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  1. I don't allow a lot of notifications, so I hadn't noticed this... my philosophy in retirement is that email is asynchronous communication and therefore I'll get around to it when I feel like it. But I now noticed that my email isn't waiting for me if Aquamail is closed, it has to update after I open it. Also, my weather widget only updated without my tapping the update arrow if Accuweather was open. So, yes, the Slim seems aggressive about closing apps. Nice find. I've now turned that off too. If they want to help protect us, give us damn security updates.
  2. Yes, the kernel is: 4.14.186-gd5b54dace-dirty #24 Fri Oct 14 16:37:38 CST 2022 Build number is: Titan_Slim_20220812
  3. My build number is Titan_Slim_20220812, so I assume mine is the non-EEA version. I am fabulously happy with this phone and am so glad I didn't go for the pocket (even though I have no idea if I would be fabulously happy with that one or not). Again, keep in mind my iuse case. It is my phone and text appliance, which means it is my 10% device. But it does what I really need--phone, contacts. texting, messaging, Android Auto-- extremely well. It gives me a quite usable keyboard for anything I might need on the go. I CAN use it for anything else, but only if I am running around and so n
  4. I think I missed a week. Lol. Lineage-20.0-20230921-nightly-pro1x with Sep 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps13, and root was maintained. Curiously, there were 2 updates, one on the 20th (a day early) and one on the 21st. I installed the one for the 21st, figuring something must have been buggy with the first one or else why release an immediate update, but I don't actually know. Everything is working smoothly.
  5. Glad to hear you worked it out. I am very happy with my Slim for the use case I have for it. My muled Verizon Sim works great, including data (I tested without Wifi). It curiously says in settings that it is Sprint, lol, but has the correct access point for Verizon and says Verizon wireless when it starts up and on the notification shade. Also, made one of the smoothest pairings I've ever had with Android Auto, If I am going to do really extensive writing or editing on a phone, it's going to be my Pro1x everytime, but for texting and even small writing/editing touch-ups while I am out
  6. Well, my Slim arrived... of course I have appointments all day and won't get to it until tonight. But I turned it on, put my account on it and then connected to wifi. I am detecting no challenges. Signal seems fine and stable. For the record, it says it is up-to-date with build date of 20220812 and kernel date of OCT 14, 2022. I quickly tried the keyboard and without any comments on the key layout/assignments, I find it nicely usable. The keys are small, but they are very clicky with good feedback. Lots more after tonight, but I just wanted to test the wifi. My wifi is 5 GHz by
  7. If you haven't. you might try the folks in the Unihertz Discord... they are a very civil, helpful bunch. Over there, there was a discussion that Wifi problems are due to wpa3, that wpa2 works fine. I don't know since I don't have my Slim yet.
  8. I've just joined the Unihertz club, even though both my Pro1 and Pro1x work great and I will continue to use my Pro1x most of the time. It's my cheap moto slab I'm trying to replace, which is just phone, texting and Android Auto.. essentially, a car phone. But even for the very little bit of typing I do on it, I am so fed up with on-screen typing that I'm willing to give BB style portrait keyboards a try. I settle on the Slim rather than the pocket. Both keyboards are too small in my opinion, having one that is slightly smaller won't matter that much. All the reviews seemed to think the Sl
  9. This is not something I am knowledgeable about, but would the kernel be extractable form the files linked here?
  10. I'm not sure who Nelson is, but I removed your email as it is not wise to post your email addy in a forum post (invitation to spammers). People can answer you here or in a private message. :)
  11. I don't think there's any reason not to discuss other keyboard phones, especially in threads dedicated to them. This is, after all, a keyboard phone community. :)
  12. I took the liberty of spliting out the technical discussion of the HDMI stuff. You will find those posts here:
  13. These posts were split out from the Pro1x production and delivery thread, since this seemed a more specific and technical discussion. This one, I believe. I haven't gotten one, so I don't know, but I assume the instructions tell you which app to download. I also recall someone on discord saying the app asks for lots of permissions but works fine when all permissions denied. https://www.amazon.com/Android-Mirroring-Charging-Smartphones-Projector/dp/B08LN8Z6QX
  14. That "web3 garbage" has been going on since early 2022 at least and is likely how our Pro1xs got manufactured. Thank goodness, because clearly the troubles with the Pro1x were costly, As for the new phone, that is a separate project, may not exist yet other than as a branded plastic model in Adrian's pocket and if it brings in investment that can be used to help solve the shipping problem, fine with me. Yes, web3 is the web and not all that useful in modern industrialized settings, but there are some uses, as I understand it, in forming ad hoc networks in regions not well served by
  15. Lineage-20.0-20230907-nightly-pro1x with Aug 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps13, and root was maintained.
  16. Hook

    Factory Restore Tool

    Although I am primarily a Windows user (I have one main activity that uses Windows only software, so it is just more convenient to have everything in one place), I use Majaro on an old Thinkpad for all my ADB and Fastboot stuff with my Pro1 an Pro1x. It just always works. I recommend an old computer with Linux for any Windows user wanting to do a lot of flashing. :)
  17. I doubt anyone here thinks this Crowdfunding didn't go wrong. Hahaha, I probably have accepted it is unlikely I will see my second Pro1x, but still don't see any advantage to "accepting defeat" other than for some reason making you less agitated. Not really a motivator for me. ;)
  18. Again we have no idea what, if anything, they are doing. I did notice, while making no mention of their troubles, in some of the Dubai coverage, the Pro1/1x are featured prominently. It would be possible to have investment in phone development of more than just a Web3 phone. It could include getting the Pro1x out and possibly the development of a new keyboard phone model. No, I'm not suggesting that is what is happening. I have no idea what is happening. We don't actually even know if they have investment in the Web3 phone yet-- they may be shopping that now (was that model Adrian flashe
  19. While that's true in a long term business plan sense, in the short run monthly warehousing fees might be (barely) sustainable whereas starting up with a new logistics firm might require a lot of capital up front, for which, if they are working on it, they would need some additional investment.
  20. Lineage-20.0-20230831-nightly-pro1x with Aug 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps13, and root was maintained.
  21. I don't think the problem is necessarily whether they have possession of the devices. I think the main problem is that they haven't been able to solve getting them shipped. So what are the possible holdups there. Again, this is just speculation, I have no facts. However I suspect that, as Expansys was dying (they are gone from the web), they demanded ridiculous amounts of money more to do the shipping they were already contracted to do. FxTec has said they did get the stock moved back to the factory. Lets assume that's true (might not be but that long ago last update used past tense
  22. As you can see from reading through the last couple of pages of this thread, many (most?) have not received their orders. Some have (I have), They have been silent for a while so there is nothing we can do but guess. We don't even know numbers. Are there people who received them out there but don't come to forums? Certainly, far more ordered than the handful of people who regularly hang out in this forum (I have a friend who received his and he never comes here). So, what we can conclude is that there are many who are in your boat. At this point, whatever the number, it is too many.
  23. Lineage-20.0-20230824-nightly-pro1x with Aug 5th security patch installed smoothly via ADB sideload. Indeed I got the PTMBAN* reported in the Pro 1 Lineage 20 thread. I also flashed via adb sideload the newer MindTheGapps set dated 20230808, plus I reflashed Magisk, That last step may have been unnecessary, but it also didn't hurt, but I didn't have to reopen the Magisk Manager app and just had root as soon as I booted. * The Prompt That Must Be Answered No. This was reported by @EskeRahn in the Pro 1 Lineage 20 thread. When you adb sideload Lineage now, it reminds you need to reboot i
  24. For what it's worth, I did take my Pro1 to a local repair shop. I gave them the videos and they had no problem and my Pro1 is fine. They actually thought the Pro1 was cool and were a little excited to work on it. It was just for a screen replacement because I lost all touch screen capability (didn't respond to touch) but when replacing the screen didn't change that, they did some further investigation, They didn't find the problem (I ended up sending to to FxTec knowing at that time I had to wait 6 months for parts) but they did a great job (FxTec, of course, also did a great job).
  25. The newer Gapps gives me an excuse to do a sideload update for the Pro1x this coming Thursday. I'm assuming it will have the PTMBAN (Prompt That Must Be Answered No). I'll let you know in the Pro1x thread.
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