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  1. Hello again, I can confirm that dual boot with Ubuntu Touch and current LineageOS 19.1 is working. Some small things have changed over the year: Magisk (needed to get root access in LineageOS) can not be used as version 21.4 (last version available as zip) in Android12 (it does not turn up as installed app), so sideloading that doesn't make sense. Instead the way with patching boot.img is needed. But it turns out to be quite easy: The file "boot.img" has not to be extracted from full nightly build img, the file is exactly the same as the recovery-pro1.img . Just download linea
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  2. Wow! Now FedEx says it is on the truck in my city and is being delivered today! Considering I was sent the tracking number Friday morning and last I saw it was hopping around London, that's dang fast. 🙂
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  3. I missed that topic this far! The below video shows 60 wpm/252 cpm, but I'm now about 10% faster. There seems to be a convergence to about 40-65 wpm here, which together with the accuracy (very little mistake rate) should be enough to convince people about how useful can a hardware thumb keyboard be; and that's without bringing screen estate and application/OS keybindings into the equation.
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  4. I received a FedEx tracking number and tracked it moving around London, but now the FedEx site keeps saying it is having a problem and "try again later"-- which must mean "try again on Monday". 😄
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