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  1. No, it defeats one purpose of using lineage. Having up-to-date security patches, a more stable version of Android, having just the Gapps you prefer and not all installed as system apps are also reasons. 😉
  2. I think you got the wrong impression from my talking about using a newer Gapps package. There's no compelling reason to do so. Sometimes, if the play services have been updated, it can mean less ota updating when you first install, but really, I could use the same MindTheGapps package for as long as I'm using Lineage 18,x (until Lineage releases version 19/Android 12) and it wouldn't make a difference. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but that's my understanding.
  3. Not sure where you are seeing it. I see pre-order of 8/256 for $899 USD on the site. It's still available on IGG for &719 USD. And, no, no chip change which would involve another 6-8 months of work and an expense they don't have the budget for.
  4. That's what installing Gapps does for you. It is the actual Google Play framework and some of the Google Apps, from Google, which is why it is a separate install.
  5. ineage-18.1-20210503-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on April 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload. Haven't updated to the April MindTheGapps yet and still using Magisk 21.0. I'll get around to updating those one of these weeks, but everything works nicely. I don't do passing SafteyNet, don't care about it. I don't even open Magisk Manager at all.
  6. Thanks to @KaaliI found links to other shops at AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001103369006.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000523673519.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.69b03c00X4Hbs9&mp=1
  7. Here's another link. Says wholesale, so don't know if they sell to consumers or not, but worth a try if all else fails. https://www.sunsky-online.com/view/1116499.htm
  8. Don't know where you are, but I'd try and grab one of these. Otherwise, there are very pricey ones on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/JayTong-Replacement-Digitizer-Assembly-Elephone/dp/B07GH53T1X
  9. If you are trying to use Magisk to get root in Lineage, you don't need to do that dance with patching the bootloader. Just use adb sideload to flash the Magisk zip from HERE and you will have root, no muss no fuss. (I'm still using an old one, 21.0) I never even open Magisk Manager, although the zip installs it. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on with fastboot. I assume you are booted into the bootloader, not recovery, when you are doing that (I'm not trying to be insulting by pointing to the obvious-- when I get frantic I can miss incredibly obvious things and am happy when people
  10. Ummm, okay. 😄 I thought I was just providing information, not pushing anything in particular to anyone in particular. 🙄
  11. I just wanted to mention that a while go I ordered the Fitbag for the Pro1 on Amazon. I then forgot about it because it does take a while to get to the US. I got it when I finally managed to get Verizon working on my Pro1 and so thought I would use it on the car with Android auto so I wanted protection in the cupholder since all Android Auto needs is the USB port-- everything appears on the in-Dash display. But I never solved the inability for BT to push the phone audio to the car microphone and speakers, so I went back to having a car phone and the Pro1 for everything else. So I no l
  12. That would be @npjohnson, I believe. He also hangs out in the unofficial Discord for FxTec.
  13. That's also where you can select advanced restart to get the full restart menu when you hit restart button.
  14. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3326-pro¹-x-–-state-of-production-and-delivery/ https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3292-pro1-and-pro1-x-design-change-to-use-snapdragon-662-no-new-devices-before-august-2021/
  15. If you never got an auto-responder message, I would question they received it. I have always gotten an auto-response to a new email to [email protected] that was a new request (responses formatted with ticket number and "type above this line" don't get auto-responses). I have always only used the [email protected] address and have always gotten a real response from them within 2 weeks (it varies-- I've had responses within 48 hours... 2 weeks is the max). @Erik Any idea what's going on in these two cases?
  16. To be fair, that's Android 11 that messed that up. Lineage just seems to be using the same setup rather than modifying it. At least you can still get the full reset menu (system, Recovery, Bootloader).
  17. I jettisoned Microsoft Office and started using Softmaker Office years ago on Windows, Linux and Android. I have the full up paid version of the office suites for Windows and Linux. The old Android version was good but stopped being updated around 2017 and the cloud sync broke. The new beta for Android ia wonderful—I was involved in the beta test from the beginning. This allows me to keep my work in Dropbox and pick it up where I left off on any platform. They have done a masterful job. Upside: All but a few features will be free (IIRC, printing from Android, covert to epub and conver
  18. Hook


    Also, be aware it's the device that is under warranty, not the specific user. If you or anyone else sells the device to another user, that user is still covered by the warranty.
  19. Hook


    No, just an HTML formatted email right after I paid.
  20. Hook


    Back on August 1st, 2019, I received an email invoice for my payment of my pre-order, but as someone who has used their warranty repair service, I never needed to use it. In general, they can access all your info using your email (presuming it's the same one you used when you purchased).
  21. Not long enough to be a firm answer, but it's been two months since my screen replacement (by them in London) and it solved my problem.
  22. There must be some way to get the security updates into older releases of Lineage. My old old Samsung Galaxy Tab S is still on unofficial Lineage 14.1, maintained my Dark Existence on XDA and continues to get current security patches. This is obviously not Lineage doing this, but it suggests the patches can be obtained and compiled into the OS. So the question (the answer to which is way beyond my pay grade) is can this be done for Lineage 16? Is there a source for the security patches or is the XDA dev extracting them from later versions of Lineage or... For reference:
  23. I suspect the parts are delayed because it is cheaper to order the parts when they are also ordering them for assembly of the Pro1xs at the factory... volume discount and all that.
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