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  1. You seem to have missed the latest updates. We are now up to update #48. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/17980121#/updates/all IGG seems to have messed up so some of us are not receiving notifications of the updates anymore (myself included). The quick version is they ran into a contractual problem which delayed shipping until December.
  2. It would be nice if there was a small business exception, requiring perhaps clear, up-front prominently displayed information that they are taking the exception and what the customer CAN expect at both product page and in cart before purchasing. Could define small business in language that would largely prevent large corporations from using it as a loop-hole. You are right. If it is all or nothing, will kill some innovation.
  3. Maybe just pin this thread to the top of the forum? Change the title to: Please Enter Your FxTec Device Information in Member Title slot under "Edit Profile."
  4. I don't think I had anything there before. As I said, I never noticed the option before and my memory (which is not always reliable) is that it was blank. @FlyingAnterois by no means a recent member and he/she seems to be having the problem you are, so I dunno.
  5. Strange. I get this just fine with either desktop Firefox or on my Pro1 using either Fulguris or Firefox (screenshot is FireFox on Pro1). Don't know why others aren't. 🤔
  6. Click on your avatar as a link to your profile. Click the edit profile button at the top. You will see a "member title" field. Type in what you want and save.
  7. How long ago did you contact them? It can take up to two weeks for them to get back to you (They get a high volume of email). @Casey can you help?
  8. Don't know why I didn't notice this before. I always liked signatures in forums so that folks could see, whether asking or answering, what devices you had. However, we do have a "member title" field in our profile. So I'm using it to let everyone know I only have a Pro 1 so that people can regard any answers I have about a Pro1X with suspicion. 😄 It's still a good idea to specify what model you are talking about in thread titles and posts as things can get confusing with the two different yet similar phones, especially if people have not listed under their names, but it is still usefu
  9. As far as I know, Swiftkey IS the only way to get autocorrection with the Physical keyboard, not that I have attempted an exhaustive research on it (I don't like autocorrection, so I don't use it, and I rarely type anything in portrait so I rarely use and don't care about the on-screen keyboard... I use portrait mostly for look up).
  10. So, is this just for your Pro1x. I found these same results for my Pro 1 when I first got it, which was one of my motivations for having a cheap Moto phone as phone and for Android Auto while using the Pro1 as a pocket computer (with the Moto sometimes providing the hot spot for the Pro 1. I've always suspected the materials in the casing as being part of the problem, but I am not knowledgeable here. I will say, I still love the functional split, but maybe because I spend 80% of my time on the Pro 1 and only 20% on the Moto. Tells you how much I use a phone at all. :D I'm just curiou
  11. I don't know about the firmware fix, but there are two issues here. One is connectivity on different bands--- that is what the firmware fix will address. The other is that Verizon is only allowing white listed phones on their network and the Pro1X isn't one of them. It will connect unofficially with a muled SIM, but it may stop working at any time. That is out of FxTec's hands. There is a whole thread here about Verizon on the Pro 1 and Pro 1x, Some claim to get it working, but rarely come back to periodically verify that it keeps working. I got 3 months with Verizon on the Pro1 before SMS
  12. Updated OTA to lineage-19.1-20221114-nightly-pro1-signed.zip with the November 5th security patch. Installed smoothly, left root intact, Still takes about 2.5 hours to do the OTA. I have no idea why, but I'm too lazy to set up flashing. It works and I am sitting at a computer for that 2.5 hours.
  13. Yes. They will ask some questions, probably ask for pics and then tell you how to send it. I expect they have all the parts they need, but they will tell you. My limited (n=2) experience with their customer service (I am in US) has been very good.
  14. You could always check the display ribbon cable, but this sounds more serious than ribbon cable issues. I would honestly be opening a warranty repair trouble ticket with FxTec. But hopefully the more technical people on this forum can tell you something.
  15. I believe we were told at some point that the battery for the Pro1x was not identical to the Pro1 battery, but I can't find it now. I'm sure you can order Pro1 batteries direct from FxTec. @Casey, can you clarify for us. I dont want to be giving wrong information.
  16. They don't ship the phones as pallets. There are no distribution centers located in those other countries. Each phone is individually labeled and shipped from Hong Kong (as it was with the Pro 1. They actually tried shipping all Pro1s for the US to A FedEx hub to be distributed by FedEx very early on in 2019 and, yeah, hit a wall with customs(I wonder if they ever got those original Pro1s back from US Customs). That's when they switched to labeling and shipping individual phones working with Expansys HK.
  17. I also use my Pro1 as a PDA (though I prefer "pocket computer," one of whose functions is PDA). I run lineage on it. I use it to to work in landscape almost exclusively. I use it as a PDA (Calendaring is especially nice with a full moth on screen where the appointments are all readable), email, browsing. writing and editing (yes, I can actually write long text comfortably using Textmaker from Softmaker Office or Markor, depending on what I'm writing, ssh-ing into a Linux server I have access to, IRC, and messaging. (I'm not a programmer or IT guy. Also not a gamer.) Basically, all things
  18. I agree. I was merely reacting to your wording that could be interpreted as Lineage is available for the Pro1x now. 🙂
  19. A couple of clarifications. I am assuming the OP is talking about ordering a Pro1x (he says "pre-order). The Pro1x has a one year warranty, not a two year warranty. Also, while Lineage is definitely in development, it is not yet available for the Pro1x and we don't know an ETA yet.
  20. I can confirm it is from the receiving date. My last screen replacement/repair (never been sure which it was) came when I had a problem occur 3 weeks before the end of my warranty calculated from when I received the phone. I checked with FxTec and they agreed with my calculation and also agreed that it is when the problem occurs relative to the warranty period and not whether they received it for repair while still in the warranty period (by the time we worked out the trouble-shooting and arranged repair, it was after the end of the warranty period when they received my phone). I would
  21. Hmmm, did they instruct you to send by cheapest method possible? They always instructed me to do that. That is USPS International Parcel Post and is usually about $50 (at least from VA). It seems very effective at getting it delivered properly, although you can't insure it for what the phone is worth because Parcel Post has a maximum much lower, but that was never a problem the two times I sent mine in. I think in England, USPS hands off to Royal Mail. I don't know what happened with the adresses. I always used the addresses Francisco provided and had no problem. Sorry you have had such a d
  22. And there is yet another possibility I have seen in the contracting world (In US, not China). (Again, I have no idea if any of this is what is happening here). So even though FxTec got phones to warehouse before contract end, lock downs and low staffing prevented most of the phones from going out before the contract end. This means all work has to stop until there is a contract extension. (I've proposed this before). But here is where December comes in, which I have not mentioned before. Even if the contract extension is mostly pro forma (mostly a rewrite of the work order with new da
  23. I think we are having a terminological mix-up here. There are three possible elements being talked about here. There is the display itself. There is the frame for the display. And there is the upper housing. What @claude0001 is talking about, I think, is the frame. The frame is what separates out when you undo the 5 screws and disconnect the ribbon cable. I've always presumed that is what you sell as a replacement. It involves no gluing as the display is already set in the frame, but it also doesn't involve the hinges as they connect with the backplate which does not come off when you
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