find this case. 🤔
  6. I'm in the United States. On the website, the Pro1 X is $899 with 256GB/8GB, but on IndieGoGo, it's 20% off of that number: http://i.imgur.com/N2pdJeO.png As for the Astro Slide 5G, on the website, it's $988, but on IndieGoGo, it's 30% off: http://i.imgur.com/PEy7DRU.png Also, Planet Computers has got F(x)tec beaten when it comes to offering accessories for the phone. The Pro1 X has screen protectors of some sort available, but the Astro Slide 5G actually has a protective CASE available... http://i.imgur.com/BLaNO9B.png ...as well as an Active Stylus! http://i.imgur.com/NcmKM3
  7. Thank you for that, I'll go check out that thread now! 😊
  8. I understand and appreciate your recommendation. However, I did happen to discover last night that BOTH companies appear to still be taking Late Pledges on the IndieGoGo campaigns for the 2 phones, with discounts that are not insignificant given the cost of the phones. I believe the Pro1X is getting a 20% discount, and the Astro Slide 5G is still being offered with an even larger discount than that. Those discounts put the cost of both much closer to the cost of the BlackBerry Key2 I'm using now, and which one of these 2 phones will replace. I can't ignore those discounts. Why pay Full Re
  9. The better comparison now would be the Pro1/Pro1X compared to the Astro Slide 5G: https://store.planetcom.co.uk/products/astro-slide At a quick glance, the Astro Slide 5G shakes down like this... PROS: --5G compatibility, which F(x)tec still isn't implementing. That's a level of futureproofing we all need. --2 USB-C ports! --A FLAT screen (curved-edge screens are more fragile, and much more likely to shatter if the phone is dropped.) --Dual-SIMs & a MicroSD Card all fit in in the SIM tray simultaneously! --Properly weighted so it doesn't tip over when you set it down with
  10. So, the question now is, must we pre-order the Pro1 X? Can't we just order the original Pro1 that they already made? 🤔
  11. Hi, I just joined the forums today because I'm finally ready to order a Pro1 X, having given up on the idea that Onward Mobility will actually release their planned 5G BlackBerry. That's looking like vaporware at this point. Who do I contact to have that first case made for my Pro1 X in basic black? That's looking like a good way to go.
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