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  1. Are you prepared to buy a second phone as cold standby (preferably not a pro1)? It's not a question of if your phone will break down but when. It's not just software, you will need to do some stuff on the hardware too (including replacing parts unless you want to wait 9 months). And are you prepared to wait a very long time to get your phone? Ubuntu currently isn't very good on phones in general, so you will certainly have more luck with lineage.
  2. Have you guys looked at an android security bulletin lately? https://source.android.com/security/bulletin The appeal to target android devices is incredible for attackers, since there are so many older devices around. I can't wrap my head around the "I'll stick with stock" or "I'll stick with LOS16" messages around here. That seems like insanity for a device that isn't airgapped or even worse if you actually operate a browser on it and access arbitrary web pages.
  3. I've thought a few times about how it might have made more sense to NOT have any stock at all. I mean if you're going to half-ass something and have a good alternative, why not skip the half assed solution anyway? But I think that GMS certification was a big part of it, including safetynet. I hope in the future fxtec will have the balls to skip the google stuff from the start, one could interpret the pro1x shipping with lineage as a hesitant first step in that direction. But there should definitely be a biohazard splash screen if you're using stock. It's a paradox to me - you would be
  4. Is anyone here in Berlin, DE? I have a pro1 that I'm not using. The condition is basically mint - except for the Sim tray, that thing can go straight to hell. There might also be an issue with the FP sensor, I never quite got it to work, but might be my fingers.. I don't want anything for it, so giving it away for free - the thing is I don't want to deal with shipping or anything, so you'd have to come pick it up. It would be nice if the person uses it instead of profitting off it on ebay but that's mostly a pinky promise.. Edit: it's given away now.
  5. You are right, thank you for correcting me, I completely agree. It's weird that there's no statement from fxtec about some of those things (especially since fxtec has had no problem putting out statements about various other things in the past). What's the harm in putting out just a simple tweet or anything when you just promised to ship all devices? They were also saying they are on track for general availability in a few weeks BEFORE covid hit china, so we're not talking about minor setbacks that need an explanation, but basically black swans from the perspective of the company and customers
  6. It's not just "optimistic" deadlines. Do you remember when they were saying they had a batch that would fulfill ALL pre-orders? Seems like some black hole swallowed the devices 🙄. The phone exists and is great, but this kind of communication / silence is not some kind of optimism. It seems really hard to rule out malicious intent when you look through the old announcements. They must have known it was not going to work out, and they still published the lie. Nothing about being crooks (I have yet to hear about someone who doesn't get his/her phone or refund) but calling what they're doing
  7. I do have a cosmo and honestly the keyboard is a LOT better than the pro1 if you want to do some actual work (something like tmux, emacs or vim). I find it very painful to use emacs on the pro1 because I can't touch type. On the planet keyboard this is possible, provided you can put the device somewhere or on your lap. But TBH, at that point you could be using an actual laptop... instead of running planet's shitty OS with 1+ year old security patches on a chipset that's not well documented or supported.
  8. Another thing I'd consider is that you're almost bound to require help from support at some point in time. The QA seems awful (my fingerprint sensor literally never worked!), there's no official case for no reason (why not just mass print the 3d layout already created by some nice folk and put a price tag on it) and the hardware has known issues. So honestly I don't understand the "hardware is great" comments. No, the hardware isn't great. The assembly quality is honestly akin to lottery, some of the parts are almost guaranteed to develop issues on their own (hello ghost touch display) and t
  9. https://www.xda-developers.com/pro1-x/ has a secret perk token URL btw. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control?secret_perk_token=2c0a82a4#/ 4 out of 100. Funnily enough, it's more expensive than the pre early bird.
  10. See the FAQ on indiegogo: Will the Pro1-X be available after the campaign? We are currently intend to have the Pro1-X available only during the campaign as part of a limited run. I don't really understand that decision either, but I don't understand most of fxtec's decisions TBH
  11. I don't see the value of the specs, there's literally no reason to have 8gb ram on android... the thing is there's a case included, which is awesome. But if the hardware is still as wonky, I won't be ordering one. Would be interesting to know, what has changed compared to the pro1 assembly. If the QA and assembly is still as unreliable, or if it has improved. Some of the stuff on the kickstarter is also quite dishonest, there's a benchmark plot (because of course there is) and it has the oneplus nord as "2020 5g flagship". What are you guys smoking, it's literally a budget phone. Put so
  12. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control The indiegogo page is still in draft mode though.. (link is from the androidpolice article, so it's probably a mistake that the page is still a draft...)
  13. On my (recent batch) device it flat out doesn't work. I registered the same finger 8 times and I cannot get it to unlock. So I literally gave up on the FP sensor and am using a PIN to unlock. Due to the position of the sensor I guess it's better like this anyway..
  14. Well last december it was communicated that the main goal was to have 1-day delivery for christmas. That would require more than just a few spare units. Not sure if that has changed this year, with the pandemic people are less likely to order a phone for christmas, etc..
  15. To second @EskeRahn , I literally wouldn't be able to use the pro1 without the LOS fixes. And getting Q and R? For me it wouldn't be about "due reward", you guys deserve a goddamn altar 😉 and I would definitely like to be able to show my appreciation.
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