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  1. Yeah, this was really weird... I accidentally did this early on but I didn't believe it was what fixed things. But when @jakfishwas telling me about his problems in discord, I just, on a whim, made the suggestion to see what would happen. I keep thinking it has to be a mistaking correlation for causation error, but the question is, what is the real variable.
  2. Well, it's ironic since, although they have SIMs, neither my Pro1 nor Pro1X are intended to be used as phones, but I just received my Pro1x and I having no problems at all. WiFi connectivity in my house is superb. I did have some trouble with people hearing me at first, but that went away after one adjustment (though that could be coincidence)... I changed preferred network to not include 5G (which my sim seemed to default to). I tried both a T-Mobile sim (Now back in my Por1 where it normally lives) and a Ting Mobile sim (a T-Mobile MVNO) which is in there now. Looking at 3C Network M
  3. This is a user-to-user forum, so we don't have an answer to your question. If you backed the phone on iGG, the updates there are the official answers. Basically, they are shipping slowly. If you backed it on IGG, you weren't paying for a phone in the same sense as purchasing an in-stock item from a store, you were providing an investment in the development and production of a new phone. Crowdsourcing doesn't guarantee that the project will succeed. I believe you will get your phone, but it is hard to say when. If you ordered it from their web site, you have consumer protections availa
  4. @Casey Note the dates. The post about deducting the battery is March 2nd, the "I got my refund" is March 18th. 😉
  5. What is funny is, whoever obtained your cell number, the message itself almost sounds like it was written by one of these AIs... sort of real sounding but also off the mark in many ways.
  6. Sorry, no. IGG is a platform that provides a service. That's like saying, when your website business fails, the company that hosted the website and made money off you is a pyramid scheme. 🙄
  7. What an odd, and oddly personal, text, especially to be anonymous. It may be quite accurate, but seems to be from the perspective of a lower down employee panicking as they get inundated with complaining emails. The oddest comment is the one about IGG being a pyramid scheme... it would only be a pyramid scheme if it promised a product (which would require new sales to pay for old orders), which it explicitly does not. Requiring funds from other sources because your logistics contractor changed the terms of the contract does not make it a pyramid scheme. Lol.
  8. Ummm, that statement by @EskeRahn was not in reply to you. You are in a different category.
  9. Yeah, saw that. Either the person who wrote that mistakenly put years instead of months, or they think the campaign started with the original Pro 1. The Pro 1 was not crowdfunded.
  10. From IGG: you accept the risk that the project may experiences changes, delays, unforeseen challenges, and it's possible that a project you fund might not come to fruition. We leave it up to you to make your own judgment about a campaign’s merits before making a contribution. I believe, iirc, language to that effect also appears when you make your pledge.
  11. I believe they did get assurances before the campaign, but that's why the crowdfunding was needed. As soon as the money was released, they paid for the order. And the supplier accepted (and didn't return that payment). This is why crowdfunding is gambling... Unfortunately, the theme song of this crowdfunding campaign is one of those blues songs where the singer intones "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." 😟
  12. To be clear, I assume this was ordered on their website, not an IGG backing? IGG folks do not have this recourse, as far as I know.
  13. Don't have the exact version. I do have 20210705 if that is of any use. PM me if it is.
  14. I would think that a simply worded direct statement that if the phone is bricked, there is no guarantee, written or implied, of recovery would be sufficient. FxTec isn't Samsung where just flashing an alternative OS voids warranty, even if a hardware failure is unrelated. You encourage flashing alternative OSs. I've had two warranty repairs of my Pro1, once with LOS, once with AICP. Surely if someone bricks their phone by something they did flashing the beta, you would at least work with them to try to unbrick it. You just need to be covered in the event that the phone can't recover e
  15. Hook wanders in, excited that he just got an email with a tracking number for his Pro1x, notices that he seems to be interrupting some weighty discussion and scampers back out of the thread.
  16. I actually don't think this was a "backdoor" deal. The phones for supporters were put on palettes and sent to the Logistics warehouse to be sent out to backers in August. They also produced a limited run for Expansys Retail which were timed to go out and made available following shipment of the perks. What put a wrench in the works is that they hit a wall when a problem came up with their logistics contract. However, Expansys retail had received their units and proceeded to put them on sale (probably and agreed upon date that was supposed to be post-shipment) with only a minor markup from W
  17. Only 1 year? 😉 Sorry, but there are no refunds with crowdfunding, because you are not buying a product, you are investing in a project in hopes that the product will be produced and then you will get that invested-in perk. As IGG warned when you invested, you are not even guaranteed that you will get anything. You will most likely get your phone and I even suspect it will be in the near future, but in crowdfunding, the money is spent on the attempt to produce the product. There is nothing to refund.
  18. Both 3C All-in-One Toolbox or Inware will do that. They use the part number (eg MSM8998 for the Pro 1's SD835) rather than the more familiar model number or whatever they call it. Inware is good if you mostly just want information. 3C has endless tools and is a little overwheming sometimes. 😉 Both are on Google Play.
  19. But I think the point for us "civilians" is we don't have to extract those files because those files are provided. 😄 If you are flashing for the first time, you need to fastboot flash those files in order to be able to boot into Lineage recovery so you can sideload the zip (which, yes, also contains those files). Used to get it as one image file which also was labeled with the date. But you only have to flash those files once so you have access to recovery for ADB sideload. After that, you only do ADB sideload or use OTA (when official).
  20. The only thing they have said is that the parts will be sent after the phones have been sent out. But that was back when they thought all the phones would get sent out in the Fall. By the way, you should check with them, but Casey has said that the battery for the Pro1x is different from the battery for the Pro1. The screen assemblies are interchangable but not the batteries. I can't find it here on the forum, but it is pinned in the Discord #Pro1 channel.
  21. This thread is for the Pro 1, which is official, so you can find it at the Lineage site and get OTAs. The Pro1x version is at the following XDA link. It is not official, but a test release, but it is probably pretty stable. It may not, however, have the OTA function enabled. It will not appear at the Lineage site until it is made official. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/lineageos-20-for-pro1-x.4543997/ Do not, of course, flash the Pro 1 version on the Pro 1 x. 😉
  22. Yeah, that's how the version for the Pro1x is, with the recovery split into three files that you fastboot flash separately. Since I have been doing OTA, I didn't see the change on the web page. New doesn't always mean improved. 🙄
  23. Lineage 20-20230306-NIGHTLY-pro1 installed smoothly using OTA. Still February 5th security patch, of course, and root retained.
  24. Guess I was lucky my Bank was suspicious of the order and I had to dance around with them for a while. I'm in the 900s. Lol.
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