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  1. Well, can't accuse them of not giving updates. Lol. Now there are three "color" schemes (as long as your colors are either black or white or a combination of both). Seems strange to me to be messing with this stuff now and why make the material ordering so complicated. Lock in the design and prototype. Get your idea to market and then iterate on the design for version 2. It would be fun to see the conversations on Discord, but I'm not paying $325 to do so. ;-) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-minimal-phone-first-e-ink-qwerty-phone/x/17980121?secret_perk_token=aba958e5#/updates/
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  2. And I just broke my screen... 😭 Is it still possible to order a replacement from FxTec?
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